Alaska Basketball Development League: About Our League


The Alaska Basketball Development League ("AKBDL") is the premier  showcase for Alaska basketball's greatest teams and players. The League is the sole fall stage upon which both current ASAA stars and undiscovered players perform. It is the medium through which both raw and experienced basketball talent can maintain and hone their skills through competitive league play. From the seasoned pro and college veterans looking to enhance their skills, to the promising young athletes seeking to catch the eye of one of the many fans and scouts in the stands, the AKBDL provides an excellent opportunity for players, coaches, officials and attendees to mix and have fun in a quality event during the off season months.


The AKBDL was organized, with the concept that the league would bring people together, add to the quality of life in the Anchorage area and provide an alternative for family fun.


Our leagues are represented with current and past college, high school and recreation players.  There are no league tryouts, as each team has an open roster policy for new additions at anytime during the league, providing that coach wishes to add players.