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Sunday, October 2
2011 AFL All-Stars & Award Winners

2011 AFL All-Star Selections & Award Winners


1st Nathan Aldred Drillers

2nd Jared Valleau Vandals/Darry Leason Wolfpack


1st Kenton Poelzer Buccaneers

2nd Brent Fulmek Drillers


1st Jason Loosemore Stallions

2nd Matt Squires Wolfpack


1st Symon Pfau Drillers

1st Jordan Priebe Vandals

2nd John Opio Stallions

2nd Mike Wasylyniuk Wolfpack


1st Jess Valleau Vandals

1st Mike Leason Wolfpack

2nd Brent Fulmek Drillers

2nd Orin Doneff Gators



Jordy Lovig Vandals

Reagan Schell Vandals

Sean O’Donnell Buccaneers

Mark Ingram Wolfpack

Steve Pearsen Buccaneers


Clint Rowney Drillers

Steve Friesen Drillers

Blair Warr Drillers

James Arndt Wolfpack

Steve Rees Buccaneers


1st Gunnar Godhe Wolfpack

1st Devon Schwalm Drillers

2nd Devron Brown Gators

2nd Cliff Cox Gators


1st Tony Verbrugge Gators

1st Brett Waine Stallions

2nd Dave Henderson Buccaneers

2nd Michael Bryski Renegades


1st Jesse Maddox Vandals

1st Yuri Wishloff Stallions

1st Amos Aldred Drillers

1st Jordan Gruman Wolfpack

2nd Kolton Kasur Army

2nd Tyler Boyd Drillers

2nd Rueben Aldred Drillers

2nd Curtis Dreger Buccaneers


1st Brock Priebe Vandals

1st Jon Sanchez Drillers

2nd Matt Loveseth Vandals

2nd Erik Kyler Renegades


1st Eddie Shepel Stallions

1st Reilly Penner Wolfpack

2nd William Quintal Drillers

2nd James Kostuk Drillers


1st Greg Decloux Drillers

2nd Sean Stewart Wolfpack


1st Jess Valleau Vandals

2nd Klayton Franklin Army


1st Jess Valleau Vandals

2nd Mike Oakley Stallions


1st Tyler Fulmek Drillers

2nd Tylor Johnson Buccaneers


1st Ian Hewitt Gators

2nd Brad Ollen Vandals


QB Nathan Aldred Drillers


WR Symon Pfau Drillers


LB Amos Aldred Drillers


OG Reagan Schell Vandals


DE Laython Ford Vandals


SB Jess Valleau Vandals


QB Byron Stearns Buccaneers

Saturday, July 23
2011 AFL Playoff Seedings

#1 Grande Prairie Drillers (7-0) Bye

#2 Calgary Wolfpack (6-1) Bye

#3 Lloydminster Vandals (5-2)

#4 Central Alberta Buccaneers (3-4)

#5 Calgary Gators (3-4)

#6 Edmonton Stallions (2-5)

Quarterfinals Aug 6/7

Edmonton Stallions @ Lloydminster Vandals Calgary Gators @ Central Alberta Buccaneers

Good luck to all!

Thursday, June 30

With the season just over the halfway point and rosters nearly locked (after week 5) teams are finally starting to hit their stride and discovering their identity for the 2011 season. This has made for some very exciting outcomes with several of the AFL teams being left scratching their heads.

Calgary Wolfpack @ Lloydminster Vandals - The Calgary Wolfpack walked away with an impressive 41- 24 victory over one of the toughest opponents in the AFL. Former Regina Ram and U of C Dino standout Darryl Leason threw for 430 yards and went head to head with 2010 league MVP Jared Valleau who likely rushed for over 200 yards all by himself. Both squads are looking forward to the oppurtunity to meet in the playoffs however for now the Wolfpack will hold onto their untarnished 11-0 record against the Vandals all-time. The Wolfpack will be playing the 4-0 Grande Prairie Drillers in 2 weeks in another battle for first place while the Vandals will playing the winless Edmonton renegades after the long weekend.

Edmonton Renegades @ Calgary Gators - The Calgary Gators managed to claw their ways back into the win column with an impressive 38-8 victory over the Edmonton Renegades. This could be the turning point in the Gators season as they seem to have a history of late starts to their seasons lately and i usually start with an impressive win at the midway point. For the Renegades this continues their winless streak but after a 0-30 and an 8-38 set of games against two very tough Calgary squads the 'Gades look improved over last year's squad and should be ready to make a push in the second half like their Calgary counterparts. The Renegades will be playing the 2010 AFL champions in the Lloydminster Vandals (3-1) next while the Gators will be squaring off against the Edmonton Army (2-2).

Grande Prairie Drillers @ Edmonton Stallions - The Drillers are making their push to call themselves the class of the AFL with a recent throttling of the Stallions 46-20. This recent victory pushes them to an impressive 4-0 and a two way tie for first with the Calgary Wolfpack. The Stallions are reeling after falling to 1-3 and they will need to reestablish their rhythm in a couple weeks against the Central Alberta Bucs which could establish first round playoff positioning. Up next for the Drillers will be their biggest test of the season in a home game against the Calgary Wolfpack in a battle for first place.

Central Alberta Buccaneers @ Edmonton Garrison Army - in what many are calling the surprise of the weekend, or even year for that matter, the Buccaneers fell to the Army 13-11. In a defensive struggle many of the Bucs players succumbed to the pressures and eventual wear and tear of the season and have now fallen to 1-3 after looking like a team on the brink. The Army on the other hand have become that team. After starting out slowly the Army have not rattled off wins in 2 of their previous 3 games. For a team that totaled 1 win last season and had an abismal points for and against ratio they have made tremendous strides in this year's AFL. Next up for the Army is the Calgary Gators (1-3) in a game that could determine each teams playoff lives. The Buccaneers on the other hand face the Edmonton Stallions, who at 1-3 may be their best shot at reclaiming their shot at a home playoff game or even a playoff birth.

Tuesday, January 18
2011 AFL AGM

1. Sherwood Park Renegades awarded full voting membership status (unanimous)

2. Two team name changes, the Lancaster Legion are now the Edmonton Garrison Army & will play their home games in St. Albert. The Red Deer Buccaneers are now the Central Alberta Buccaneers and will play their home games in Lacombe.

3. 2011 Schedule adopted (unanimously) and is posted on the AFL website. Season starts June 4th....2011 AFL Championship will be August 20th. Exact dates & times are subject to each teams individual booking requirements. The Calgary Gator & Wolfpack home games are already booked.

4. New AFL Executive Elected for another 2 year term.
President: Jim Lightfoot Calgary Wolfpack
Vice President: Amos Aldred Grande Prairie Drillers
Secretary/Treasurer: Corey Pusey Central Alberta Buccaneers
Director AFL Statistics: Travis Niekamp Lloydminster Vandals
Director AFL Media Relations: Doug Robertshaw Calgary Wolfpack

5. New Business
Council discussed the use of a sports video service or the purchase of our own server for the mandatory uploading & access of all AFL games films for every team. Tabled until the spring meeting so more research can be done on costs.

Council also discussed using a service such as Skype, Ventrilo or TeamSpeak to replace the current use of conference calls (and their escalating costs). Tabled until the spring meeting in order to research the best service available & the computer requirements of the Council members.

Wednesday, October 20
2010 AFL All-Stars and Award Winners



1st Team Jared Valleau Vandals

2nd Team Darryl Leason Wolfpack


1st Team Curtis Vetter Vandals

2nd Team Mike Fedyniak Wolfpack


1st Team Matt Squires Wolfpack

2nd Team Jase Bouchard Vandals


1st Team Symon Pfau Drillers

1st Team Jess Valleau Vandals

2nd Team Tim Johnson Wolfpack

2nd Team Mike Wasylyniuk Gators


1st Team Brent Fulmek Drillers

1st Team Michael Leason Wolfpack

2nd Team Evan Kaluta Wolfpack

2nd Team Josh Sorensen Buccs


1st Team Regan Schell Vandals

1st Team Jordy Lovig Vandals

1st Team Tim Mottershead Stallions

1st Team Mark Ingram Wolfpack

1st Team Sean O’Donnell Buccs

2nd Team Jefferson Glapski Gators

2nd Team Will Dunn Gators

2nd Team Travis Miller Drillers

2nd Team Steve Pearson Buccs

2nd Team Curt Eggen Vandals


1st Team Devron Brown Gators

1st Team Brett Boucher Drillers

1st Team Tony Verbrugge Gators

1st Team Sheldon Southgate Wolfpack

2nd Team Dave Henderson Buccs

2nd Team Tim Siewart Stallions

2nd Team Jim Chappelle Wolfpack

2nd Team Kerry Lynch Buccs


1st Team Yuri Wishloff Stallions

1st Team Amos Aldred Drillers

1st Team Jordan Gruman Wolfpack

1st Team Lazar Velev Wolfpack

2nd Team Brad Richmond Gators

2nd Team Jesse Maddox Vandals

2nd Team Jon Delnea Renegades

2nd Team Real Bouchard Stallions


1st Team Mike McEachern Gators

1st Team Jon Sanchez Drillers

1st Team Jordan Willie Buccs

1st Team Myles Myers Gators

1st Team Robb Sherman Wolfpack

2nd Team Tyler Johnson Buccs

2nd Team Mike Oakley Stallions

2nd Team Matt Loveseth Vandals

2nd Team Brock Priebe Vandals

2nd Team Eric Kyler Renegades


1st Team Jess Valleau Vandals

2nd Team Jordan Willie Buccs


1st Team Mike McEchearn Gators

2nd Team Symon Pfau Drillers


1st Team Mike Butler Legion

2nd Team Ian Hewitt Gators


1st Team Brent Fulmek Drillers

2nd Team Brad Ollen Vandals



Jared Valleau QB Vandals


Amos Aldred LB Drillers


Mike Wasyliniuk WR Gators


Jess Valleau WR Vandals


Jordy Lovig OT Vandals


Devron Brown DE Gators


Jared Valleau QB Vandals

Tuesday, October 5
AFL Year End Meeting

The 2010 year end conference call will be held:

Sunday, October 17, 2010


On the agenda:

1. Discussion regarding Gators concerns re: AFL Championship game.
2. Selection of AFL All-Stars & AFL Award Winners
3. Quick review of season, including CMFL Championship
4. Scheduling 2011 AFL AGM.
5. Review of Lancaster Legion & Sherwood Park Renegades probationary status.

Saturday, September 11
2010 AFL Champions
Congratulations to the Lloydminster Vandals, who captured their first ever Alberta Football League Championship on Saturday. The Vandals defeated the surprising Calgary Gators 52-26 in front of a huge crowd in Lloydminster. The Vandals will now represent the AFL against the NFC Champion Sault Steelers for the CMFL National Championship!

Thursday, May 6
Parkland Panthers Suspend Operations
The AFL Council was informed today that the Parkland Panthers are suspending operations effective immediately. The Panthers have been one of the strongest organizations in the AFL since joining. They have been forced to make this move due to lack of players. The Panthers may re-apply to join the league for the 2011 season should enough players in the area show interest in playing.

The Panthers game on every teams 2010 schedule will now become a bye week. The regular season will now consist of a 7 game schedule, the playoff format remains the same.

The AFL Council will also make a decision regarding the 2010 CMFL National Championship game at our pre-season conference call.

Jim Lightfoot
Alberta Football League

Sunday, January 24
The AFL held our Annual General Meeting on Saturday in Spruce Grove. Please find the below the significant events from the meeting:
1. The Lancaster Legion & Sherwood Park Renegades have both been accepted as probationary franchises for the 2010 season. This brings the AFL roster to 9 teams for the 2010 season.
2. 2010 schedule was adopted. We will play a 9 game regular season. Exact days & times will be announced as bookings are confirmed. The schedule will be posted shortly.
3. 3 AFL Bylaw ammendments were adopted:
  - the fine for teams missing an AFL meeting was raised from $100 to $500
  - team fees payable to the AFL was raised from $1250 to $1750. The travel grant for the AFL Champion during travel years was raised from $5000 to $9000
  - the 2nd tie break criteria for determing final standings was changed from Total Points For (Head to Head) to Points For/Points Against differentitial (Head to Head)

2010 AFL Bylaws


4. National Championship
Will be hosted by the Parkland Panthers in Spruce Grove on Saturday September 25th.
5. The AFL Championship Trophy has a new name. The Council was unanimous in approving the change to:
"The Jeff Holton Memorial Trophy". Jeff Holton was very active in the Edmonton Minor Football Community. He was a big part of the rise of the Edmonton Stallions to a championship calibre team and he was instumental in forming & coaching the Parkland Panthers. Coach Holton passed away 2 weeks ago.

2010 AFL AGM

The 2010 Alberta Football League Annual General Meeting will held on Saturday January 23, 2010 in Spruce Grove Alberta. On the agenda:

Bylaw Ammendments

Addmission Of New Teams

2010 Schedule

2010 National Championship

2009 AFL All-Stars and AFL Award Winners

The AFL Council is pleased to announce the 2009 AFL All-Star Teams and 2009 AFL Award Winners.

2009 AFL All Stars


1st Team: Darryl Leason Calgary Wolfpack 2nd Team (tie): Nathan Aldred Grande Prairie Drillers

2nd Team (tie): Jared Valleau Lloydminster Vandals


1st Team: Kenton Poelzer Red Deer Buccaneers

2nd Team: Craig Carr Parkland Panthers


1st Team: Colton Hodges Grande Prairie Drillers

2nd Team (tie): Ridley Chen Edmonton Stallions

2nd Team (tie): Matt Squires Calgary Wolfpack


1st Team: Mike Edwards Calgary Gators

1st Team: Brent Fulmek Grande Prairie Drillers

2nd Team: Orrin Bailey Edmonton Stallions

2nd Team: Adam Cottrel Parkland Panthers


1st Team: Evan Kaluta Calgary Wolfpack

1st Team: Jess Valleau Lloydminster Vandals

2nd Team: Michael Leason Calgary Wolfpack 2nd Team (tie): Ray Natress Edmonton Stallions

2nd Team (tie): Donald Jones Grande Prairie Drillers


1st Team: Mark Owens Grande Prairie Drillers

1st Team: Randy Labreque Parkland Panthers

1st Team: Chris Fricker Parkland Panthers

1st Team: Kurt Eggen Lloydminster Vandals

1st Team: Mark Ingram Calgary Wolfpack

2nd Team: Regan Schell Lloydminster Vandals

2nd Team: Rob Rogers Edmonton Stallions

2nd Team: Devin Davis Parkland Panthers

2nd Team: Pete Weitzel Edmonton


2nd Team: Travis Miller Grande Prairie Drillers


1st Team: Tim Siewert Edmonton Stallions

1st Team: Devron Brown Calgary Gators

2nd Team: Guillaume Petit Edmonton Stallions

2nd Team: Luke Ford Lloydminster Vandals


1st Team: Sheldon Southgate Calgary Wolfpack

1st Team: Nathan Fung Edmonton Stallions

2nd Team: Tony Verbrugge Calgary Gators

2nd Team: Dustin Apsassin Parkland Panthers


1st Team: Yuri Wishloff Edmonton Stallions

1st Team: Amos Aldred Grande Prairie Drillers

1st Team: Rueben Aldred Grande Prairie Drillers

1st Team: Real Bouchard Edmonton Stallions

2nd Team: Lazar Velev Calgary Wolfpack

2nd Team: Nathan Kyler Edmonton Seahawks

2nd Team: Brad Richmond Calgary Gators

2nd Team: Brandon Lewis Parkland Panthers


1st Team: Rio Wells Edmonton Stallions

1st Team: Grant Shaw Edmonton Stallions

1st Team: William Quintal Grande Prairie Drillers

1st Team: Matt Loveseth Lloydminster Vandals

1st Team: James Kostuk Grande Prairie Drillers

2nd Team: Dirk Treptow Lloydminster Vandals

2nd Team: Kyle Leblanc Edmonton Seahawks

2nd Team: Dan Rice Parkland Panthers

2nd Team: Mike Oakley Edmonton Stallions

2nd Team: Robb Sherman Calgary Wolfpack


1st Team: Shiane Runcie Edmonton Seahawks

2nd Team: Tim Hordo Parkland Panthers


1st Team: Ray Natress Edmonton Stallions

2nd Team: Rob Derman Parkland Panthers


1st Team: Steve Wozimirsky Parkland Panthers

2nd Team: Ian Hewitt Calgary Gators


1st Team: Ian Hewitt Calgary Gators

2nd Team: Tyler Fulmek Grande Prairie Drillers

AFL Awards

Most Valuable Player Offence

Kenton Poelzer Red Deer Buccaneers

Most Valuable Player Defence

Devron Brown Calgary Gators

AFL Rookie of the Year

Ray Natress Edmonton Stallions

Most Valuable Player Special Teams

Shiane Runcie Edmonton Seahawks

Most Valuable Offensive Lineman

Randy Labreque Parkland Panthers

Most Valuable Defensive Lineman

Devron Brown Calgary Gators

AFL Most Valuable Player (tie)

Kenton Poelzer Red Deer Buccaneers

Jess Valleau Lloydminster Vandals

Monday, August 31
AFL Champions
2009 AFL Champions
Congratulations to the Edmonton Stallions who claimed their 2nd Alberta Football League Championship on Sunday afternoon with a 39-32 victory over the Calgary Wolfpack. The Stallions will now represent the AFL in the 2009 CMFL National Championship game against the Sault Steelers.

Monday, August 31
2009 National Championship

AFL Media Release August 24, 2009

Monday, August 10
New Football League
There in a new football league starting up in the fall of 2009 in the Calgary area. It is a 6-man tackle football league for adults. The Alberta Football League supports any initiative that provides a venue for more adults to continue playing the greatest game in the world! If you would like to find out more please visit Mammoth Football

2009 AFL AGM

The 2009 AFL AGM was held on Saturday, January 17, 2009 in Spruce Grove. The AFL Council would like to thank the Parkland Panthers for hosting the meeting! The following items were discussed:

- The minutes from the 2008 Year-End conference call were reviewed and adopted.

- A review of the 2008 AFL Statistics was done. All teams were reminded about getting stats in on a timely basis.

- Treasurer Dave Hanni presented to the 2008 Financial sheet to the Council. The AFL will start in the black for 2009!!

- The Parkland Panthers were taken off probation and became a full voting member of the AFL.

- Each team gave a "state of the union" update regarding their teams. It would appear that all teams are healthy both on and off the field and eagerly await the 2009 season!

- Only 2 Bylaw Ammendmendts were tabled this year. One, presented by the Edmonton Stallions, was a new item that would see all AFL teams have to keep a team website up to date to a certain standard.....this ammendment was adopted. The second ammendment, presented by the Calgary Gators, sought to change an existing clause regarding scheduling Sunday games from before 4:00pm to before 12:00pm....this ammendment was rejected.

- Jim Lightfoot presented to the Council an update on the CMFL. The NFC will be holding their AGM on Saturday January 24, 2009. After that we will know when & where the National Championship will be held. Jim has also been contacted by the Ligue de football majeur du Québec. This group has indicated a desire to join the CMFL for the 2010 season.

- The AFL Council debated several different schedule formats. Division play was again discussed but rejected. The Council settled for an 8 game season that see's every team play every other team once, plus one additional game determined by random draw. The 2009 AFL season will commence Saturday June 6, 2009 and the AFL Championship will be held Saturday August 29, 2009.

- Election of Officers for a 2-year term was held. The 2009-2010 AFL Executive is:

President: Jim Lightfoot

Vice-President: Dave Hanni

Treasurer: Dave Hanni

Director Media Relations: Doug Robertshaw

Director AFL Statistics: Tom Elder

Monday, October 27
Alberta Football League 2008 Award Winners

The AFL Council is pleased to announce the winners of the 2008 Alberta Football League Awards:

MVP Offence: QB Darryl Leason Calgary Wolfpack


MVP Defence: DHB Rio Wells Edmonton Stallions


MVP Special Teams: WR Brent Fulmek Grande Prairie Drillers


Outstanding Rookie: RB Josh Myshak Parkland Panthers


Outstanding Lineman Offence: G Randy Labreque Parkland Panthers


Outstanding Lineman Defence: DT Sheldon Southgate Calgary Wolfpack


AFL Most Valuable Player: QB Darryl Leason Calgary Wolfpack



Monday, October 27
2008 Alberta Football League All Star Selections

The AFL Council is pleased to announce this years 1st and 2nd team all stars:


1st Team: Darryl Leason Wolfpack

2nd Team: Nathan Aldred Drillers

                                               Running Back

1st Team: Josh Myshak Panthers

2nd Team: Kenton Poelzer Buccaneers

                                                  Full Back

1st Team: Travis Lavitsky Vandals

2nd Team: Nick Berry Gators

                                              Wide Receiver

1st Team: Brent Fulmek Drillers

1st Team: Jordan Priebe Vandals


2nd Team: Hugues Audet Wolfpack

2nd Team: Tyler Fulmek Drillers

                                                  Slot Back

1st Team: Mike Leason Wolfpack

1st Team: Ken Fisher Vandals


2nd Team: Evan Kaluta Wolfpack

2nd Team: Terry Eldridge Wolfpack

                                             Offensive Line

1st Team: Chris Fricker Panthers

1st Team: Randy Labrecque Panthers

1st Team: Clayton Siemens Drillers

1st Team: Tim Mottershead Stallions

1st Team: Bruce Theroux Stallions


2nd Team: Gordon Schroeder Stallions

2nd Team: Brent Richards Drillers

2nd Team: Sean Brown Panthers

2nd Team: Tyler Stroud Panthers

2nd Team: Regan Schell Vandals

                                              Defensive End

1st Team: Tim Siewert Stallions

1st Team: Chevy Judd Gators


2nd Team: Dave Henderson Buccaneers

2nd Team: Guillaume Petit Stallions

                                             Defensive Tackle

1st Team: Sheldon Southgate Wolfpack

1st Team: Brad Chamberlin Panthers


2nd Team: Kerry Lynch Buccaneers

2nd Team: Nathan Fung Stallions

                                                Line Backer

1st Team: Tyler Boyd Drillers

1st Team: Devron Brown Gators

1st Team: Lazar Velev Wolfpack

1st Team: Winston Ford Vandals


2nd Team: Brandon Lewis Panthers

2nd Team: Yuri Wishloff Stallions

2nd Team: Amos Aldred Drillers

2nd Team: Jason Bobst Panthers


1st Team: Grant Shaw Stallions

1st Team: Brock Priebe Vandals


2nd Team: Dan Rice Panthers

2nd Team: Leigh Casey Gators

                                                   Half Back

1st Team: Rio Wells Stallions

1st Team: James Kostuk Drillers


2nd Team: Dirk Treptow Vandals

2nd Team: William Quintal Drillers


1st Team: Brad Ollen Vandals

2nd Team: Derek Gervais Panthers

                                             Kick Off Returner

1st Team: Brent Fulmek Drillers

2nd Team: Leigh Casey Gators

                                                Punt Returner

1st Team: Brent Fulmek Drillers

2nd Team: Kenton Poelzer Buccaneers


1st Team: Steve Wozimirsky Panthers

2nd Team: Brad Ollen Vandals

                                                 Place Kicker

1st Team: Ian Hewitt Gators

2nd Team: Tom Dixon Wolfpack


Congratulations to the Calgary Wolfpack who defeated the NFC Champion Tri-City Outlaws 35-7 on Saturday night. The Wolfpack are 2008 CMFL National Champions!!

2008 National Champs

AFL Champs

Monday, August 18
NFC Champions
Congratulations to the Tri City Outlaws for capturing their 2nd NFC Championship on Saturday. The Outlaws defeated the defending CMFL National Champion Sault Steelers 21-10. The Outlaws will now travel to Calgary and represent the NFC in the CMFL National Championship on September 27, 2008.

New thunder logo
Calgary Thunder
It is with regret that the Alberta Football League must announce the loss of another team for the 2008 season. The Calgary Thunder informed the league tonight that they are halting operations. The Calgary Thunder have been members of the AFL since 2000 and will be missed. The AFL is currently reviewing the schedule and some changes may be made.

Monday, April 14
Wainwright Longhorns
Longhorns new
It is with regret that the AFL must announce that we were informed tonight that the Wainwright Longhorns are folding effective April 14, 2008. The Longhorns have been a valuable member of the AFL for the past 4 seasons and will be greatly missed!! All AFL teams will now have a bye week where their Longhorn game originally scheduled.

Tuesday, March 11
New Logo For The Alberta Football League!!
Hugues 4
The AFL Council has selected a new logo in celebration of our 25th Anniversary!! Congratulations to Hugues Audet of the Calgary Wolfpack for his winning submissions. The 25th Anniversary Logo will be used for the duration of the 2008 season and the Shield Logo will be used as we move into the next 25 years of AFL Football!! Hugues has won a $100 gift card from the establishment of his choice. The AFL Council would like to thank everyone for their submissions!! They were all excellent!!

Hugues 3

Monday, January 28
2008 Alberta Football League Annual General Meeting

The 2008 AFL AGM was held in Edmonton on January 26, 2008. All 9 2007 teams were in attendance as well as two hopefull expansion teams. It was a very productive meeting and a great spring board into the 2008 season!! Listed below are some of the hilites of what occurred:

1. Expansion Two presentations. The AFL Council has accepted the Parkland Panthers (Spruce Grove) into the AFL for the 2008 season. The AFL Council has decided not to go ahead with an expansion into the Sylvan Lake area at this time. That brings the AFL up to 10 teams for the 2008 season. Congratulations to the Panthers and welcome to the AFL!

2. Elections Although a non-election year, we filled 2 positions that were vacant for this season. Dave Hanni (Buccaneers) will act as Treasurer for the 2008 season. Doug Robertshaw (Wolfpack) was elected as Director of Media Relations for the 2008 season. 2009 is a full election year and all 5 AFL Executive positions will be voted on for a new 2-year term.

3. Bylaw Amendments 10 amendments were proposed, 9 were adopted, 1 rejected The key changes:

- Team fees increase from $1000.00 to $1250.00

- Any ejection of a player or team official from a game now results in an automatic 1 game appeal.

- A 2nd ejection of a player or team official from a game in the same season now results in an automatic 4 game appeal.

- In order to be eligible for the playoffs, you must play at least 1 game, for that team, up to & including the 5th week of the regular season (this year...July 12th). Playoff rosters are frozen after week #5. New player may be added to your team after that....but they may not participate in the playoffs.

- The voting process for the AFL Awards & All-Stars was formalized & adopted into the bylaws.

A proposed amendment that would see fines for teams who were late reporting stats was rejected.

Updated 2008 Bylaws: 2008 AFL Bylaws

5. Team Updates Some interesting items:

- Tom Luzzi has stepped down as President of the Gators. Andrew Watson is the new President.

- Cindy Jensen & Verne Kot have left the Thunder. Dan Marsden is the new President.

- Grande Prairie are purchasing a 2nd set of jerseys that will be white with their vegas gold & blue trim.

- Gord Schroeder is no longer President of the Stallions. Yuri Wishloff is the new President.

6. 2008 Schedule Was presented & adopted. 9 game regular season. It is a tentative schedule subject to all teams field booking requests. All team reps have the schedules. The complete 2008 AFL Schedule will be posted on the AFL Website shortly

 7. 2008 CMFL National Championship Will be hosted by the AFL in Calgary on September 27 2008. All 3 Calgary teams have agreed to cooperate in hosting this event.

Monday, January 28
25th Anniversary Logo Design Contest

This is a milestone year for the AFL. 2008 will be the 25th season of AFL Football!! To celebrate this achievement we are going to hold a competition for a new AFL Logo!! The rules are simple:

- Logo must incorporate an Alberta theme.

 - There should be 2 versions of the that incorporates the 25th anniversary (1984-2008) for this season and one that doesn't, as the logo will continue to be used as we move forward.

- All entries should be in a .gif, .jpeg, or .bmp format - All entries must be in by February 29th

- AFL Council will select the winning logo

- Winning logo designer will receive a $100.00 gift card from the establishment of their choice.

All entries should be emailed to Jim Lightfoot or Calgary Wolfpack Football. There is no limit to the number of logos you can submit. Entries will be posted here on the AFL website for viewing. Have fun with it and we are looking forward to seeing what everyone can come up with!!

Thursday, November 19
Edmonton Seahawks
It is with regret that the AFL must announce the Edmonton Seahawks Senior Football team has ceased operations. The league reminds all former Seahawk players that if they wish to join another team for the 2010 season, they must obtain a written release from the Seahawks prior to doing so.