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All-State Volleyball

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Washington State Coaches Association All-State Volleyball Series!

PLAYERS----please go to facebook...find WSVCA All State Volleyball--You must be a 1st team all league senior to apply for all-state. Teams are posted on the Facebook Page!!! You will receive a letter via email if you have been selected to participate this week.

Thank you~~Tanya


Public Address Form and Medical Release Forms to be emailed or sent regular mail by March 1st.....

Tanya Burkett ( formerly Campbell)

20220 46th Ave E

Spanaway, WA 98387

or email


Matches will be March 15th at 4pm (1B/2B), 6pm (1/A2A) and 8pm (3A/4A)

The Washington State Coaches Association proudly presents the 28th Annual All-State VB games to be held at Columbia Junior High on Saturday, March 15th, 2014. 

Become a fan on Facebook--wsvca all state volleyball. Updates will be on there frequently!!


Please bring black spandex, 2 tee shirts to donate (slightly used/new), a small gift to exchange prior to match and anything you need to play volleyball!

If you need tape/pre-wrap, please bring your own.

All-State 2014


In addition to playing volleyball, there are some other items you need to be aware of and complete:




  1. WSVCA provides sweatshirts and all-state tee-shirts for you to keep. They also provide uniform jerseys which will be returned to your coaches at the end of your match in Fife. Please bring your own pair of black spandex and a razorback bra. Baden provides the game ball. All other expenses such as food, and entertainment come from the sale of ads for the All-State program and local sponsors.


  1. You will need to fill out the medical release form. Please do this ASAP and mail the SIGNATURE copy to Tanya. While you are covered by insurance for the event, the informational form helps us speed up paperwork on any claims or medical visits.

*       Send form via email to or regular mail to: Tanya Burkett 20220 46th Ave E, Spanaway, WA 98387 If you send it via email, make sure it’s a scanned copy with a valid signature, not just a typed name.


  1. Ten years ago we initiated a tee shirt swap that was a big success, so bring a tee shirt you’d be willing to trade (new or used). You will also need an additional tee shirt for the serving contests. This means you will need to bring a total of 2 tee-shirts with you to all-state.

*     In between games during the matches, the fans will have an opportunity to serve for tee shirts. The fans enjoy serving for the various shirts that represent the schools where the girls come from. Many youngsters ask the players to autograph the shirts they have won. Most girls have their schools donate a shirt. If you have problems with a donation, talk to your principal, I’m sure they would be willing to help you out and sponsor a shirt. If not, call us and we will “browbeat” them for a donation.


  1. We also initiated volleyball sisters from opposing teams. Bring a small knickknack to give your east or west counterpart during introductions. (i.e. starbucks card, picture frame, etc..)


  1. If you have a great singing voice, please let us know. We need 3 National Anthems sung at the beginning of each match. Please email Tanya if you are interested.



  1. Money is due March 1st. Make checks payable to Washington State Coaches Association and send them to this address:

*     WSVCA c/o Jan Kirk / 37929 53rd Ave S / Auburn, WA 98001

*     Ads are a tax deductible donation.


  1. Also fill out the public address form for the announcers.  Please do this by ASAP.

*     Send form via email to or regular mail to: Tanya

*     Lastly, if you want a different headshot photo than the one you sent in with your application, please email it in a jpg or bmp format to If you did not send one at all, we need it asap. All photos are due by March 10th for publication into our programs.



If you have any questions or if for some reason you cannot participate in the All-State Series, please call us so we can contact the alternates. Pay attention to the due dates!! Once again Congratulations, and we look forward to seeing you in July!



Your All-State Volleyball Coordinators


Jan Kirk

37929 53rd Ave S

Auburn, WA 98001

Home: 253-927-9506


Tanya Burkett

20220 46th Ave E

Spanaway, WA 98387

Home: 253-677-6519


Handout: Forms for All-State