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Monday, July 10
Are you Desperate Yet? ........Some Words of Wisdom
If you are a Junior in high school and the telephone is not ringing with offers from college coaches, relax. You are not alone. The Academy has experience with college recruiting. (see the article at the bottom of the page.) The important thing, you need to know, is that the chances are very high, that your name and information is on a list that is being sold to showcase promoters in some way. Some college coaches even give your info to the promoters! We have been getting telephone calls from players regarding all kinds of offers from showcases that are virtually unknown to all the recruiters. If you play American Legion baseball and you have a pulse and a checkbook.....you will be invited to attend a showcase for that reason alone. It's not because you have been discovered and in most cases it's fairly expensive. Think about it. There are only so many college recruiters and they can see you at a showcase where you pay $140 to attend or $595 to attend. The important thing is for you to get your priorities in order. If a college coach holds his own showcase on his own campus and he has already decided who will be on his team, why bother? He may tell you everyone else on the planet will be at the showcase, however this is often not true. Call us and ask us for advice that comes from people like you! We listen to the feedback from other players and they have the real info on which showcases are productive and which ones to avoid. As a general rule, if a showcase has no history, if it just started it equals a "MONEYMAKER." Showcases like this give you an opportunity to help another college player pay for his scholarship or travel expenses or even worse, if you make the check out to the coach, he makes the money. Read the fine print. Call us before you throw away your hard earned tuition money to attend a high priced party that will get you nothing. Also, remember, your academic future should determine which school you attend, not the needs of a coach who desires an extra player in the middle of nowhere. Put the cart before the horse and call us about anything you need to know about what our players have done at showcases with a solid, productive reputation. Learn which showcases are reputable and which have not proven productive.