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Welcome to the All American Baseball Academy website. The Academy was formed in October, 1998, as a year-round, indoor, baseball training facility and since we first opened our doors, our members have been establishing a track record of success. We are conveniently located at 272 Titus Avenue, Warrington, PA.

The Academy's goal is for its players to experience a physical and mental transformation that will take them to the next level, not just in baseball, but in all phases of life. Our staff members have a passion for the game. Many have played professional baseball and most have college degrees and careers in education. Our members have "break through" experiences working with a highly qualified staff trained to teach the skills of baseball. We are a year round operation and we employ over 20 AABA certified staff members throughout the year.

We stress the importance of academic achievement, character, community service, sportsmanship and mentoring as well as athletics. Our members define the meaning of "student athlete."

Participants in our programs tend to become very efficient at time management. Procrastination in school disappears because our members want to train with a clear mind instead of putting off studies till the last minute.

We have two teams for our year round-members - 13 to 15 years old and 16 to 18 years old. In the Fall, we run an aggressive schedule for our older squad, placing them in tournaments on college campuses. Our younger squad goes through a developmental program playing games versus older players. The combination of instruction, showcasing and networking has been a proven success. We also run programs for players who come highly recommended by coaches, scouts and recruiters. Our Select Prospect Program has produced many talented student athletes. We run many camps and clinics throughout the year for players ages 7 to 19. At times we also have programs for college players, team clinics and coaching clinics. In December we run our annual Winter Showcase for high school juniors and seniors. If you are a participant in our year-round Academy or Select Prospect Program, their is no charge for this event. NCAA rules prevent Division I coaches from attending showcases from the first signing period in November to the start of the high school season. Our showcase invites Division II, Division III and Junior College recruiters from some of the best ranked programs in the country as well as Major League Scouts.

If you are a baseball player who has aspirations and long-range goals to play in an NCAA Division I, II or III college baseball program and/or possibly even beyond, then All American Baseball Academy is the right training facility for you. You don't have to be a member of our Academy to sign up for many of our camps and clinics.

If you would like to visit our Academy and see first hand how an organized, highly efficient teaching session is conducted, please call us to arrange a time to observe and even participate in one of our sessions. The Academy is one of a select few locations that use "Dartfish™" training software. We have the ability to record a players movements on a digital video camera, download it to a computer for a frame by frame analysis and then email the clip to the player at his email address so that he can view it with comments with his parents and friends. For an amazing example of this technology go to the "My Site News" page and click on the "Demo" button after the Dartfish article.

For almost 10 years the Academy has had an incredible success rate at placing high school players into college programs that offer them scholarships and grants to play baseball while getting a great education. We teach the player and his family about the college recruitment process. It's not just about baseball talent. It's about academics, finances, choosing the size and location of a school and how to examine a college program to determine if it is a good match for the player. Parents have to work as hard as players. College recruiting is a process that can resemble a roller coaster ride. Once you understand how to master the recruiting process, you can take control and plot your destiny. Our members do not need a recruiting guru. They don't need a person with "connections."
We teach you how to master the recruiting process yourself. Those who rely on recruiting services are often disappointed.

Our network of college placement grows every day. Every player who goes through our program and moves to the college or professional level expands our resources for the next player. Each year more and more of the players who trained at the Academy move up to the college and professional ranks. Learn how you can become one of them. For more details, phone: 215-491-1620.

For a partial listing of our numerous Academy Alumni, go to the "Alumni" page. You may know some of these fine student/athletes. These alumni have received very generous scholarships, grants, financial aid and professional contracts totaling millions of dollars through their college and professional careers. This number keeps growing exponentially every year.


All American Baseball Academy Has a New telephone Hotline Number. This system provides updates regarding Academy activities.
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Check the Hotline frequently. Evening cancellations will usually be posted between 3:30-4:00 pm. Daytime cancellations will be recorded as early in the day as possible.

Saturday, December 1
Chaz Witherspoon Visits All American

Chaz Witherspoon, undefeated heavyweight boxer, visited the Academy on Saturday December 1, 2007. In front of about 60 members and parents, Chaz stressed the importance of maturity, relationships with parents and not cheating yourself. Chaz, who has a degree from Saint Joe's University, in Pharmacuetical Marketing, discussed his college career, athletics and his experience on the US Olympic team. Chaz, praised Jeff Goldstein, the Academy's strength and conditioning coach, for doing an excellent job in training him. Chaz described boxing as "pain management." He went on to say there are no timeouts in boxing. When you're hit you have to respond. After seeing how different boxers train he realized that Jeff incorporated the best of the best in his training programs and in fact had him doing things no one else had ever seen. Chaz described maturity as "taking responsibility for yourself." At 26 years of age he said when asked he tells people he is 52. This is because he functions at twice the level of of person his age. Alcohol, drugs and bad influences are everywhere. Chaz was emphatic about choosing friends wisely and always listening to your parents because they are the people who love you unconditionally. This was a great opportunity for our members to meet and speak with a world class athlete and appreciate the opportunities they have training with our talented staff.

Sunday, November 25
Have You Registered With The NCAA Clearinghouse?

It's that time again! Every year our members are encouraged to register as early as possible with the NCAA Clearinghouse. The NCAA has a website dedicated to educating and informing student athletes of requirements needed to play sports at the Division I, II, III and JUCO levels. We strongly urge all members to register at the following link: https://web1.ncaa.org/eligibilitycenter/common/. You may also click on the headline of this article to be redirected to the NCAA site. Your high school must be informed as well so they can update your course credits for the NCAA to clear you for eligibility purposes.

Tommy Filer
Tom Filer
Wednesday, October 10
Tom Filer, MLB Pitching Coach, to Run Academy Clinics

Tom Filer will be running three special Pitching Clinics at the Academy during the upcoming off-season and pre-season for pitchers and catchers ages 13 to 18. This is a very special opportunity for local pitchers and catchers to work with one of the best pitching instructors in the region. Tom is a former major league pitcher and current pitching coach for the AA Altoona Curve. This session will be followed by a Pre-Season Pitching and Catching Clinic in January during the same time slot. (Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. for six weeks).

Tom will also run an Elite Pre-Season Pitching Clinic for six pitchers "by invitation only." Candidates for this clinic will be identified from participants in the Off-Season Pitching and Catching Clinic as well as other sources. The Elite Pitching Clinic will meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Registration is on a first come, first served basis. For an invitation to the "Elite Pre-Season Pitching Clinic" please call Coach Vivian at 215-674-0904