Alderwood Little League: FAQ's

What is the structure of ALDERWOOD LITTLE LEAGUE?

Alderwood Little League Baseball and Softball offers up to seven levels of play: T-Ball (co-ed divsion); Rookie; Farm (Baseball only); AAA; Majors; Juniors; Seniors; and Big League (Baseball only). T-ball through Majors Baseball and all levels of Softball play on a 60-foot diamond with the distance to the outfield fences from home plate varying slightly depending on the field of play. Juniors and above Baseball play on a 90-foot diamond.

Alderwood Little League and Little League Baseball and Softball Incorporated has established age cutoffs to ensure player develop appropriately in terms of skills, knowledge, and sportsmanship. Rules and pitching levels are scaled to the ability of the players.

Alderwood Little League is managed by an elected Board of Directors that administer the league in line with established by-laws and National Little League policies and procedures.

The league is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization.


When does the season begin?

Alderwood Little League has two seasons of play. The main season of play is the Spring season which begins with Registration in January. Major division and above begin practices after the draft in mid February. T-Ball and the Minor divisions (Rookie, Farm, and AAA) practices begin 2 - 4 weeks prior to the Jamboree Weekend scheduled the 3rd weekend of March.

The Fall Instructional Program Registration begins in mid-May. The program begins in late August with clinics and/or team practices. Games are played from September through late October against other teams from District 1.

As the dates vary each year, please check the Alderwood Little League calendar on the web page for the exact dates for the current year of play.

How long will the season last?
The Alderwood Little League regular game season usually lasts 12 to 14 weeks from March through early June. Major divisions and above participate in tournament games during the last 2 - 3 weeks of the season. 

The season is extended to the end of July for players that are selected to the Alderwood All-Star tournament teams. Please consider your vacation plans if you have a child that may be selected to these teams.

Where are Alderwood Little League games played?
Alderwood Little League has two baseball and one softball fields located at 19711-24th Avenue West in Lynnwood at the site of the Alderwood Little League complex for T-Ball, Rookie, Farm, AAA, and Major Baseball; and Rookie, AAA, Major, and Junior Softball home games. Alternate sites may be used for some T-Ball, Rookie, Farm, and AAA games including Logan Park and Alderwood Early Childcare Centers.

Junior, Senior, and Big League Baseball home games are typically located at Lynnwood High School. Alternate locations for home games may include Alderwood Middle School.

Softball Rookie, AAA, and Major divisions; and Junior, Senior, and Big League Baseball and Softball programs typically participate in inter-league division play. Away game locations typically include District 1 fields located throughout Snohomish County, and as a result, some travel is required.

What days and times are the games played?
All teams in Alderwood Little League are scheduled for at least two games a week, and in some divisions are scheduled for up to 3 games in a week. Teams participating in inter-league play may experience variance in frequency of play.

Game days are typically Monday through Saturday, however Sunday afternoons may also be scheduled for teams participating in inter-league play or when make-up games are necessary.

T-ball, Rookie and Farm games will be scheduled to start no later than 6:30 PM on weeknights. AAA and up games will be scheduled to start no later than 7:30 PM on weeknights. Start times for weekend games will vary based on field locations with games beginning no sooner than 9:00 AM and scheduled to start no later than 7:00 PM.

Who umpires Alderwood Litttle League games?

Alderwood Little League umpires are all volunteers, there are no paid umpires.  A plate and field umpire are used in all games unless a scheduling issue arises causing a shortage of available umpires.

In the upper divisions, Majors, Juniors, and Seniors, the volunteers are both parents and trained umpires. All umpires in the upper divisions are required to attend training sessions.

In the lower divisions, Rookie, Farm and AAA, the volunteers are parents of ALL players in those divisions. In the T-Ball division, coaches manage the flow of the games.


When will practices begin?

In the upper divisions, (Majors and above) the practices begin after the draft is complete in mid February. Lower division teams begin practices once the teams are formed in late February.

Practice schedules and frequency are established by the team Manager. The recommended frequency for pre-season practice is 2 times per week for T-Ball; 2 - 3 times per week for Rookie, Farm and AAA divisions; and 3 - 4 times per week for Majors and above. As the season begins, the frequency of practice typically decreases.

How often and long will my child practice?
Practice frequency and duration are up to the team manager. Generally, T-ball teams practice once a week for one hour. Rookie, Farm and AAA teams may practice 2 - 3 times per week for 60 to 90 minutes prior to the season and 1 -2 times per week once the season has started. Major division practice 3 - 4 times per week for up to a two-hour session prior to the season and once a week after the season has begun (due to a 3 game a week schedule.) Junior division and above may practice 3 - 4 times per week generally for two-hour sessions prior to the season with practice frequency varying once the season has begun (due to inter-league scheduling the frequency of games per week can vary.)

Where will my child practice?
Alderwood Little League reserves practice fields through Edmonds School District each season. Team managers will determine the practice location for their team. As several teams may chose to practice at the same location, field use may be shared among teams. 

Logan Park: During the pre-season, Major Baseball teams may schedule practice at Logan Park. As standings are kept in this division and determine post-season tournament play, these teams are offered the opportunity to sechedule some of their practices at Logan Park. During the season, Logan Park will have scheduled games throughout the week and is available for make up games to be scheduled.

Alderwood Little League Fields: Typically these fields are not available for practice in the pre-season. Use is permitted by the League President. The daily use of the fields during the regular season require pre-season manicuring and fertilization and limit the availability of pre-season practice.


What equipment will my child need before the first practice or game?
Players should arrive at their first practice with a glove, hat, baseball pants or softball shorts, and rubber molded cleats. A baseball/softball bag is recommended to transport bats, batting gloves, water bottles, hats, and other items.

Are there any uniform supplies my child needs?
A uniform consists of a pair of baseball pants or softball shorts, belt, a baseball or softball jersey, and a pair of all-in-one baseball or softball socks. Alderwood Little League will provide each player a team jersey and a team hat. Due to individual fittings, players ned to provide baseball pants or softball shorts, belt, and socks.

In the lower divisions (T-Ball, Rookie, Farm, and AAA) the jersey and hat are the player's to keep. In the upper divisions, (Majors, Juniors, Seniors and Big League), the players must return their jersey each year. Note: A deposit is required for the distribution of the upper division jersey.

The jerseys don't provide much warmth, so it is a good idea to purchase a long-sleeve baseball shirt to match the color of your child's team. Your manager will provide more specifics as for the color.

Rubber cleats are highly recommended, and steel spike are not allowed until the Junior division and above.

A quaility leather glove is a must. It is recommeded to stay away from vinyl and simulated leather gloves that may be cheaper as they tend to cause the player a great deal of frustration. It is impoosible to form a pocket in gloves made of vinyl or simulated leather. Therefore, the ball tends to pop out when the player attempts to catch it.

All players should bring a windbreaker, jacket, or sweatshirt to every game and practice, especially early in the season.


When will I find out what team my child will play on?
All teams should be formed by late February. The draft process for Major division teams and above are scheduled within one week of the tryout process, Mid-February. Once the draft process is complete, the lower divsion teams will be formed, by late February. Your child's manager will notify you of the team's first meeting. If you don't hear from a team manager by the second week of March, please contact a league official. 

Can my child be placed on a team with one of their friends?

Alderwood Little League allows friends to request to be placed on the same team together in the lower divisions, T-Ball, Rookie, Farm, and AAA divisions. A request does not guarentee such placement, as teams are formed in accordance with the guidelines outline on the "Parent/Player Request" form which is available at registrations, see bleow for exerpt. Requests for manager and/or up to two teammates may be made at the time of registration, but it is not a guarentee of team placement.

Alderwood Little League has adopted the following criteria for the assignment of players registering for T-Ball and Minor Divisions (Rookie, Farm, & AAA levels) of play.  Assignment shall be considered in the order listed herein:

·         All players who have completed registration by the close of the final advertised registration date will be assigned to a team in the following order:

1.       Returning players (i.e. players who played in Alderwood Little League the prior year) and returning to the same division will be placed on the same team as last year unless requesting a change.

2.       Returning players moving up a division will be grouped with teammates of the prior year unless a change is requested. A group of teammates moving up to the next division may be divided, at the discretion of Alderwood Little League, if there is not enough space on a team for the entire group.

3.       New players will be assigned in order of registration date. Home address will be the primary criteria for assignment unless there is a specific request for a manager or teammate that can be accommodated.

·         Players participating in but not selected in the Major Division draft will be placed on a AAA level team, using the above guidelines.   Returning league age 10 and 11 year old players who do not participate in the draft cannot return to the same team without the approval of the Board of Directors of Alderwood Little League.  Players participating in the Skill Assessments will be placed on a team using the above guidelines, placing each player into the level of play as determined by the criteria for Player Options.

·         Players registering after the close of the final advertised registration date will be placed on teams as space permits.

In the Majors, Junior, Senior, and Big League divisions, there are absolutely no requests due to player selection process of the draft. The upper division teams are created using a balanced draft process that helps promote even and competitive leagues.

If my child is unhappy with the team they are placed on, can they switch teams?
Only in extreme cases does the league allow children to switch teams after the teams have been formed. Such requests must be made in writing to the Alderwood Little League's Player Agent for consideration. Approval requires extenuating circumstances, so any request is highly unlikely to be approved, and in most cases we will ask the player remain with their team.

If my child decides to quit, is it possible to get a refund?

Refunds requested prior to March 15th may receive up to 50% of the participation fee. NO REFUNDS will be granted after March 15th. Note: If a Family Rate was applied at the time of registration, the refund will be adjusted accordingly.

Can I keep my child down in a lower division or bring him/her up a division a year early?

Alderwood Little League strongly supports age appropriate competition and development. Alderwood Little League does not allow players to play down a division to develop additional skills. If safety concerns exist for a player, parents should discuss the concerns with their team manager. The Player Agent or league Safety Officer are available resources for promoting success and safety of the player's experience.

Little League permits league age 6 year olds who have completed one year of play in Little League T-Ball Divsion to play in the Minor Divsion of play (i.e. Rookie level.) Note: Due to the difference in league age alignment for softball, players who turn 6 in January through April are considered league age 5 for softball and therefore, if selecting to play up a level can only choose the baseball program. 

Alderwood Little League has adopted rules for allowing limited number of players to play up a level in our Minor Division of Baseball.  League age 8 and 9 year old baseball players may opt to participate in a skill assessment in mid-February (sign up during registration) for consideration in the next level of play.  In addition to the score on the skill assessment, playing up a division is also subject to roster availability, safety, age, and board approval.  Approved 8 year olds will be placed in the Farm level and approved 9 year olds will be placed in the AAA level.  Annually, these policies are reviewed by the board and changes will be available prior to the Spring registration.

Beginning in 2008, Little League requires that all league age 12 year olds will be drafted to a Major Division team.  Little League permits parents to request their son or daughter be placed in the AAA level of play.  This request must be approved by the Board of Directors and National Little League.  Contact the Player Agent at for details on the process.

All levels of Softball, Junior, Senior & Big League Baseball are coordinated at the District level.  The ability to play up a division is subject to district-wide rules.  At this time, District requires all players to play within their assigned age level of play.

Thursday, December 4
What is the Draft?

Major, Junior, Senior and Big League divisions utilize a draft system designed by Little League for team placement. 

For league age 10, 11 and 12 year olds who did not participate the prior regular season on a Major team, they must participate in the try outs for consideration in the Major Draft.  Players will sign up for try out times during the registration process.  Players who are not drafted to a Major Division team will then be placed on a AAA level team.  All league age 12 year olds must participate in the try outs and will be drafted.

All league age 13 year olds and new league age 14 year olds must participate in the Junior Division try outs for team placement via the draft in the Junior Division of play.  All league age 15 year olds and new league age 16 year olds interested in play in the Senior Division must participate in the try outs for team placement via the draft in the Senior Division of play.  And all interested league age 16 year olds, and new league age 17 and 18 year olds interested in participation in the Big League Baseball Division of play must participte in the try out process for placement via the draft onto a Big League team.  Note: At these levels of play, players not drafted will be released from the program with a full refund.  Junior and Senior try outs will occur in mid to late February with sign ups at registration. 

Thursday, December 4
Is my Player required to participate in the try outs for Major and above levels of play?

Yes, all league age 10 and above players not already participating on a team (from the prior year) within their current age division of play must participate in the try out process.  Managers will attend each try out session appropriate for their level of play for assessment of players.  Managers will assess players at the try outs such that they will draft players based on their assessment of a players skill and the needs of their team which includes, but is not limited to, roster availbility, player position needs, team personality, etc.  Try out sessions are scheduled based on player age and sport.  Sign up for try outs will occur at registration.

What options are availble for players who participate in the Draft?

Allowing a player to request placement on a team in a division which utilizes the draft system would compromise the draft process.  Players therefore are not allowed to request, or decline participation on any team within the division. 

One allowable exception is when the son or daughter of a manager of a team in the division is participating in the draft, the manager may request their son or daughter be "protected" in the draft such that they intend to draft thier child during the designated draft round.

The second allowable exception is the sibling of a player in the draft who has a brother or sister already on a team within the same division of play.  Managers may request to "protect" the sibling of their current player against drafting by another team through the designated round.  As additional factors, may influence the ability for a manager to draft a sibling, parents should contact the Player Agent to discuss further.

Siblings who are participating in the same draft pool, i.e. trying out for the same level of play, are not guarenteed to be drafted to the same team.  Parents with siblings within the same draft pool may contact the Player Agent to further discuss options.


Are there any rules around minimum playing time?
Rules will vary by division regarding playing time. In the T-Ball division, all players play in the field and all players bat once per inning. In the Rookie, Farm and AAA divisions, a continuous batting order is used, however, fielders are limited to 10 players for Rookie and 9 players for Farm and AAA. There are minimum innings played in all divisions. Refer to the local rules posted on the Alderwood Little League website.

Are there time limits on games?

Game time limits vary by division. Please see specific Division rules. However, general rules apply as follows:
     (a) No game will exceed 2-1/2 hours length from its scheduled start time in any division of play.
     (b) No game will have a new inning start 2 hours from teh scheduled start time (exception: If no game is scheduled after that game, the game may not exceed the limit as prescribed in (a) above unless specific division rules provide a separate time limitation.) If the game is tied after completeing the final inning after the 2 hour time limit, it will be resumed at a later time according to the Little League rulebook.

How many managers/coaches can be on a team?

Every team has a manager appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors. Each team's managers can have as many assistants as they can find for practices, but only the number of coaches permitted on the field or in the dugout are limited to three for T-Ball, Rookie, and Farm; and limited to two for AAA and above. See Local Rules for details.

Any adult volunteer that comes in contact with a player MUST submit a Volunteer Application to the league to run a background check. Volunteer duties may not start unti the background check has been satisfactorily completed.

What are the responsibilities of a manager and a coach?
The team manager oversees the management of the team through the season. They are responsible for setting a practice schedule, developing a practice format, creating a linup card for every game, and ensuring the players get their minimum playing time in each game. Managers are the focal point of the team and must be committed to following through with the management of the team from mid-February to early-June. Time commitment varies by division. Managers need to commit to be at all practices and games. Managers must attend a pre-season coaching clinic provided by the league, and a manager's meeting with the Division Coordinator. Managers must schedule and conduct a parent meeting prior to the first practice of the season. Managers are assisted by a volunteer team parent that helps with things like concession stand scheduling, fundraising events, uniform distribution, and picture day.

Two assistant coaches, or three for T-Ball, Rookie, and Farm; are allowed on the field or in the dugout during games. However, a manager may elect to use more than two coaches during practice. Coaches provide support during practices to ensure players recieve enough attention while developing their skills. Coaches are under the guidnce and direction of the manager. Typically, a manager will design a practice format and have assistants take care of coaching small groups of players, assisting with batting practice, hitting drills, or other duties. Assistant coaches should commit to be at all practices and games, generally 6 - 8 hours a week depending upon division. Coaches need to attend a pre-season coaching clinic provided by the league. All actions of an assistant coach during games are the ultimate responsibility of the manager.

Are there conduct rules that apply during games?
Absolutely. Alderwood Little League does not tolerate foul language or taunting at any level by the players, parents, managers, or coaches. Any spectator, player, manager, or coach that is warned is subject to being ejected from the premises and banned from the comples for additional games. Additional rules for parents, players, and spectators may be found in the "Handout" section of this website in the Rules and Information Sheet. Additional rules for managers and coaches may be found in the "Handout" section of this website in the Volunteer Manager & Coaches Agreeement which must be signed by all managers and coaches of Alderwood Little League.

Saturday, September 26

What is Fall Ball?

Fall Ball is an instructional program typically for league age 7 to 13 year olds.  At Alderwood Little League, Fall Ball begins with one week of clinics and are followed by team play.  Games may be inter-league or intra-league play depending on number of players/teams.  Game rules limit players to 2 innings per position which promotes increased rotation of players and opportunity for players to learn new positions.

Saturday, September 26
When is registration? Who can register?

Fall Ball registration begins in mid-May, prior to the end of the regular season.  Players registering prior to the end of the regular season receive the early registration discount.  Registration continues during the summer months by mail only.  Registration will continue until teams are full, or during the clinic sessions.

Registration is open to players league age 7 to 15 for baseball and softball programs.  Ability to provide game play will depend on the number of players registered and the number of teams in a division at Alderwood Little League and/or District 1. 

Friday, March 9

Who is responsible for staffing the Concession Stand at the Alderwood Little League Complex?

Alderwood Little League's Concession Stand is staffed by volunteers. Our grill is staffed by a volunteer with a valid Food Handler permint. Teams will be assigned dates and times to staff the concession stand. Team Parents are responsible to assigning each family of their team to a shift.  Three adult volunteers will be required for staffing each shift.  

Grill Cooks are needed! Annually, Alderwood Little League will host a Food Handler training class for all volunteers interested in assisting our program as a Grill Cook. Check the calendar for dates.  Please contact our Concession Stand Scheduler at for further information or to submit a copy of your Food Handler permit.

Note: Due to health codes, no one under the age of 13 is permitted behind the counter of the Concession stand.  Limit of ONE volunteer between the ages of 14 - 18 per shift.

Is participation in a fundraiser required?
Alderwood Little League relies on fundraising to help support the operations of the league. Player registration fees account form approximately 40% of the needed operating capital required for equipment, facilities maintainence and repairs, uniforms, etc. Alderwood Little League suppliments player registration fees with league sponsors and fundraising. Each player, league age 5 to 12, is required to participate in the league fundraiser or pay a buyout fee at registration. (Note: Player registration fees for league age 13 and above reflect the absence of a fundraiser requirement.)

Who do I contact if I have a problem that needs to be resolved by the league?

If at any time you have a problem or just want informtion, you can email the league at or by phone at 425-775-5437. However, please discuss any concerns regarding player or team issues with your child's manager first. 

If your issue remains unresolved, you may contact a board member. For player concerns, such as team placement, playing time, etc. contact the Player Agent at For parent or team concerns, contact the Division Coordinator specific to the level of play.

You are also welcome to attend a Board meeting and express your concerns directly to the Board with prior approval from the President.