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Monday, August 7
Alliston Indoor Soccer League Registration Info

**Updated Oct 2**


Thanks for checking out our website.  We are now entering our 10th year of existence!  If you'd like to know more about our league, including joining a team or putting in your own team, please email me at  We offer an 11 game schedule for both Fall and Winter for the following divisions:

Coed Monday nights 8-11pm, Tuesdays 9pm.  Fall Session dates Oct 10th to Dec 18th (8 teams confirmed and signed up)

Men's B Thursday nights 9-11pm, Fall Session dates Oct 12th to Dec 21st (4 teams confirmed and signed up)

Men's A Thursday nights 8pm, Fridays 9-11pm, Fall Session dates Oct 13th to Jan 5th (8 teams confirmed and signed up)



  • 6 v 6
  • 2 x 25 minute halves
  • for Coed, 2 females on pitch at all times
  • cleats (no metal), or indoor turf shoes allowed
  • shin pads mandatory



Tuesday, January 9
Winter Schedules now up

good luck to all teams. 

Sunday, December 31
Winter 2018 Session now open for registration

If you'd like to know more about our league, including joining a team or putting in your own team, please email me at We will have an 11 game schedule for the Winter 2018 session for the following divisions:


Coed Monday nights 8-11pm Jan to April 2018 (6 teams)

Men's B Thursday nights 9-11pm Jan to April 2018 (4 teams) 

Men's A Thursday nights 8pm, Fridays 9-11pm, Jan to April 2018 (6 teams)

Notes: 6 v 6 2 x 25 minute halves for Coed, 2 females on pitch at all times cleats (no metal), or indoor turf shoes allowed shin pads mandatory thanks, Ricardo

Sunday, December 31
Congrats to Arsenal FC for winning Men's A championship

Friday, December 22
Congrats to TCFC on their first Men's B championship!

Thursday, December 21
Congrats to WatermelOWNS for winning the Coed Fall 2017 session!

Monday, December 11
Playoff game schedules updated

All playoff games scheduled for this week have been updated with matchups.  good luck!

Monday, October 2
Preliminary Schedules Up

Season starts in one week!  The schedules are now up.  I am finalizing with the town to make sure everything is set, so there may be some tweaks to come.  otherwise, they're pretty final.  Let me know if you have any questions/concerns and I'll do my best to address them.


Friday, April 28
Congrats Chelsea on Men's A Championship and Alliston United 3rd Place finish

Friday, March 31
Congrats to Anchor Point for their first Championship in Men's B division!

Friday, March 31
Congrats to Man U for winning the coed Championship

Friday, January 6
Congrats to Cobras FC for winning the Men's B division

Tuesday, January 3
Congrats to Alliston United on a close win over Swamp Donkeys in the Mens A Championship

Tuesday, January 3
Congrats to Orangeville for wining the Fall 2016 Coed championship!

Tuesday, December 27
Playoff schedules are up now

Hi everyone.  Playoff schedules are now up.  Please note the times.  I have texted you all reminders as well.

Good Luck! 

Thursday, December 15
Men's B cancelled tonight due to Weather Conditions

NO need to go out in this weather. I have confirmed with the town that we will cancel and reschedule.

I will update website in next couple of days with updated schedule. stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 18
Wednesday Oct 19th start time delayed 30 minutes

I've updated schedule to reflect a start time for the first game to be at 8:30pm.


Tuesday, October 18
Season Start delayed

Hi all,

So sorry, but the Town of New Tecumseth informed me this afternoon that today's start date will have to be rescheduled for Coed due to the field turf maintenance that is still being performed and not due to be completed until tomorrow. 

I will be talking to teams to find an appropriate makeup date.  It will likely have to be on a Wednesday.   


Tuesday, October 11
Schedules now posted

All schedules are now posted and as always, subject to change if something comes up with the town, or for weather.  We had to push back the start one week to Oct 18th due to field turf maintenance.  I think we will all appreciate this once we start playing. 

 A few reminders, please wear shin guards.  Referees will be enforcing this.  Also, 2 girls minimum on at a time at all times.   


Thursday, April 28
Congrats to Cobras FC on 1st Championship in Men's B

Thursday, April 28
Congrats Man U on Coed Championship

Thursday, April 28
Congrats Chelsea on Men's A Championship

Sunday, January 10
Winter 2016 Scheduels for Coed and Mens A and Mens B are now loaded

Happy New Year everyone. time to get back to playing!

note: Coed schedule adjusted to account for a 7th team, Red Hawks. 

Wednesday, September 30
All Schedules Updated

the Coed, Men's B and Men's A schedule have been updated and are pretty firm.


Wednesday, August 26
Preliminary Coed and Men's B Schedule is up

A draft of the coed and Men's B schedule has been uploaded.  Scheduling conflicts at the New Tecumseth Rec Centre have pushed back the start to mid October.

Wednesday, August 26
2nd Registration

There will be another registration this Saturday morning Aug 29th from 10am to 11am at the New Tecumseth Recreation Centre at 7300 Industrial Parkway in Alliston.


Friday, April 10
Men's B Winter Championship

Congrats to the Crew for winning the Men's B league by beating Cobras 5-0.

Friday, April 10
Men's A Winter Championship

Congrats to Chelsea for winning the Men's A league by beating Mad Men 5-2.

Monday, December 29
Men' A Championship

Congrats to Chelsea for winning the Men's A league by beating Mad Men 6-3.

Tuesday, December 23
Coed Championship

Congrats to Man U for winning the Coed league in a rematch of last year's final by beating Orangeville 4-0!

Monday, December 22
Womens Championship

Congrats to Simcoe for winning the Womens final by beating out Red Scorpions 1-0.

Monday, December 22
Mens B Championship

Congrats to The Crew for winning the Mens B final by beating out Cobras 7-3.

Thursday, October 9
Welcome Back....Schedule up

The schedules for all indoor sessions have been posted.  There still be may some tinkering to the Women's schedule and Mens B, starting week 3.  I will keep everyone updated.


Friday, May 9
Alliston Mens Roster

hey guys.  This message is from Chris.  If you have any questions, I can be reached at (705)434 8950 or by e-mail at  If anyone has any problems or questions feel free to give me a call.  I am trying to build two strong teams and hope the season goes great.  I will be in contact with the Arsenal guys to schedule practice and games. The Arsenal roster is below.   If your name isn't on here, you are on United.



Chris Graham

 Arsenal Roster

Andrew Fearman

Andrew Mcarthur

Brandon Pilon

Chris Graham

Eric White

Jason Graham

Marc Carano

Vincent Spremulli

Kevin Stecroix

Luke Zubrickas

Matt Mueller

Nathan Nimz

Andrew Mazanik

Igor Jankovich

Matt Humphries

Ricardo Hoyos

*Jonathon Short callup

*Leon Cousins callup

*Damon Mclachlan callup


Friday, April 18
Men's A Championship

Congrats to Chelsea for winning the Men's A final 5-3 over Mexico.

Tuesday, April 15
Women's Championship

Congrats to Simcoe United for winning the Women's league by beating Nottawasaga Elite 3-2!

Wednesday, April 2
Coed Championship

Congrats to Man U for winning the inaugural Coed league by beating Orangeville 4-0!

Thursday, March 27
Mens B Championship

Congrats to Swamp Donkeys for winning the Mens B final by beating out White Lightning 2-1.

Thursday, January 16
Congrats to Nottawasaga Elite for capturing Women's title!

Tuesday, January 14
Winter 2014 schedules are now up

Tuesday, January 14
Past Champions

I went through the archives and decided to post a list of all Champions and Runner up's since inception of the Alliston Indoor League.  You can also find it in the handouts section.
Handout: Past Champions

Saturday, January 4
Chelsea Wins Men's A title

Chelsea hung on to beat Parliament Tractor in the Men's final as Parliament staged a furious comeback.  In the end, time ran out and Chelsea captures the title.

Friday, January 3
Alliston Wanderers defeats Swamp Donkeys in Overtime to win Men's B title!

Congrats to Alliston Wanderers for squeaking out the win over Swamp Donkeys.  It could have gone either way, but with 2 seconds left, the Wanderers got a deflected ball to go in from a deep cross into the box.  Good luck defending in the Winter Session.

Thursday, December 19
Fog Duckers win Inaugural Coed League Title!

Congrats to Fog Duckers for winning 2-0 against Essa United in the league's inaugural season.  They will defend their title in the Winter Session with the addition of 2 new teams to the league.

Thursday, October 10
Schedules Now Available

The Fall 2013 schedules are now available.  Please bookmark this site and let your teammates know of it for quick and easy reference.



Monday, October 7
Fall Session 2013

Welcome back everyone.  The Alliston Indoor Fall session will begin next week for the Men's (Oct 17/18) and the newly created Co-ed division (Oct 15).  The women's league will start Oct 21.  Schedules will be posted by the end of the week.  


Thursday, January 10
Women's Golden Boot Fall 2012

Congratulations to Steph Watson of Nottawasaga Elite on leading all scorers in the league with 9.  Below is the top scorers for each team. Note not all scorers were noted by the referees, so some goals are missing.

    1. Nottawasaga Elite - Steph Watson 9
    2. The Untouchables - Danielle Busato 8
    3. Black Widows - Paulina Hoyos & Bec Mueller 6 each
    4. The Weekenders - Jaclyn McAlpine 5
    5. Red Scorpions - Andrea Friesen 4


Thursday, January 10

Congratulations to Nottawasaga Elite for narrowly edging out The Untouchables for first place in the final standings of the Fall 2012 session.

Sunday, December 23
Men's Championshiop Fall 2012

Congratulations to Chelsea on beating Parliament Tractor 5-4.

 Alliston Santos beat Madmen to take 3rd place.

Great season. See everyone Jan 17/18th for start of next session.


Friday, January 4
Men's Golden Boot Fall 2012

Congratulations to Chris Graham of Chelsea on leading all scorers in the league with 16.  Below is the top scorers for each team.

    1. Chelsea - Chris Graham 16
    2. Madmen - Nate Chandler 10
    3. Parliament Tractor - James Yan Rooi 10
    4. Alliston Santos - Igor Jankovich and Jonathon Kovacs 7 each
    5. Soisear ean - Frank Catney 6
    6. Pylons - Rory Wilson and Steve Black 5 each
    7. A Team - Nathan Nimz 5
    8. Cobras FC - Sam LaVerde and Alex Joraszik 3 each

Monday, December 10
Men's Championship set

Chelsea to square off against Parliament Tractor for the championship.  Santos and Madmen to battle for 3rd place.

 thanks everyone for a good session.  Next session begins week of January 14th.  We should have 10 teams hopefully.  Please get in your fees by Dec 28th, to avoid late fees.


Tuesday, November 27
Men's playoff schedule set for this week.

Here are the seedings for the men's playoffs:

1. Chelsea

2. Santos

3. Parliament Tractor

4. A-Team

5. Madmen

6. Pylons

7. Cobras

8. Soisear ean


Good luck to all teams.  Remember, you still play the next 2 weeks even if you lose.  thanks.

Wednesday, September 26
Fall 2012 Schedules

Hello and welcome back everyone.  The 2012 Fall Session indoor schedules for both the men and women have been posted.  For those new to the league, check back here every week for updated scores and standings, as well as any notifications in case of scheduling changes or inclement weather issues.

Let's have a good clean season.


Sunday, March 25
Men's Playoffs schedule updated

The Men's Semi finals have been set and the top 4 teams are as follows:

1. Brewers v. 4. Alliston Santos Fri 10pm

3. Victorious Secret v. 2. Chelsea Fri 9pm

The rest of the matches are consolation games.  See schedule for game times.


Friday, March 23
Women's Playoff matches set for Mar 26 and 27.

The Semi finals have the top 4 teams are as follows:

1. Untouchables  v. 4. Weekenders

2. Nottawasaga Elite v. 3. Fly Girls

The rest of the matches are consolation games.


Wednesday, March 14
Standings updated

Hi Everyone.  Standings have been updated and the 2 women's games to be rescheduled are now set for next week.  After next week's games, I'll post the playoff schedule for the remaining 2 weeks.

 Good Luck!


Wednesday, January 11
Winter 2012 schedule has been posted.

We added 3 teams but lost 2 in the women's league.  Welcome Renegades, The Blue Babes and The Crushers.


In the men's league, we lost one but added one back!  Welcome The Brewers.

Wednesday, January 25
Men's Champions Fall 2011

Congrats to Chelsea for winning the Men's Fall Session 2011 .

Wednesday, January 11
Women's Champions Fall 2011

Congrats to The Untouchables for winning the Women's Fall Session 2011 .

Wednesday, December 21
Playoff Schedules are updated

The final game scores have been recorded and playoffs have been scheduled.  Enjoy the holiday break.  We'll see everyone in 2012.

Reminder: early bird deadline for winter session is Jan 3.


Friday, December 9
Standings Updated

The standings for both men and women have been updated.  The men's schedule has also been updated to reflect the makeup games from Nov 18th.  They will be played on Dec 16th.  The playoffs will be in January after the holiday break.  Playoff schedule to be posted after next week's games are final.

 The women's league still has some games to go before playoffs are determined.


Friday, September 30
Schedules updated for Fall 2011 Season

Hello everyone,

The schedules for the Fall 2011 season have been uploaded.  On the men's side, we've added 2 new teams, Cobras FC and Borden Strikers.  On the women's side, we've added 3 new teams, A team, Fly Girls and The Untouchables.  Let's have a safe and fun session.  Let's respect the referee's and their decisions although we might not always agree with them.  The Hornets nest will be open for snacks and beverages after games.

Thanks and good luck to all teams!

Wednesday, March 30
Great season!

Congrats to the Gunners for winning the Men's Winter Session 2011.

Congrats to Barca for winning the Women's Winter Session 2011.

Wednesday, March 23
Women's Final set - Barca v. Lady Kickers

3rd place between Red Scorpions and Nottawasaga Elite.  Other consolation games are posted as well.


Sunday, March 20
Men's Finals set - Blue v. Gunners

Blue will meet Gunners for the championship this friday at 8pm.  3rd place between Santos and Victorious Secret at 9pm.  Other consolation games are posted as well.


Sunday, March 20
Standings updated through Mar 12th

Sunday, February 27
Standings & Stats updated

Hi all.  stats and standings updated through Feb 28th.



Thursday, January 20
Dodgeball Tournament!


Hey everyone.  Just thought I'd let you know I'm running a one day Dodgeball tournament on Saturday Feb. 19th!  I hope to see each of your teams represented.  For more information, you can contact me, check out the website or checkout the facebook page.  Click on the link above.




Sunday, January 9
Men's Winter 2011 schedule is now posted

Sunday, January 9
Congrats to Lady Kickers for winning the Women's Fall Session 2010

Sunday, January 9
Congrats to the Blue team for winning the Men's Fall Session 2010.

Monday, January 3
Winter Session 2011

Hi all.  The winter session is expected to start the week of Jan 10th.  I'm working with the town this week to finish coordinating the schedules.



Wednesday, November 4
SNOW procedures

In the event of snow, games are generally NOT cancelled.  Please call the Alliston Rec Centre at 705 435-4030 for confirmation of building closure, as that's the only way our games get cancelled.


Thursday, January 14
Congratulations Dream Team!!

Dream Team wins the Women's Competitive Fall Session 2009 in it's first year.

 Well done!