Alvin Elite Basketball: Philosophies

The Philosophy...

Alvin Elite Philosophies:

  1. Positive Coaching - We believe that winning is more than the final score at the end of the game.  A positive attitude, with tenacious determination followed by hard work and effort and complimented with an abundance of sportsmanship is what we wish to attain.
  2.  Everyone Plays - Our goal is for everyone to have fun playing. We want all of our players to have an opportunity to do so. Although there is no guarantee of how much playing time a player will receive, the coaches strive to play every hardworking and dedicated player.
  3. Good Sportsmanship - We desire to create a healthy, competitive environment based on Christian values, rather than a "win-at-all-costs attitude". Our program is designed and intended to instill good sportsmanship into every aspect of the game. We encourage all participents, parents and players alike to make the extra effort to offer positive help and encouragement to our players, opponents and officials.