Alexandria Youth Baseball/Softball League: Welcome

Tuesday, September 23
Welcome To The Alexandria Youth League Website!

Get your bowling team ready!  November 1st will be the next bowling fundraiser at Norwood Bowl.  Sign up forms are available in the Handouts section :)

Thank you to DeVoe Chevrolet for inviting the league to grill out at their 2nd Annual Car Show.  We were able to add $62 for the online registration for the league.

Thank you to Cox's and Schott's Action for allowing the league to have grill outs and sell candy bars this summer.  We were able to raise $503 to help with the online registration being implemented this upcoming season.

We are working to get the bathroom facilities back up and running.  It is an issue with the sewer lines and will take some time to get things fixed.  Thank you for your patience and bearing with the port-a-pots in the mean time.

We are working on implementing online registration.  Please be patient as we get the site updated. 

The Alexandria Youth Baseball/Softball League is an organization committed to providing the youth of our community with an opportunity to experience little league sports. The league is led by volunteers consisting of board members, league directors, coaches, parents.

The goal of the Alexandria Youth Baseball/Softball League is to provide a positive and fun experience for all players. We strive for players to gain an understanding of the game, improve their skills, and experience the importance of working as a team. The league is open to all players of appropriate age, regardless of ability. Our first priority is to provide a positive overall experience for all involved.

The Alexandria Youth Baseball/Softball League consists of the following divisions:

TBall League - Boys and girls ages 3 and 4

Coaches Pitch League - Boys and girls ages 5 and 6

Minor Boys League - Boys ages 7 and 8 (2 Innings Live Pitching / 4 Innings Pitching Machine)

Senior Boys League - Boys ages 9 through 12 (Live Pitching)

Minor Girls League - Girls ages 7 through 10 (Live Pitching)

Senior Girls League - Girls ages 11 through 14 (Live Pitching)


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