Alyeska Juniors & Devos: Welcome

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October 13, 2010

Dear Junior and Devo Program families,

Welcome to the 2010/2011 season. As you probably know, we have made staff changes for the coming season. I am very excited about the upcoming racing season. Your coaching staff is strongly committed to provide an improved high quality racing program. As we move into the season please make a special effort to enhance the communication with your coaches. Good team work begins with good communication.

New this season will be early season skiing on the Tanaka Hill. We have reached an agreement with Alyeska to manufacture and prepare snow, and operate the lift for all Junior Program participants two weeks before the normal opening day for the mountain. For several past seasons the Junior Program has offered an early November on snow training camp opportunity in Colorado for its members. Unfortunately, early skiing in Colorado has been very expensive and the athletes were required to miss two weeks of school prior to first semester final exams. Only a small percentage of our athletes were able to participate in the early November Colorado opportunity. We are excited that our new opportunity for early November training on the Tanaka Hill will allow ALL program members an early season advantage. The cost per training day is about 1/3 of the daily Alyeska Summer Camp rate. We will derive the additional bonus of having adequate training snow on the Tanaka hill before Thanksgiving until the Christmas school break. In the past the Tanaka hill has seldom been available before the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately however, Alyeska is not able to start its snow making system two weeks early or to incur additional cat time and labor costs for the lift crew and ski patrol without a charge to our program. This additional cost is built into the 2011 season program fee. The preseason November training is automatically available to all 2 day, 3 day and 5 day program members.

The Junior and Devo Programs are managed by the Glacier Valley Ski Educational Foundation, a 501C3 non profit corporation that is a part of the Alyeska Ski and Snowboard Club family. Our sister organizations within the ASSC family are the Alyeska Mighty Mites, the Alyeska Freestyle program, and the Alyeska Masters.

Alyeska Ski and Snowboard Club is a non profit 501C4 corporation that is dedicated to assist our programs organizationally and financially. The ASSC owns and maintains the Race Training Center for the benefit of all of our programs. Strong leadership by the ASSC board of directors has placed our ski club into an excellent debt free position through its emphasis on strong fiscal management and fundraising. Last season ASSC provided grant funding of more than $100,000 to the Junior and Devo programs. ASSC grant funding has allowed the GVSEF to offer by far the most affordable ski racing program compared to any other comparable club in the United States.

Consistency in the fundraising stream has enabled ASSC to maintain a positive account balance for many years. Positive cash flow has allowed grant funding to increase and consequently, program fees have been stable for many years. Unfortunately, revenue from the ASSC non profit pull tab account has fallen below projections during the past year and the club is faced with a second season of deficit spending. A shortfall of approximately $30,000 has been identified for the coming season. The ASSC board of directors recognizes that continued deficit spending will deplete the club’s positive cash balance if not corrected and is currently analyzing both the expense and income sides of the budget.

The GVSEF must institute a tuition increase this season, the first increase that has occurred in several seasons. I urge all parents to become active in the fundraising efforts of both the ASSC and the GVSEF, fundraising revenue directly affects your program fees. ASSC and GVSEF budget analysis and planning is ongoing at this time. In addition to the traditional fundraising programs our organizations have sponsored through the years, new and additional fundraising will be planned and executed. Please help make our fundraising efforts successful. If we are not able to close our budget gap by early February a mid season tuition adjustment may be required.

On behalf of your program staff and the GVSEF board of directors I wish to welcome both our returning and our new Junior program members and their families. If you have any questions please give any of us a call at the Race Training Center 782 2166.

Sincerely yours,
Paul Crews
GVSEF Program Director

2010/2011 GVSEF Staff
Paul Crews Program Director
Terry Sherwood Program Administrator
Aaron Stiassny Head Coach
Duffy Daniels Head FIS Coach
Lacy Saugstad FIS Women’s
Ryan "Donny" Donovan FIS Coach
Neil Barkel Head J3 Coach
Kristen Bradner J3 Coach
Jared Gross J3 Coach
Steve Mashburn J3 Coach
Emilie Fetscher Head J4 coach
Heather Durtschi J4 Coach
Kyle Kung J4 Coach

Desi Sherwood J4 Coach
Chris Bataille Special Assistant Coach
Ari Stiassny Devo Team Program Director

Glacier Valley Ski Educational Foundation
Box 1070
Girdwood, Alaska 99587