Allegany Boys Soccer: HOMECOMING LOCKERS

Sunday, September 18

(Click on the above link for locker dimensions) 

Locker decorating is not a required activity.   Homecoming for the school is November 5.  The school will announce times and days that lockers can be decorated.  Generally, it is on the weekend before homecoming.  As more information becomes available we will post it. You can pre-make outside using dimensions provided.  You can use poster board or foam board.  You can make them reuseable using magnets or simply use wrapping paper, the choice is yours.   You can make them in advance and simply hang up or you can decorate there.  You must find out from your soccer player what size locker his has, where his  locker is, what the locker number is and what the combination is if you are going to put any homecoming treats inside.