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Sunday, July 9
Alle -Catt League 2018
There could possibly be a league again in 2018

Friday, January 27
Alle-Catt League
It appears the league has come to an end because there are only two teams for 2017 season.

Sunday, August 9
Crosby 2016 League Champs

Monday, June 27
Playoffs will start SundayJuly 24

All games must be completed to enter your team

Teams to date Emporium,Crosby,Smethport Eldred

Sunday, July 13
Additional rules for playoff's


All league rules are in effect. the home team must supply two umpires.

Home team will pay plate umpire.

Visiting team will pay base umpire.

Umpires must be paid before the game can start

Home team coach must call or text visiting team coach of the umpire fee.

Any team forfeiting a game will be eliminated from playoffs.

Home team coach must text score to president @814 594 5667 immediately after the game.


The bracket and games will be posted on the web site,



Thursday, March 3
Jims sports store in Clearfield has Wilson A1010 S baseballs for $39.00 a dozen

Wednesday, July 1
Important dates

 May 8th,start of season.

April 2nd last day to enter team in league

April 2nd roster,contracts and entry fee and player release forms due 

May 20th final day to add option players

July 1st final roster changes



Some teams are having problems getting umpires,Please e-mail any names that that i can add to our umpire list.
Lets try to encourage other people to umpire and it's important we treat them

Umpire list

Brian Brink    716 949 4801
Bill Funk       814 778 5401
Josh Bruce      814 601 0841    814 486 5605 (work)
Butch Gennocro 814 594 9258
Aaron Atkins    814 366 0468
Brett Lasko    814 594 8621
Brian Oniel    814 598 8781

Friday, March 15
Team entry fee's,rosters,player contracts and player release forms
Please send me your info by April 2nd, make checks out to Jame Thomas,Thank you.

Sunday, February 20
Please notice that all the forms you require are listed under handouts,player release form,contracts,and roster.

Thursday, April 27
Reminder: every player must have a signed contract before playing or the game will be forfeited the coach and player suspended for two games.

Coaches...Please inform me when you change your address,phone number and e-mail address so I can keep everyone updated.

Umpire Certification
Umpires can be certified.
You need an application and it costs $30.
You will be required to take a test.
I have applications which will be included in you forms being mailed

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This web site was established to promote ALLE-CATT BASEBALL.
It will NOT be used to say negative things about the league,other teams,umpires or players.
Please add any information about your team or give it to me and i will add it.