A.L. Brown High School / Lacrosse: Welcome


Lacrosse is the oldest American game. Native Americans have played it since long before the colonies were settled, and at the high school level it has been played since the late 1800's. This increases the importance of a sense of community among those who play, coach, work and follow the game of lacrosse. To establish and maintain a sense of community, we cannot ignore the way the game itself is played and the responsibilities we have to the game. 

     M I S S I O N    S T A T E M E N T

The A.L. Brown high school’s men’s lacrosse program is focused on producing young men to be model citizens by using the life lessons learned through the sport of lacrosse as their guide. The men’s lacrosse team will strive to excel in the classroom, as well as on the field by taking pride in everything that we do. Through hard work, respect, passion, and discipline we will not only better ourselves but our school and community.