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Saturday, July 20
Equipment Handout Friday, July 26th, 2013

7:30 pm, Equipment will be handed to team members at McCarthy Construction.

$100.00 towards registration must be paid in order to receive equipment.

Wednesday, January 23
Coach Ameer to Head Coach Cardinals 6-3 Team

Coach Ameer will be taking over Coach Whitehorn's team this year.

These players will be the 6-3 team.

You can register at the link above.


Monday, October 24
So Close!

Our 3rd grade Cardinals lost to the Renegades with a score of 13 to 12. All the games have been so close with the exception of one, which seems to be unavoidable by all the teams in our schedule this year.  The team is good. Just because our record shows loss doesn't mean the team is bad or no good. The team puts points on the board and keeps the other team from racking up a ton of points. The team has potential and works hard. Look at the whole picture, not just winning or losing.

Good job and good effort Ameer KWJ 3rd grade Cardinals!

Editorial Opinion by:


team co-manager 

Tuesday, October 11
Ameer KWJ Cardinals win their first regular season game!
We new they could do it. It was just a matter of time and experience. They did a wonderful job against the JCYA Tigers.

Monday, September 5
Ameer 3rd Grade Cardinals 2 wins and 2 losses in Pre-Season so far.

The team came in 5th place at the Labor Day Classic. So far they have had 2 wins and 2 losses . This shows they have potential for the future games. The most recent game against Mineral Area was a win of 18 to 0. The players will continue to improve with encouragement and experience.

Mattews Dickey was a tough team which they kept down until shortly before the end of the game when their Bulldogs scored one touchdown.  


Sunday, August 28
2 Games Played-One Win-One Loss

     Last week on Saturday, August 20th 2011, the Ameer 3rg grade  KWJFL Cardinals won their game against the Chesterfield Bears 3-4 team. The score was 13 Cardinals, Bears 12. It was a good close game. It actually went into overtime. The team received a first place trophy and medals for each player. Chesterfield's Pigskin Classic was a nicely hosted tournament. It was not too long and drawn out. They were generous in their prizes. The field at Chaminade was a nice place to hold it. There should be pictures and video posted shortly of this event.

On to more humbling  news. Today, Sunday, August 27, 2011, Ameer 3rd grade KWJFL lost To Wagoner 3rd grade KWJFL Cardinals. The score was a whopping 19 to 0 in favor of Wagoner. The team played well. Wagoner's team are coming off of a winning 2010 season. Wagoner's team was actually in the final for the league, losing to St. Charles last fall, coming in second place of all the second grade teams in the GFL. Wagoner's team is good and we are not using it as an excuse. We just need to work on some areas. These pre-season games are good for learning what needs to be done in order to make this a better season.

Team Ameer Will Work It Out! They Can Do It!