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For those of you who are not familiar with our organization, THE ALBANY CITY ROCKS is a non-for profit organization dedicated to the mission to help young boys and girls grow and develop into positive citizens. THE ALBANY CITY ROCKS depends solely on our volunteers, families and sponsors. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for boys and girls who are dedicated to the sport of basketball.

The ages of youth range from 9-18 years, primarily from the capitol region. Participation in our program is a great opportunity for each youth to succeed and excel in a positive fashion. We are not only training our youth to be athletes, but to be productive students and young men and women in our society. Our goal for youth is school first, basketball second. We believe in teaching them how to be good students first, for without good study habits they will not be able to accomplish their long term goals of becoming a scholar athlete. Many of our youth will not be able to participate without donations from our community and for this reason your financial support is needed. While keeping them off the streets and involved in this program you will be assisting in their development into adulthood. Teaching them to use their minds and showing them how to channel their emotions is part of breaking the cycle of gang violence, teen pregnancy and drug and alcohol abuse. 

We believe academics beat everything and that's what we stress to our players and as a promise to our parents, for every college vist we make, we will make sure that we talk to a academic advisor and or a Coach who has great knowledge of the academic qualities and standards at that particular school. -Coach Antwan Morrison