Alderwood Little League: Teenage Baseball

Junior, Senior and Big League Baseball is an Affordable Alternative for Competitive Baseball

Congratulations!  Your son has just completed his 8th season of Little League Baseball. Beginning as a league age 5 year old in T-Ball and concluding with his 12 year old season in the Majors on the 60’ diamond.  So now what?

As you evaluate your next opportunity in Youth Baseball consider that you DO NOT have to leave Little League to continue to your baseball experience.  Instead, Little League offers the following three additional levels of play: 

Junior Baseball – Ages 13-14

Senior Baseball – Ages 15-16

Big League Baseball – Ages 17-18

Consider the following benefits of playing baseball within the Little League Program.

  • Competitiion
  • Community
  • Affordabilty
  • Flexibility

Here are some commonly asked questions, and answers, regarding the Junior, Senior and Big League Programs:

How does the field of play differ at the Junior, Senior and Big League level?

New in 2011, all Leagues in Washington District 1, including Alderwood LL, will introduce play on the 80' diamond for the Junior Division of Baseball.  A 90’ Diamond will continue to be used at the Senior and Big League levels – the same size your son will play on in High School.  The age groups, as listed above, remain the same so the physical abilities within each age group are similar as your son progresses through the divisions. This allows for a high level of competition while allowing players to progress at their own pace.

Are any of the rules different in the Junior, Senior and Big League levels of play?

Playing on the 80' and 90’ Diamond brings many different aspects of the game into play - It's Real Baseball!!

  •  Leading-off
  • Hit & Run Plays
  • Squeeze-Plays
  •  Pick-Off Plays
  • Designated Hitters

Does Alderwood offer play at these levels?

Alderwood Little League offers play at all three levels.

How many games are played during the season, and how much practice is available?

Alderwood Little League will offer two levels of play in 2011.

The "Gold" Division will be the most competitive level of play. The Gold Team(s) will be established by tryouts in the late summer/early fall.  Teams will have the opportunity to practice during the fall and early winter in preparation for the spring season. During the Spring season each team plays a 25-30 game schedule against teams from around Snohomish County. This is an extremely convenient aspect of the program.  In addition, the Gold Teams will also have the opportunity to travel and participate in tournaments outside of Little League (note: there is an additional cost to play in non-little league tournaments).

The "Bronze Division will offer a recreational level of play.  The Bronze teams will be formed through registration in early spring with tryouts (if necessary) in early March.   During the Spring season each team plays a 20-25 game schedule against teams from around Snohomish County - just like the Gold Teams.

For both levels of play, after the regular season, there is the opportunity for “Special Game” tournaments and a “Tournament of Champions” featuring the best teams from each league of play.

Finally, beginning on June 15th of each year, all-star competition is offered at each level. All players at both levels of play are eligible for All-Stars. Just like the Little League World Series, teams at the Junior, Senior and Big League levels compete for the chance to advance to their own World Series  and beginning this season all three are televised by ESPN and are streamed over the internet on Youth Sports Live!

This sounds great, but once my son is in high school won’t this conflict with High School games?

Little League is a flexible program that allows players to participate on both High School and Little League teams.  Further, participation in high school games count towards eligibility for All-Stars so your son will not be penalized or prohibited from competing in All-Stars while participating on a high school team.  Most High School baseball games are played in the afternoon shortly after school.  Little League games are played in the evening with the earliest start time around 5pm.  Since our games are mostly played on High School fields, those games must be done before our teams begin play.  Finally, Little League games at the Junior and Senior level do not begin until later March which is nearly the half way point of High School Baseball. Big League Baseball does not begin play until May so your son’s High School ball will not conflict with Little League at all in this case.

What is the cost to play in the spring season?

Little League is an affordable program.  Alderwood Little League charges one fee which encompasses all the costs of uniforms and field rental, etc. depending upon the level of play.  Tenative fees for 2011 are as follows:  Gold Division - $400.  Bronze Division - $200.  Here is what you get for your money:

  • Pre-season practices beginng in February (Juniors and Seniors) and April (Big League) through the start of the regular season (Mid-Late March for Juniors/Seniors, May for Big League).  Each team typically practices three times per week.
  • A 20-30 game regular season schedule
  • Special Game Tournaments
  • An opportunity to tryout and participate on an All-Star Team representing your community (All-Stars carry no extra charge)

 Gold Teams get the following additional benefits

  • Two sets of custom uniforms for the players to keep.  One set may be used for play in non- Little League tournaments.
  • Indoor practice time
  • The opportunity to play tournaments outside their regular Little League schedule

Do you offer a fall program?

Alderwood Little League will hold tryouts for the Gold Junior Teams in early September.  Those teams will have the opportunity to practice throughout the fall.  A fall program, at the District Level, may be available depending upon interest from other leagues.  Junior baseball players (age 13 or 14 by April 30, 2011) would be eligible. Typically in the fall program, teams compete in an approximate 20 game schedule among teams from within Snohomish County beginning after Labor Day and concluding in late October.  This presents a great opportunity for players advancing from the 60’ diamond to get oriented to the larger field of play. It is also flexible with expanded fall rosters allowing players to participate in multiple fall sports.

My son is being recruited for a Select Baseball Team.  How do I chose?

Since its founding, Little League has remained a community-based program that is operated by local volunteers and supported by the neighborhoods it serves.  “Playing Little League has always been about developing social skills and understanding the values of leadership, personal accountability and teamwork,” Stephen D. Keener, President and Chief Executive Officer of Little League Baseball and Softball, said. “Every child who plays Little League wants to have fun, while we as an organization want to make the program practical and affordable for all of our leagues.”   Other youth baseball and softball organizations have gained favor in recent years, despite the cost and lack of a governing body or safety oversight for players. Travel ball or select club teams charge parents exorbitant amounts of money under the guise that they offer a better, more competitive brand of baseball or softball.  Further, they lack the oversight to ensure the safety of the players.  Little League is the only Youth Baseball Organization to employ a pitch count limit to ensure the safety of young players arms.

With the introduction of the 80' Diamond and Gold/Bronze levels of play there is no longer need to consider any other brand of ball.  Alderwood Little League offers something for everyone from the most competitive player to those interested in a more recreational experience.  All under the oversight of Little League at a reasonable cost to you and your family. To learn more, follow this link:

I want my son to get involved now.  How May I register?

We will begin registering for the Gold team in Late August - watch this site for details.  Registration for the Bronze teams begins in early January. 

I still have questions, who may I call?  Please email us at and we will contact you promptly.