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Last updated
05-02-16 11:14 AM
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Alle-Catt Baseball
Ralph Mckimm
814 486 0568
1044 Old West Creek Road
Emporium, Pennsylvania

Sunday, March 8
2015 League Meeting minutes

Monday, February 14
2011 League meeting minutes

Meeting called to order @ 6 Pm 2/13/11 by President Ralph McKimm

Old Business: Olean AOH was presented 2010 league trophy.

Teams present:

Emporium, Crosby ,Bradford, Wellsville ,Port Allegany, Olean AOH, Olean Royals, Ludlow,

Mt Jewett.

Missing: Allegany,Kane

 New Business: Ralph McKimm was re-elected president.

Jame Thomas was re-elected Vice president/treasurer.

Treasures report given.

Motion made and approved to donate $25.00 to Crosby Fire Dept for use of hall for meeting.

Motion made to adjust option players to six

Motion made and approved to get each team a dozen baseball

 March 1 st final date to enter team in league

April 2nd roster,contracts and entry fee due

May 20 final day to enter option players

Juli 1 final roster changes

july 23 playoffs start

Aug 21 all star game details need finalized after schedule is completed

Meeting closed @7;20 PM

Thursday, February 25
2010 League Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order @ 5;00PM by President Ralph McKimm

Teams present was Emporium,Crosby, Mt Jewett,Ludlow,Olean AOH,Shinglehouse,Port,Wellsville,Cuba.

Old Business

Discussed Shinglehouse forfeiting two game in 2009 playoffs

Ruling was that in order to keep teams the rule should be adjusted.

New Business;

Treasures report given.

Ralph McKimm was re-elected President

Jame Thomas was re-elected Vice President/Treasurer

Rules that were altered

Teams cancelling games because lack of players

Rule changed that team cancelling game can forfeit then or play when the other team sets new date for game to be played.If game isn't played then team forfeits.

 Teams forfeiting game in playoffs.

If a team forfeits a game in playoffs they are eliminated from the balance of playoffs ,but can re-turn next year.

Motion approved to donate $25.00 to Crosby Fire Dept for use of hall for meeting.

Agreed to give each team 1 dozen baseballs.

Schedule will be made up by Brian O'Connell

March 15th final date to enter new teams

Season will start May 9th

May 20th final date to add option players

July 1st final date to add players

April 2nd roster,entry fee and contracts due

Meeting adjorned @6;45

Monday, February 16
Minutes of League meeting held 2/15/09

Meeting called to order @ 5;00 PM by president Ralph McKimm

Teams attending : Emporium,Crosby,Port,Austin,Kane,Olean AOH,Mt Jewett,Cuba,Shinglehouse, Ludlow and Wellsville.

Old Business:

Olean Royals andOlean Oilers did not attend.

Olean AOH was presented league trophie while Port was presented with a East Division Trophie and Shinglehouse with the West Division Trophie

New Business:

Ralph McKimm was re-elected President.

Jame Thomas was re-elected Vice President/Treasurer.

Treasures report was given. 3 checks were written.

$25 Crosby Fire Dept for use of hall

$568.20 AD Starr for baseballs

$100 trophies

Wellsville and Mt Jewett joined league

Motion by McKimm and approved to change player age to 15.

Motion By Brian Oconnell to put all teams in single division and top 8 teams would be in playoffs

Every team would play each other once. Motion was approved .

Motion By Tunall to change option players to 4 Motion approved.

Dead line to add teams changed to March 17th.

Motion by McKimm to donate $25 to Crosby Fire Dept for use of hall.Motion approved.

Each team will get a dozen baseballs. 

Playoffs will start first sunday ater season is complete.

Brian Oconnell will make league and playoff schedule.

Meetng adjorned at 6:30 Pm

Saturday, February 16
Minutes 2008 League Meeting held February 16

The meeting was called to order by president Ralph McKimm @ 5;05 PM

Teams represented: 

 Emporium, Crosby, Cuba, Shinglehouse,  Olean Royals, Olean Oilers.

Teams not attending:

Olean AOH,  Austin, Port Allegany, St Marys, Kane, Ludlow

Old Business:

Division and League  trophies were handed out to Shinglehouse.

Treasures report was given by Jame Thomas

New Business:

Motion made by Jame Thomas and seconded by Floyd Roth to go to 13 teams and 15 game schedule.

Motion made by Ralph McKimm and seconded by Jame Thomas to donate $25.00 dollars to the Crosby Fire Department for use of the fire hall for the league meeting

Motion made that league would continue to give each team 1 dozen baseballs

Motion made to allow the pitcher to be included in the re-entry rule.

Also if a team has used all their re-entry players and a player gets hurt if the oposing coach agrees the substitite player can enter the game for a second time.

All remaining rules were discussed at the meeting and will be retained.

All players that was on an existing team playing on a new team must have release form and new contracts or the games they play in will be forfeited and the coach suspended for using illegal players.

Ralph McKimm was re-elected president and Jame Thomas re-elected vice President/Treasurer

Season will start may 10th

Last day to add option players May 20

Rosters,contracts,player release forms and league entry fee must be submitted by April 2nd.

Last day to make roster changes July 1st.

Meeting was adjourned at 6;20 PM

Sunday, February 18
2007 League meeting minutes
The meeting was called to order by President Ralph McKimm at 5;00 PM on February 17th at the Crosby Fire Hall.

Teams represented were
Olean Royals
Port Allegany

Old Business
Kane was announced as West Division winner for 2006
Emporium was the East Division and League Champ.
Nic-L-Inn has not replyed to any e-mail or phone messages and have been dropped from the league.

New Business;
Jim Kane has resigned as treasurer and Jamie Thomas was elected.
Ralph McKimm was re-elected president and Jamie Thomas as vice president
Treasures report was given and three checks were written in 2006
Ad Starr $428 for baseballs
Trophies $100
Crosby Fire Dept for rental of hall $25
Tim Rounsville has retired and Floyd Roth will coach Crosby.
Shinglehouse,Bradford and Olean Royals will enter teams in the league for 2006.
Entry fees will remain at $50 for existing teams and $65 for new teams.
Start of season will be May 5th.
The league will go to three divisions of 4 teams each to maintain 14 game schedule
Rule was passed that no player or coach can play while drinking or have it in the dug out.
Each team will get 1 dozen baseballs
Donation of $25 to Crosby Fire dept was approved.
Playoffs were discussed and the president is to check with the central league to see if they want to join the playoffs at the end of the season.
Meeting adjorned at 6:15

Blank Player Contract and Roster Forms
Click on hand outs to get a blank player contract or a Roster form

Player Release Form
Click on Hand outs and player release form

Team and Player Insurance
Sadler and Company Inc.
PO Box 5866 Columbia, South Carolina 29250
800 622 7370
fax 803 256 4017

National American Sports Federation
4255 BryantIrvin Road
Suite 201
FortWorth Texas 76109
570 454 1952

Ed's Sporter Shop
1212 West State Street.
Olean,New York.14760
716 372 9520
Debbie Dash
Ed Nicoletta

Dinn Bros.
PO Box. 111
1 800 628 9657
Fax 1 800 876 7497

WNY-WPA Association Split
The Alle-Catt Baseball League has decided to pull out of the WNY-WPA Baseball Association because of steady decline to follow the rules which were establishes in 1928 and agreed to play under.
Every since the Buffalo News quit sponsoring Suburban Baseball and the WNY-WPA Association was formed in 2003 the leagues has been at odds,especially because of playing under the American League Baseball rules which states 9 innings and the Central League will only play seven.
The Central League and the Alle-Catt leagues were the only two left in the orginal association.
The Alle-Catt league will continue with the nine innings.

Former Emporium Alle-Cat Players

John Abriatis
Mark Abriatis
Scott Aikins
Randy Andrews
Jamie Azzato
John Azzato
Randy Azzato
P.J, Bailey
Randy Bailey

Mike Baker

Paul Baker
Carl Barr
Mike Bolin
Bryan Bresslin
Jim Brison

Dave Britton

Tucker Britton

Jake Brown
Dave Burgett
Joe Bunnell
Eric Campbell
Mark Campbell
Josh Catalone
Mike Chmelar
Joe Clingan

Cameron Clingan
Jamer Cooney
Randy Cooney

Jordan Crane
Jason Crosby
Travis Crosby
Mark Dippold
Rick Emerick
Vince Fragale
Brian Gillette
Steve Gillette
Butch Gennocro
Kevin Genevro
Dave Gledhill
Kevin Gledhill
Kris Gledhill
Kyle Gledhill
Chris Grovanz
Matt Hallowell
Dick Harrier
Paul Haviland
Joe Hart
Don Horning
Randy Horning
Archie Jones
Doug Jones
Jim Jones
Phil Jones
John Jones
Tim Jones
Nick Keller
Jim Kockler
Bob Lamont
Ed Lamont
Shane Lathrop
Tim Laughlin
Mike Leavitt
Rob Linninger
Bill Leonard
Brian Lovett
Rod Lyon
Pat Lewis
John Malizia

Devan Mason
Steve Mason
Travis Menteer
Mike McCaslin
Ken McKensie
Sean McMaingle
Dennis McKimm
Matt McLean
Rick McLean

Derek meyer 

Jon Meyer
Pat Minard
Ken Munson
Steve Murray
Steve Nagle
Mike Newhouse
Matt Nicklas
Dave Osti
Bill Ostrum
Ed Pieczynski
Jason Reed
Joe Reed
Rob Robinson
John Sandervitch
Brian Schager
Paul Schager
Steve Szemes
Craig Schloder
Terry Schwab
Brian Slusarick
Jim Slusarick
Joe Smith
Troy Smith
Joe Songer
Steve Sowers
Ryan Stuart
Chris Summers
Andrew Tompkins
Ryan Tucker
Don Ullman
Kevin Vogt
Kyle Vogt

Rex Waddington
Bob Wegamer
Nate Wigfield
Dave Williams
Chris Witter
Stan Whiting
Jeff Young
Jeff Wykoff

Sunday, August 9
Emporium 2015 League Champs

Sunday, March 8
Bradford 2014 League Champs

Sunday, March 8
Crosby 2013 League Champs

Sunday, March 8
Bradford 2012 League Champs

Saturday, August 13
Emporium 2011 League Champs 16-0

Monday, September 20
Olean AOH 2010 League Champs

Monday, August 10
Emporium 2009 League Champs

Monday, August 10
Emporium 2009 season Champs

Sunday, August 24
Olean AOH 2008 Alle-Catt League Champs

Saturday, August 2
Shinglehouse 2008 North Division Champs

Saturday, August 2
Port Allegany 2008 East Division Champs

Sunday, August 12
Shinglehouse 2007 Alle-Catt Baseball League Champs

Sunday, July 29
Shinglehouse 2007 North Division Champs

Sunday, July 29
Kane 2007 West Division Champs

Sunday, July 29
Emporium 2007 East Division Champs

Tuesday, August 15
Emporium 2006 League Champs

Tuesday, August 15
Emporium 2006 East Division Champs

Tuesday, August 15
Kane 2006 West Division Champs

Emporium 2005 League Champs

Emporium 2005 East Division Champs

Warren 2005 West Division Champs

Kane 2004 League Champs

Kane 2004 West Division Champs

Emporium 2004 East Division Champs

Chaffee/Sardinia 2003 Kron Memorial Cup Champs

Olean 2003 Rechlin Cup Champs

Bradford 2003 East Division Champs

Kane 2003 League Champs

Kane 2003 West Division Champs

Bradford 2002 Ray Kron Memorial Cup Champs
Bradford defeated Emporium 11-7

Kane 2002 League Champs

Kane 2002 West Division Champs

Bradford 2002 East Division Champs

Port Allegany 2002 Ted Rechlin Memorial Cup Champs

Chaffee-Sardina 2001 Ray Kron Memorial Cup Champs

Crosby 2001 Ted Rechlin Memorial Cup Champs

Emporium 2001 League Champs
Defeated Kane 9-7

Emporium 2001 East Division Champs

Kane 2000 League Champs

Kane 2000 Ray Kron Memorial Cup Champs

Crosby 2000 Ted Rechlin Memorial Cup Champs

Emporium 1999 League Champs

Wednesday, March 26
Crosby 2013 League Champs

Wednesday, March 26
Bradford 2012 League Champs

Kane 1999 Presidents Cup Tournament Champs

Emporium 1999 League Champs

Emporium 1997 League Champs

Port Alleghany 1996 League Champs

Olean 1995 League Champs

Olean 1994 League Champs

Emporium 1993 League Champs

2003 Alle-Catt League Minutes
Teams represented were Emporium,Bradford,Port Allegany,Mount Jewett,Olean,Warren,Shinglehouse and Johnsonburg.

Kane and NIC-L-Inn did not attend.

The meeting was called to order at six PM by President Ralph McKimm.

A treasurers report was given with a balance of $821.37.

McKimm thanked all the coaches and players for their co-operation and support during the 2002 season.

Bradford won the Ray Kron Memorial Cup and East Devision.

Kane won the Alle-Catt League title and West Division.

Port Allegany won the Rechlin Cup Trophy.


The Buffalo News is no longer sponsoring the leagues.

The new Association will be Western New York-Western Pennsylvania Suburban Baseball Association,consisting of the Alle-Catt and Central Leagues.
There is no sponsor yet for the associaton,so no baseballs will be supplied.

Changes are that all players must complete new contracts.
New forms are on the web site under handouts.
We will contiue to play under the rules of the existing Blue book and the American League rules.
The new contracts and rosters must be turned into the President by April 27th.

Warren Hitmen and Frewsburg Road Dawgs Teams have folded.

Mount Jewett and Johnsonburg have entered teams for the 2003 season making eleven teams total. six in the East and five in the West.

McKimm reported he did not pay the President and division winners the fifteen dollars to attend the awards dinner because of not being supported by the Buffalo News.

Election of officers were held and Ralph Mckimm was re-elected President and Mike Madden elected Vice President.

The 2003 season will start May 4th. and finish July 27th with the league championship game.

Motion by R. McKimm,seconded by T. Rounsville to donate $25.00 to the Crosby Fire Dept for use of the hall.

Motion by T. Rounsville and seconded by R. Jones to pay 2001 and 2002 Association dues of $100.00.

Motion by R. Jones and seconded by J. Scanlon to hold a league raffle to raise money.Each team will be required to sell tickets.Ray will oversee the event.

Motion by R. McKimm and seconded by T.Rounsville to eliminate the rule that the President and division winners would receive $15 to attend the awards dinner.

Motion by R. Jones and seconded by J. Scanlon that our league adopt the player re-entry rule.The player may re-enter one time in the same batting order.

Each team may reschedule two games during the season,but must be madeup by July 26th.or they will be forfeited.

Motion made by J. Scanlon seconded by T. Rounsville to adjourn.

Our league has made a donation of $50 to the Sons of America.This is a youth organization of the American Legion of Crosby.
Eddie was the leader of these kids.
He also played Alle-Catt Baseball in Crosby for a lot of years and also coached Little League Baseball.
Crosby and these kids will miss EDDIE.

Meeting held Feb Crosby Fire Hall.

Meeting called to order by President Ralph McKimm.

Teams represented;
Emporium, Crosby, Shinglehouse, Bradford,
Port Allegany,Olean, Kane, Warren Generals.

A treasures report was given with a balance of $394.37.

There was no old business.

New Business:
Election of officers.
Ralph McKimm,as President,Brian Nolan as Vice President,Jim Kane as Treasurer.

The roster must be submitted and entry fee paid by April 27th or the games will be a forfeit until submitted.

The league will start May 5th.

Motion made by Brian Nolan and seconded by Tim Rounsville to raise team entry fees to $50 existing teams and $65 new teams.All present agreed.

The winning division teams would have two members dinner paid for at the awarding of the trophies along with the President,max of $15 per person.

Added rule that the team with the best record would host the all star game and each team would pay for one umpire.

Had a request from Mike Madden that T. Simons be allowed to return and play.
All members rejected the request and was confirmed by President Phil Tanner and Vice President Glenn Kline of the Buffale News Baseball Association.

Had a request from Aaron Stahli that something needs done with the Crosby fans,as he and his team were swore at and even tryed to start a fight.
The coaches are to take control of their fans and are advised to call the police if unable to maintain control and action by the league could result in possible suspension of home games and was also confirmed by Phil Tanner.

Ray Jones suggested that the league run a sale of chances for a fund raiser.
Details will be given to each coach to present to their team as all will have to sell the chances.

Phil Tanner suggested that both leagues have a family party at the awarding of the trophies at the end of the year.It would be a dinner and dance.Each coach is ask the team if they are interested.It would be held in the Olean area.

A suggestion to play the all star on the new field at MT Jewett was presented.There would be no fee to use the field.
Details must be finalized.

Jeff Barber has taken over as coach of the Port Allegany Team.

Mike Stewart has resigned as coach of the Kane Wildcats and will not enter a team this year.

Wilcox was placed back in the West Division.
this will match both divisions with six teams.

Brian Nolan will make the schedules.

The Playoffs will start the last week end of July and all teams are asked to play.

Motion to donate $25 to The Crosby Fire Dept for use of the hall was approved.

Phil Tanner suspended Olean of the Cenral League from the 2002 playoffs because of using five player from a single college in their games.

End of WYN-WPA Baseball Association
As of March 14,2005 the WNY-WPA Baseball Association no longer exists.
The Association has been at odds every since the Buffalo News quit sponsoring the league and the WNY-WPA was formed.
The Central League insisted on not following the Blue Book rules of playing nine innings.

2005 Alle-Catt League Meeting
The Meeting was called to order by President Ralph McKimm at 5:30 PM at the Crosby Fire Hall.
Teams present were Emporium,Crosby,Ludlow ,Kane
Port Allegany,Bradford,Olean,Nic-L-Inn.Mt Jewett was absent.

Old Business:
1.Kane was presented the West Division and League trophy
2.Treasurers report was given.

New Business:
1.Ralph McKImm was nominated and re-elected President.
2.Jeff Barber was nominated and elected Vice President.
Jim Kane was retained as Treasurer.
3.Motion approved to donate $25 to Crosby Fire Dept for use of
the hall.
4.Motion approved to play the Central league in the playoffs if they
go back to nine innings and reduce umpire fee's to fifty dollars.
5.Motion approved that Alle-Catt League would drop out of WNY-WPA
Baseball Association.President is to try and retreive 2004 dues
of $50 since Alle-Catt league did not play in the Association
6.Rule was made that the umpires must be payed before the game is
   played or the game will be forfeited.
7.Motion approved to get each team a dozen baseballs.
8.Motion was defeated to use courtesy runner for catcher.
9.Request for Whitesville to join Alle-Catt League was defeated.
10.Season to start May 7th.
11.Meeting adjourned at 7:30PM

2001 Alle-Catt league Meeting
Meeting held March 11th.2001 at the Crosby Fire Hall.
Teams present"Emporium,Kane,Kane Wildcats,Crosby,Warren Generals,Frewsburg,Bradford.

1.Motion to elect Brian Nolan and Lenny Hungiville as President and Vice President.
2.Treasures report a balance of$912.05.
3.Motion made by Tim Meyers that any past players from the Bradford 2 teamthat are put on another team be on a 1 year probation.motion was voted on and approved.
Also voted on and approved that Fred Simons,Tim Simons and Robert Stidd are banned from coaching,keeping score or have anything to do with a team in the Alle-catt League.

4. Frewsburg was put on probation for the 2001 Baseball Season for the incident in the 2000 playoff game with Crosby.

5.2001 Alle-Catt season to start May 12th.

6.Rule #3 was updated to place a $25 on any teamthat don't meet the deadlines for the roster,contracts and entry fee.

7.Home team must notifyvisiting team by 10:00 am,if scheduled game can not be played.

8.Coach must advise visiting team of ground rules andsportsmenship rules before the game starts.This will also be the team warning of sportsmenship violations.

9.Applied for a tax exempt number.

March 25th league meeting

1.Olean and Nic-l-Inn Resturant are putting teams in the Alle-Catt League for the 2001 season.

2. Ralph McKimm was nominated and relected President. Brian Nolan declined Vice President, Lenny Hungiville was then elected as Vice President.

3.Motion made by Brian Nolan and seconded byLenny hungiville to continue to use a minus 5 bat.All were in favor.

4.Motion made by Ralph McKimm and seconded by Lenny Lungiville to donate $25.00 to the Crosby Fire Dept.all were in favor.

5.Motion made for the president to check on the cost of player insurance.

6.Brian nolan to submit an application to the bolivar High school for the possible site of the 2001 all-starr game.The cost of the field is $100 plus 4100 for use of the lights.

2006 League Meeting Minutes
The meeting was called to order by president Ralph McKimm.

Team represented were Emporium,Crosby,Port Allegheny,Olean,Warren,Nic-L-Inn,Mount Jewett.
Treasures report was read by McKimm.

Old Business;
Warren was presented the West Division Trophy.
Emporium won the East Division and the league title.

New Business:
Ralph McKimm and Jeff Barber were re-elected president and Vice president and Jim Kane as Treasurer.

Bradford will not have a team.

Nate Veno from Olean is suppose to enter a team but was not at the meeting.

Motion by Rounsville and seconded by Weitzel for the league to furnish a dozen baseballs for each team.

Team entry fee will remain the same of existing teams at $50 and new teams $65.

Entry fee, roster and new player contracts must be to the president by April 27th.
Final date to add option players is May 20th.

Final rosters due July 1st.

Rob Page will take over as coach of Port Allegheny.

Jon Vincent will be the coach of the warren Generals.

Meeting adjourned at 5:45PM

2004 Alle-Catt League Meeting
Meeting Was held Feb 22 at Crosby Fire Hall
Teams present: Emporium ,Port Allegany, Mt Jewett, Warren, Crosby and Ludlow.

A. Meeting was called to order by President Ralph McKimm @6:15.

B Old Business:
1. Kane was West Division and League Champs
2. Bradford was East Division Champs.

C. New Business:
1. Ralph McKimm was nominated and re-elected President.
2. Ray Jones was nominated and elected Vice-President.
3. Jim Kane re-elected as Treasurer
4. A change in submitting entry fee's was approved.
    The Entry fee,Roster and Contracts must be submitted to the
    President by April 27th. or you will forfeit the first game.
    Do not send entry fee to Jim Kane.
5. Season will start May 16th.
6. April 1st. is final date to enter team in league.
7. July final date for roster changes.
8. May 22 is final date to add option players.
9. July 24th. final date for make up games.
10.July 25th. league title game.

   Motion made by McKimm and seconded by Rounsville to donate $25 to
   Crosby Fire Dept for use of hall.

   Associate league Meeting March 20th.
   Kane and Bradford will receive division trophies
   Olean will receive rechlin Cup Trophy

   Buffalo News will not supply Baseballs

   Doug Zaffino from Ludlow attended meeting and wants to enter a
   team in the league.
   Each team will receive a dozen baseballs from Alle-Catt league.
   Reminder that all rules will be followed.

   Meeting adjourned at 8:30.

Tuesday, August 15
Emporium 1992 League Champs

Alle-Catt Baseball
Alle-Catt Baseball
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