Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball: Rookie State Tournaments

Thursday, June 27
2014 Rookie State Tournaments

For information about Muscle Shoals please visit thier website at

There will be a MANDATORY Managers Meeting at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday July 5th at the Muscle Shoals Parks & Recreation Dept.  in Muscle Shoals. Each team manager MUST attend this meeting.


Congratulations on earning the right to participate in the Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball Rookie State Tournament. Hopefully this event will be the highlight of your summer and one that will be remembered for years to come. We are sure that there are questions in the minds of the players, coaches, parents and your supporters. The purpose of this information packet is to try and answer those questions in advance and remove as much of the anxiety as possible, and hopefully contribute to a smoother tournament. 

Each team and/or their league will be responsible for paying for the costs of their teams lodging, food and other costs incurred by the team during their stay at the Alabama Rookie State Tournament. For this tournament we are not using the room block process; enclosed you will find information about hotels in the area. 

On Saturday July 5th we will have the Managers Meeting at the Muscle Shoals Parks & Rereation Center. It is mandatory that each team manager attend this meeting. At the Managers Meeting we will cover the specifics of this weeks play, opening ceremonies, etc. 

Required Paperwork   At the Managers Meeting each team manager must have the following paperwork to submit - 

1. Tournament Affidavit;

2. Birth Certificate or Certification of Birth documentation for each player;

3. Medical Release Form signed by each players’ parent or legal guardian;

4. For AAA & O-Zone divisions - Official Pitching Record(s) from the lower level tournaments;

5. Proof of Insurance.

6. Concussion Training Certificates for Manager/coaches

Note: No team will be allowed to participate in an Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball State Tournament if they do not have an Excess Accident policy with a Medical Limit of at least $50,000 and a General Liability policy with an each occurrence limit of at least $1,000,000 combined single limits for bodily injury and property damage. If the policy is not purchased from Sadler, Inc. it is required that the team’s General Liability policy name Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc. as an additional insured. Please take a few minutes before you leave home to come to the State Tournament to make sure all of your paperwork is in proper order. Doing so in advance may alleviate problems and/or delays at the meeting.   

Dress Code for Players and Coaches for Opening Ceremonies and Games   

Players - must be dressed in full uniforms (belts, shirts, pants, leggings, shoes, patches).

Managers and coaches - must be dressed alike in long pants (no shorts, cutoffs, blue jeans, sweat pants or wind pants) or baseball pants matching the players. 

Tournament Play 

The theme for the week’s play is GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. The bottom line is that we are here to watch our children play a game, so please enjoy the games for what they are and let the participants do the same. Good sportsmanship is expected and required from all in attendance. Preceding play on Friday afternoon we will have the Opening Ceremonies for the 2013 Rookie State Tournament. Friday and subsequent days will include practice and games. In an effort to keep expenses on those participating as low as possible there will be cases where your team is required to play two (2) games in a day. Since rain is always a possibility, there may be times when games have to be delayed or rescheduled. Hopefully the weather will be favorable but should it not cooperate every reasonable effort will be made to complete the Alabama Rookie State Tournament on time. The Tournament Director has the authority to waive rules and make exceptions to get the tournament completed. In the event your game is cancelled or rescheduled, make sure you get the word from your District Director or the Tournament Director. 

Time to Play Ball! 

You have turned in your line-up, both teams have taken their infield warm-up and we are ready to announce the players and coaches. We will announce the players and coaches prior to the beginning of every game. When they are announced the players will go to their defensive position on the field, coaches to their respective base line. With all of the players and coaches in position the Umpires will be announced. If it is the first game of the day we will have the Invocation and the National Anthem. The players and coaches will be asked to shake hands and play ball.

The twelve (12) man continuous batting order will be used in the tournament and we will play all games to conclusion unless the run rule(s) prevails. Please remember that it is a kid’s game and only players with a catcher’s helmet and mask are allowed to warm up pitchers. If a relief pitcher is being warmed up inside the fence while a game is in progress, the player-catcher must have on a catcher’s helmet and mask, NOT A BATTERS HELMET, and another player with a helmet and glove must be stationed facing the field of play to protect those warming up from a foul ball. 

With good planning the tournament should progress without any major problems. There will be questions as the week progresses but there will be Dixie Youth officials and the members of the Host Committee on-hand to provide answers. As mentioned earlier, your District Director is a good source of information, so use them as your first line of communication.  Each player and coach participating in the Alabama Rookie State Tournament will receive a medallion and the State Champion and runner up teams will receive individual and team trophies in honor of their accomplishment.

All of the Alabama Rookie State Tournaments will be played using double elimination brackets.

Handout: 2014 Rookie State brackets