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Wednesday, March 19

Attitude is Everything!

Welcome to the Official Website for the 
Alsip Falcons
Football & Cheerleading Association 
This site contains information for Falcon parents, families, coaches, football players, cheerleaders, an
d all fans of the Alsip Falcons!

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Philosophy & Goals

The Alsip Falcons philosophy is to teach the fundamentals of football and cheerleading, which prepares each player or cheerleader for their next level of play. Our organization was developed for our children to have fun and have a place that allows them to focus their energies in a positive manner while at the same time keeping them off the streets. Our teaching goals go well beyond the game of football. We instill in our children useful lifelong values such as teamwork, respect for others, commitment, strong work ethics, how to establish and achieve goals and but not least the values of education.Football, as life itself, is extremely competitive. Although we don't believe in a win at all cost attitude, we do stress the importance of winning. Winning is important as long as it isaccomplished by good sportsmanship and the values previously mentioned. Also, the will to win is the most important, you must want before you can achieve your goal.As our ultimate goal, the Alsip Falcons philosophy can be summarized as the development of a child’s skills and character, preparing them to be a Winner in Life.