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Majors Cardinals Clinch D-12 TOC Championship

Tuesday, June 17
Almaden Majors Cardinals Clinch TOC Championship

Almaden's Major Cardinals capped off a storybook season by winning the District 12 TOC tournament in convincing fashion.

The Cardinals, who finished the regular season with 15 wins and 3 losses, were the top seed going into the Almaden tournament.  The Cardinals won three straight games in that tournament to earn the right to represent Almaden's South division in the TOC where they play the winners of all the other little leagues in District 12. 

In the TOC, the Cardinals beat San Jose American, Lincoln Glen, Union and Saratoga by a combined score of 36-6. Zach Blozan and Carson Yates each won two games for the Cardinals with a combined ERA of 1.50 and 38 strikeouts. Quinn Denker and Sean Young provided solid relief support on the mound as well.  Offensively, Yates homered in all four games, Bode Scott scored 9 runs, and Blozan drove in 10 runs in the tournament. In the Championship game against Saratoga, Blozan gave up only one run over four innings and the Cardinals supplied more than enough offense. Corbin Yates blew open the game in the 3rd inning with a grand slam.

Almaden's major North division in the TOC was represented by the Mariners. The Almaden AAA representatives were the Marlins from the North Division and the A's from the South Division. The AAA Marlins had a 17-1 record in the regular season and battled back after being down 7-2 only to lose a heart breaker 10-9 in the semi-finals.

Pictured in the photo for the Majors Cardinals are: Corbin Yates, Ethan Lin, Zach Blozan, Quinn Denker, Carson Yates, Bode Scott, Sonny Shin, Michael Hiebert, Zach Rios, Ryan Alvarado and Sean Young.  Coaches are John Yates, Nick Blozan, and Sunny Shin.

Registrations for Almaden Little League's 2014 season occurred back in December.


Sign-ups for next spring will occur some time in late November or early December.