Alle-Catt Baseball: History

2004 WNY-WPA Splits
The Alle-Catt Baseball League decided to with draw from the WNY-WPA Baseball Association because of the steady decline of enforcing the rules.
The Central League and the Alle-Catt Leagues were the only two remaining Leagues after the Buffalo News decided not to sponsor suburban baseball and the WNY-WPA Association was formed.

In 1928 the Buffalo News started to sponsor Suburban baseball and the constitution and rules were established and followed until 2003 when the Central League decided to go to 7 innings of baseball.

Ted Rechlin Memorial Cup
Ted Rechlin Memorial Cup estabished March 23,in Honor of Ted who served as The Board Chairman.

Centerfield (Let's Go!)

Ray Kron Memorial cup
The Ray Kron Memorial cup was established in July of 2000.
The playoff series was formally know as the All Around Playoffs.
It was changed to honor Raymomd Kron,past President of the League,who passed away because of heart problems.
Ray dedicated a large portion of his life to the youth.He also was a coach.

Gardner Award
Gardner "Guy' Dubo devoted his life to helping our young people.He gave of his time and money freely, so that the youngsters could enjoy sports and life.
He served The Buffalo News Suburban Association as an officer.
He contributed greatly in the sucess of the association.This mans unselfish giving of himself more than qualifies him for the honor of having an award made in his name.

SEC 1 Award qualifications
A. The person selected must have a minimum of five years service in The Buffalo Suburban Baseball Association.

B. The person selectd must have worked with the youth in the league and/or overall Association or with youg teams or groups that have contributed to the association teams.

C. The person selected must have displayed unselfish outstanding leadership with the young players.

George Heusinger Award
George Heusinger played and coached in the Buffalo News Suburban News Baseball Association for many years.
He was interested in keeping the association and it's teams strong.He worked hard to keep the teams in West Seneca in the Association.His strong beliefs about the Association combined with his willingness to hear any new ideas or complaints earned him the appointment to the position of Executive Vice President of the Association.
He did the job with great energy and strength that was an example for all of us.

SEC. 1 Award Qualifications

A. The person selected must have a minimum of five years service in the Buffalo News Suburban Baseball Association.
B. The person must be an individual associated with a team in The Buffalo News Suburban Baseball Association or the overall Association.
C. The person selected must have shown unselfish outstanding leadership.

Note: It is entirely possible that a person though his years of managing,coaching and directing a team,working as a league officer or Association Officer,may qualify for both of these awards at different times during his career,because he has received one award,he is not disqualified from being considered for the other.