Alta Loma Basketball: Braves 3 on 3 Challenge

Friday, June 29
The Braves 3 on 3 Challenge... UPDATED ROSTER MOVES!!!

Come see the JV and Varsity Braves compete in a 3 on 3 tournament to see what 4 Braves show the talent, passion, and grit needed to riegn supreme!

JULY 6, 2012 

Pool Play: 12:00-4:45

Break for Dinner: 4:45-6:00

Double Elimination Tournament: 6:00-8:45 

Concessions will be available.  Participents will recieve dinner. 



Here are the squads!!!


UNC- Myles Gonzales (Out/Vacation). Obtained the rights for Jacob Anderson.

Gonzaga- Justin Gonzales (Out/Vacation).  Traded for Shawn Garey (Kansas).

Kansas- Obtained the rights for Ahmad Harper. 

UCLA- Jacob Stephenson (Out/Vacation).  Traded for Ebin Olowo (Gonzaga).

Gonzaga- Obtained the rights for AJ Kirkwood. 

There will be a double elimination tournament that will follow the pool play.