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Space Aliens Men's VB
Dan Asplund
3526 Hackberry St.
Bismarck, North Dakota
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Friday, February 2
2006-2007 Space Alien Schedules
The second half of the 2006-2007 Men's VB season is in full swing.

The 1st half Aliens for the 2006 invasion included: Dan Asplund, Jim Heid, Jon Patch, Duane Broschat, Jerry Nuss, Daryl Rosenau. We welcome Dean Glatt, Darcy Neigum & Darin Linster to the fray.

The 2nd half Aliens include: Dan Asplund, Jim Heid, Jon Patch, Duane Broschat, Jerry Nuss, Daryl Rosenau, Dean Glatt, Darin Linster. Keith Benz, has joined the Winter invasion.

Following Handout includes both Fall & Winter schedules.

Handout: 2006-2007 Schedules

Tuesday, August 8
2006 Season Planning
Will the Aliens be returning? Some of the Aliens are hurting with injuries from the years of attacks. Some Aliens are busy watching their younger Aliens prepare for battle. Some Aliens are ready to rest on their laurels. Stay tuned!

Fall 2003 Schedule available
VB Fall03 Schedule
view full size
The season starts Thursday, October 9, 2003 @ Jeanette Myhre.
The first game is 7:30-8:30.
Schedule attached. Link goes to Bismarck Parks & Rec site.

VB Fall03 Teams
view full size
Handout: Fall 2003 Schedule

All States 2003 Tournament Schedule
Please notice that the whole tournament starts and concludes on Saturday, February 22. The first game is against Dickinson SBM at 1:30 PM on Wachter Middle School Court #2. The next game is at 2:15 PM immediately following. All teams advance to the playoff round, so we can still advance to the finals. If we would take the championship, our last game is scheduled for 5:15 PM. Please make appropriate adjustments in your schedule to attend.
Thanks, Dan, the Space Man

All State 03 Schedule

Winter 2002-2003 VB Schedule
view full size
This is the schedule released 12/02/02 for Jeanette Myhre Thursday Men's VB. Note that first game is Thursday, Dec. 5 @ 7:30 pm.

Winter 02-03 Schedule
Handout: Winter 2002-2003 Schedule

Winter 2002-2003 Info
Winter 02-03 Teams
Above are shown the team listing for Winter Season VB 2002-2003.
Below are the listing of tournaments planned for Bismarck.
Plan on participating in All-State tournaments and maybe Missouri Valley Men's.

Tourneys 2003

Season Starts

The season starts Thursday, October 10, 2002.
Schedule attached. Link goes to Bismarck Parks & Rec site.

2002 Fall Schedule JPG
Handout: Fall 2002 Schedule

Monday, February 18
All-State 2002 VB Schedule


Saturday, Feb. 23, 2002
Game 1 - 8:00 am - Ct 1 (SBM Dickinson)
Game 2 - 9:40 am - Ct 1 (Elbow Room)
Game 3 - 11:20 am - Ct 1 (Xerox)

Playoffs Sat. Feb 23, 2002
12:10 pm A2 vs B3 & B2 vs A3
1:00 pm A1 vs W2 & B1 vs W1
1:50 pm W vs W

Winter 2001-2002 VB Schedule
view full size
Click heading to see Schedule posted at Bismarck Parks & Rec site.

Fall 2001
Fall 2001 Schedule available
You can click headline to see Full Schedule for printing.

Season extended into August 15th
This means our June 13th game (6:15 Court 4 vs Xerox) will be replayed on August 15th.

Friday, May 25
Sand VB Schedule Arrives
Sand VB 2001 Schedule
Sand 2001 VB Schedule
view full size
Games are regularly @ Pioneer Park complex.
Click on Handout to download PDF files of complete schedule.

Handout: Sand 2001 Schedule

2001 Sand VB Sponsor Fee
Fee for 2001 = $75.00 paid by Dan Asplund.
Please pay $15.00 to Dan Asplund prior to start of Summer season.
Current roster plans are: Dave Raatz, Dave Mayer, Dan Asplund, Jay Olson, Jerry Nuss

Good News!! Doug Stoltz has agreed to play for us during this 2001 Summer Sand season.
Please take time to make Doug feel welcome!

2001 Space Aliens celebrate !!
On Tuesday, April 10, 2001, Space Aliens players went to Space Aliens Grill & Bar for the end-of-year party. Gene Holwegner graciously hosted the event, but was unable to attend. He sent a card with his regrets. The waitress treated us like royalty. Thanks Gene for the special fun. We all went home around 9:45 to our families. Our days of partying until all hours of the night ended years ago.

League Standing Available On-Line
Click Heading or PUSH PIN to see Current League standings as reported by Bismarck Parks & Rec.


Post Game Meeting Results
One night, Dec. 16, Jay Olson, Dave Mayer & Dan Asplund met at the Ground Round to discuss the night's games and to discuss strategy.

Upper Management is still withholding judgement on the value of such meetings.

Attendance by 7 players on all nights will help us stay fresh and win games. Thanks to all who made it to our recent games.

Jay will continue to travel with his job, so it is imperative to let Dan Asplund know when you need to be gone. I will try to keep the website current as to the number of expected players.

To avoid more losses and, more importantly, to protect Dan from a heart attack, we need everyone to show up. Please Contact me if you need to be gone.

Inclement Weather Notification
Any games cancelled due to weather will be posted as soon as notification is made.

In questionable weather, cancellation notification can also be reached @ 222-6479 after 4:00.

If weather worsens after 4:00, use your best judgement or call Dan.

Fall VB coming!!
Not too early to think about the upcoming season. Will you remain a member of this exclusive group!

Space Aliens Men's VB
Space Aliens Men's VB
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