American Baseball-Berlin (ABBerlin): Welcome

We welcome you and your children to American Baseball-Berlin (ABBerlin), a Division of the Sport Club John-F.-Kennedy-Schule Berlin e.V. in Berlin, Germany (SCJFKS).  Currently, we have over 200 players registered to play in 19 teams and some 50 coaches and volunteers who are teaching them the aims of our league:


 Although we are proud to receive such tremendous support from the thriving German-American community in Berlin, the club still needs help! If you are 14 or older, please consider volunteering to become a certified scorekeeper or umpire in the ABB or in the German baseball league BSVBB.


Wednesday, June 4
ALLBB/Rams adding a divsion to the bsvbb German baseball league

For the 2015 baseball season the allbb/rams will be adding a division in the bsvbb (German baseball league)"Schülerliga" These players are in the age bracket from 9-12 years of age. The German baseball league goes by birth year only! This means the following years are eligible: 2003/2004/2005/2006 for 2015 in this Division This will be in addition to the normal allbb little league If you have any questions please contact Coach John Dillon

Thursday, February 26
Opening Day 2015

Dear Baseball community,

The 2015 season will begin on the 25th of April and go until the 27th of June

We look forward to another successful year of Baseball! 

Alert! We will have changed our annual clean up day to the 28th of March !


allbb board 

Thursday, February 26
2015 Tryouts

Dear Baseball community,

We will have tryouts on the 11th of April for those that need it and our in town!