Alaska Basketball Development League: Game Reviews

AKBDL Breakin Ankles Division Playoffs Game One

Matchup: #4 seeded Panthers (6-2) vs #5 seeded Alaska Bruins (4-4)

Thursday - 6/2 6pm

Panthers send Bruins home early. Transition run-n-gun versus half court pound away at the post offense, the Panthers can do both really well. Loaded with some of the best incoming freshman the Panthers wasted no time jumping out to a double digit lead. The bigger Bruins turned the ball over 18 times with the Panthers converting over half in transition. Brad Wacker led all Panther scorers with 24 pts despite Julien Harris scoring 35 of the Bruins 66 points. Overall the Panther play well together and are a ton of fun to watch. Panthers trounce Bruins 83-66 to advance to the semi’s this Friday taking on the #1 seed, the (7-1) Wolverines.

Players to watch win or lose:

Julien Harris, Alaska Bruins 35 pts

Brad Wacker, Panthers 24 pts

Bobby Wilson, Panthers 19 pts

Judah Manuel, Panthers 14 pts

AKBDL Player of the Game: Brad Wacker, Panthers 24 points


AKBDL Above the Rim Playoffs Game Two

Matchup: #3 Seed Lions (6-2-) vs #6 seed Wolverines (3-5)

Thursday - 6/2  8:40pm

Lions too big, too strong for Wolverines. The red, white & blue wasted no time jumping out to an early 18 point lead as Lion big man Gus Simmers racked up 18 pts, ran the floor well and took advantage of the smaller opposition in the paint. The Wolverines had no answer for Voss, Simmers and McKoy as they combined for 47 pts. Wolverine David Alston quietly racked up 15 pts but had little help as no other player got up into double digits. The Wolverines never gave up though as they pushed through to the end. Great game for the Lions as they advance into the semi’s Friday night – tip-offs 8:40pm vs the (7-1) Team Green. Final 78-49 Lions

Players to watch win or lose:

Gus Simmers, Lions 18 pts

BJ McKoy, Lions 15 pts

David Alston, Wolverines 15 pts

Chris Voss, Lions 14 pts

AKBDL Player of the Game: Gus Simmers, Lions 18 points


AKBDL Breakin Ankles Division Playoffs Game Two

Matchup: #3 Seeded Alaska Stars (6-2) vs #6 seed Alaska Spiders (3-5)

Thursday - 6/2  7:30pm

Early exit for the Spiders! Desmond Johnson put on a clinic last night leading all scorers with 24 points as the Alaska Stars cruise to an easy win. Running the floor, following shots and blocking out were all apart of what earned them this game. This season they’ve taken wins over bigger, high school level teams because they fundamentally are ahead of their class. In cruise control midway through the third quarter the Stars close out strong. Stars advance to the semi’s. Game time’s 6:00pm vs the (7-1) Lions. Final 53-33.

Players to watch win or lose:

Desmond Johnson, Alaska Stars 24 pts

Marquis White Kern, Alaska Stars 14 pts

AKBDL Player of the Game: Desmond Johnson, Alaska Stars 24 pts 


AKBDL  Alaska Cavalier Division Play Off Game One

Matchup: #4 Lions (5-3) vs #5 Orange Crush (4-4)

Tuesday 5/31 6pm

Lions send the OC fishing for the summer!  Great opening night down at the O’Malley Sports Pavilion this evening as the Alaska Cavaliers division playoffs got underway. The two teams played earlier this season with the Lions winning 53-39.

1st quarter: Chelsea Snyder and Dallas Dickerson came out shooting as they combined for 17 of the Lions first quarter points. Lions close out strong 23-15.

2nd quarter: On fire, Chanel Bookert led a 14-0 OC run as they held the Lions to just 5 points in 15 minutes closing out the half up by one 29-28.

3rd quarter: Dallas Dickerson took over, hitting from outside stretching the defense and driving into the paint when overplayed. The Lions rebounded well and took advantage of OC turnovers converting on 3 of 6. Lions close out the qtr up by three 44-41.

4th quarter: Chanel Bookert goes down with an ankle injury. Shiccia Harris-Grant and Chelsea Snyder foul out. Cheryl Nidoy converts 5 of 6 free throws to tie the game with less than two minutes left. Coach Jordan and the OC managed the clock well but with Hollie Duncan converting 5 of 6 free throws, time just ran out for the Crush. Dickerson, Snyder and the Lions defense were just too much for the OC crew as the Lions pull off a close one 59-55.

Players to watch win or lose:

Dallas Dickerson, Lions 18 pts

Chelsea Snyder, Lions 15 pts

Chanel Bookert, Orange Crush 13 pts

Cheryl Nidoy, Orange Crush 12 pts

Shiccia Harris-Grant, Orange Crush 11 pts

Alaska Basketball Development League Player of the Game:

Dallas Dickerson, Lions 18 points


AKBDL  Alaska Cavalier Division Play Off Game Two

Matchup: Mountaineers (7-2) vs Blizzards (2-6)

Mountaineers jump out strong dispatching Blizzards 98-32. With miss-matches all over the floor, the Mountaineers took advantage of their size, speed and depth. Taria Page, Alistie Aguilar and Andre Samaniego combined for 62 points. The Blizzards Virginia Dupea struggled with getting open looks as the Mountaineers played smothering defense. Alistie Aguilar shot the ball well from the perimeter, Marshala Eady, Andre Samaniego ran the floor and finished in transition Taria Page the Wendler MS product killed the boards on both ends, converted 6 of 8 free throws and led all scorers with 24 points. Heck of a statement game, loaded with talent the Mountaineers advance to play the (7-1) Lady Hoops Friday night @ 8:40pm. Final 98-32 Mountaineers.  

Players to watch win of lose:

Taria Page, Mountaineers, 24 pts (2010/11 – 8th grader out of Wendler MS)

Alistie Aguilar, Mountaineers 20 pts

Marshala Eady, Mountaineers, 13 pts (2010/11 – 8th Grader out of Clark MS)

Andre Samaniego, Mountaineers, 18 pts

Fiti Manu, Mountaineers, 11 pts

Alaska Basketball Development League Player of the Game:

Taria Page, Mountaineers, 24 pts (2010/11 – 8th grader)


Date: Monday, 5-23-11

Game: Colony I (2-4) vs Lions (4-3)

Division: Alaska Cavaliers


Colony came to play but the Lions came to win. Great game down at the O’Malley Sports Center this Monday night for those of you that missed it. It was the classic battle between Palmer and Anchorage. The first half was all Knights with Hailey Linehan, Hunter Payne and Jennifer Salono scoring 21 of 26 points. Slow to the show, the Lions woke up in the second half clamping down on defense making Colony prove they could score in a slower half court game. Lions guard Dallas Dickerson seemed to will herself into the game after a quiet first half grabbing loose balls and causing turnovers. Lillian Crayton led all scorers hitting two from deep finishing with ed they could turn it on after trailing for two quarters. Fun game to watch, as the Lions started off slow but finished strong. Defense, protecting the ball and slowing the pace won the ball game for the Lions.


Players to watch win or lose:

Lillian Crayton, Lions, 19 pts

Dallas Dickerson, Lions, 13 pts

Jennifer Solano, Colony I, 13 pts

Izzy Tweed, Colony I, 12 pts

Thursday, May 19


Division: Above the Rim

Game: Team Green (5-0) vs Lions (6-0)

AND THEN THERE WERE TWO: Coming into the nights match-up there were only three unbeaten teams remaining in the Above the Rim Division. Team Green, the Lions and the Alaska Prep All-Stars. All have dominated their opposition with strong physical play, good team work and block party defense. Tonight’s match-up was expected to be a game of strategic offensive execution and defense stops.  

First quarter action, pretty much none... yup, there wasn’t much to write home about. Full of dropped passes, missed lay-ups and brick like jumpers, both teams seemed sluggish and content to take the first available option. The second quarter however turned out to be a different story – both teams woke up and presto just like that, we had a decent ball game. Tyler Talmage sparked the Lions offense with two three’s and Chris Voss who was quiet in the first quarter started to come alive as the Lions tried to get it going offensively. Team green on the other hand opened up the second quarter on fire connecting four treys from down town. Scoring was pretty much even across the board as the green machine started to heat up and pull away stretching the lead to double digits. Trevor Howe dropped two from deep, as he and Darren Muller stretched the Lions defense. Marquis Robinson and AJ Collins grabbed the Cougers share of boards and despite a couple of missed lay-ups, managed to find the bottom of the net for a combined 35 points. Kylelle Brown and Farimang Touray pushed the ball better in the second half and despite the low point production were key to Team Greens ball rotation and shot selection. The two guards maintained a good balance between half court and run-and-gun offense. Knowing when to slow the game down really helped Team Green control Lion runs and made the difference in Chris Voss and Wes Arnes’s effectiveness throughout the game. Final Team Green 84 Lions 72.

Players to watch win or lose:

Wes Arnes, Lions 23 points

Marquis Robinson, Team Green 19 points

Darren Muller, Team Green 17 points

Chris Voss, Lions 16 points

AJ Collins, Team Green 16 points

Alex Brown, Lions 15 points

Trevor Howe, Team Green 14 points

Important upcoming game: Team Green vs Alaska Prep All-Stars Saturday May 21-Tip-off 8:50pm.

 Date: 5 - 9 Monday

Game: Lions vs Lady Lynx

Division: Alaska Cavaliers

Tough night for the Lions as the Lynx came to play. Smothering defense, a bigger front line and good transition won the game for Coach Stanly Engel’s Lady Lynx as they took control of the game early Monday night. Lynx player Amanta Cole led all scorers with 20 points converting 10 of 17 free throws. The Lynx team in general rebounded well on both ends making it tough for the Lions to get it going as they struggled for second chance opportunities and defensive stops against the bigger team. Chanel Bookert, Tia Mason and Karenna Liggon proved they could hit from long range as they dropped six three’s from beyond the arch. Stretching the defense and capitalizing on mismatches in the post the Linx  worked well together as they finished strong for the win. Final Lady Lynx 63, Lions 29.

Players to watch win or lose:

Amanta Cole, Lady Lynx, 20 points, 10 for 17 free throws

Chanel Bookert, Lady Lynx 15 points

Dallas Dickerson, Lions 15 points

Tia Mason, Lady Lynx 13 points




Date: 5 - 6

Division: Men’s Open Pro-Am

Game: Alaska Prep All-Stars vs Team Harris

In a class of their own the All-Star cast of high school players have yet to meet a team that challenges them for more than a half. Despite a 36 point effort by Chris Hyslop of Team Harris the All-Stars had little resistance at any point in the game. West High Senior, Devon Bookert led all scorers with 46, T-Bird Jalil Abdul-Bassit dropped another 27 and Bartlett’s best, Damon Newsome finished with 23 points. The All-Star cast runs deep with players from all over the bowl, Gatpan Panoam the athletic guard from West High, T-Bird point guard Mikai George, David Bullock and two other Wolverines TJ McKinney and Tommy Hobbs represent South High with the only underclassman of the bunch Jal Deng a junior out of Bartlett rounding off the roster. Undefeated this season the All-Star team is competing in two AKBDL divisions, the Above the Rim and the Mens Open Pro-Am. Tonight the Stars showed off their size and athleticism as it was a tough night for Team Harris and the crew who were quickly dispatched by the High Schoolers by late in the second quarter. Play time and junk ball took over midway through the third as the Stars seemed to be in cruise control. If you’re a fan of high flying dunks and block party blocks, the Alaska Prep All-Stars are the team to watch. Next they look to face off against the undefeated Green Monster, Team Green and Coach Tyler Moor May 21st, and Coach Hoffman’s undefeated Lions May 24th.  Final AKP All-Stars 129, Team Harris 84.


Game scoring leaders:

Devon Bookert, AKP All-Stars 46 points

Chris Hyslop, Team Harris 36 points

Jalil Abdul-Bassit, AKP All-Star 27 points

Damon Newsome, AKP All-Stars 23 points 

Wednesday, May 4


Date: 5-3-11  

Division: Above the Rim  

Game: Big Red (2-1) vs Lions (4-0)

Tuesday nights seem to be owned by the Lions down at the O’Malley Sports Pavilion. Undefeated this spring the Lions had control the entire game. Matthew Hardwick led all Big Red scorers with 21 but it wasn’t enough to challenge the Lions front line. Calvin Hoffman, Wes Arnes and Chris Voss, the Lions “big three” seemed to be more concerned with getting their teammates on the board than they were about the guys in black jerseys. Big Red did make their runs pulling within one three times late in the second half but they just couldn’t put enough stops together to make it happen. Wes Arnes converted 4 of 4 free throws and Calvin Hoffman went 6 of 8 from the foul line to hold off Big Red in the final minutes. The 5-0 Lions match up against the Jets on Tuesday May 10th at 8:30pm and will finish up the season against the other two undefeated teams in the Above the Rim Division Team Green 4-0 May 17 and the Alaska Prep All-Stars May 24th. Final Lions 92, Big Red 85


Wes Arnes-Lions, 25 points

Matthew Hardwick-Big Red, 21 points

Calvin Hoffman-Lions, 18 points

Markiss Ailey-Big Red, 16 points

Jarred Laws-Big Red, 15 points

Chris Voss-Lions, 14 points


Wednesday, May 4
Eagle River Lycaons VS Lions

Date: 5-3-11

Division: Breakin Ankles

Game: Lions (4-0) vs Eagle River Lycaons (0-3)

Lopez brothers too much for Lycaons. The two combined for 63 points with Immanuel Lopez leading all scorers with 39, Christianno 24 and Matthew Rodriguez added 24 points to the board as the Lions jumped out to an early first quarter lead. It didn’t take long for the Lions to recognize that the Eagle River boys were without a point guard as they quickly turned up the defensive pressure on the Lycaons. T-Bird freshman  Immanuel and twin brother Christianno worked well together especially on defense as they converted more than half of their points from Eagle River turnovers. As a team the Lions moved the ball well in transition and had no trouble in half court sets as they rebounded well on both ends of the court and seemed to have miss matches at every position. Despite the scoring clinic put on by the Lions, Eagle River never gave up and overall that’s what the game of basketball teaches us in life. Cheers to the new kids on the block, keep your heads up, it happens to all of us and hats off to the Lions, arguably the best team in the Breakin Ankles Division this year.   Final Lions 100 Eagle River Lycaon’s 41



Immanuel Lopez, Lions 39 points

Christianno Lopez, Lions 24 points

Matthew Rodriguez, Lions 24 points

Alani Collins, Eagle River Lycaons 14 points


in case you missed the game, or just want a re-cap





Date: 4-12-11

Division: Breakin Ankles     Match-up: 1-0 Lions vs Alaska Stars

Orange turnovers anyone? – Coach Hoffman and the Lions came out strong as they outsized the Alaska Stars team. With good ball movement and a full bench the Lions looked strong early in the game ending the first quarter up by three 22-19. In the second quarter it was a different story. The defensive chefs were in and it was Orange turnovers for everyone. The Stars Tommy Lentz, a freshman this year at East High wasn’t ready to concede as he had a field day on the Lions offense. Lentz finished the game with 22 points, four 3’s and 9 steels with 7 of them converted. Despite the defensive efforts of the Stars the Lions experience, loaded bench and leadership didn’t fold under pressure. The Lopez brothers worked well together for a combined 30 points, with point guard Calvin Hoffman, last years “best point guard” at the helm they held off offensive runs by the Stars. In the end the Lions made the adjustments and basketballs all about match-ups and adjustments at key times. The 2011 State winning Coach – Ron Hoffman knows the game, but you can tell he knows his team and they all worked well together. The 2-0 Lions look strong this season, the big question is who else stands in the way of them taking home this seasons title? Final Alaska Stars 86 – Lions 94.

Players to watch:

C. Hoffman, Lions 18pts 7/8 free throws

D. Johnson, Alaska Stars 22pts

T. Lentz, Alaska Stars 22pts

I. Lopez, Lions 19pts

N. Simmers, Lions 18pts

M. White Kern, Alaska Stars 18pts



Date: 4-12-11    Division: Above the Rim

Match-up: (1-0) Lions vs (1-0) Team Wyche

“Five as One”  It’s a beautiful thing as a coach when you can get five talented individuals to play together as one…one stop, one rebound, one steel, one block, one team. This incomplete list of ones if done right will not guarantee you the number one spot, only the opportunity to compete for it. Coach Hoffman and the Lions Club came in and proved just that point. They looked strong last night as they came in one up from last weeks win over the Mountaineers. Coach Hoffman a ring heavier this season came into the game with players that wanted to win and they worked as a team to get it. Wesley Arnes let it rain hitting five 3’s to lead the Lions with 17 points. Point guard Calvin Hoffman added 16, distributed the ball as all but two players got on the board. The Lions played strong defensively, made key stops late in the game and moved the ball well in transition and in half court sets. Great team, great basketball and a ton of fun to watch. Final: Lions 81, Team Wyche 78.


Players to watch:

C. Hoffman 16 pts

W. Arnes, 17 pts five 3’s

C. Voss, 11 pts

K. Brown, 11 pts


Tuesday, June 8

Date: 5-29-10

Time: 2:00pm

Championship Game: #1 Lions (8-1) VS # 2  Wolverines (7-2)

Division: Breakin Ankles

Five OT Periods Later and still no winner, two 5 minute periods, one 3 minute period, one 2 minute period and a one 1 minute over time period later, and we still had a tie game. Perhaps the most exciting game our league will ever see, this game was a barn burner. From pressure free throws to last second jumpers to swarming defense and block party blocks, this game had it all. Calvin Hoffman, the divisions top point guard award winner brought his a-game once again leading all scorers with 45 points. Four Lions,  Big Joe Riley, Austin Monzon, Calvin Hoffman and Tyler Sulivan scored 117 of the teams 127 points. But it wasn’t enough to finish off the Wolverines, who not only had talent, they had the numbers. Coach Blewett kept throwing fresh bodies in with fresh legs and after 76 minutes of fast paced basketball, something had to give, right? Wrong, even after five OT periods, players fouling out fans on their feet, coaches dropping on the floor, flat on their back looking up in amazement… We still had no winner. It was only fitting, that the game was decided not by a key steel or an amazing dunk or an untimely technical foul but the most basic of fundamentals, a free throw. A free throw game of pig, winner takes all. Exhausted and running on empty each team had five shots, the winner who made the most from the line got the hardware. The Wolverines ended up making more free throws but it was a fitting end to an amazing game. Both teams deserved to win, and they both left nothing on the court. No one was sad, they were all happy for each other. It was a truly great experience that very few athletes ever get the chance to be apart of. As a fan of the game, I became an even bigger fan of the players. Final Lions 127, Wolverines 129

Lions   Highlights:

Calvin Hoffman, 45 points, Awarded the “Coaches Choice, Leagues Best Point Guard”

Joe Riley, 27 points

Austin Monzon, 26 points

Tyler Sulivan, 19 points

Oliver Johnson, 6 points

Daniel Thomsen, 4 points

Wolverines Highlights:

James Lorec, 39 points

Dante Williams, 35 points, 6 three’s

Grant Marciniak, 14 points

Zack Lujan, 14 points

Enrique Morgan, 8 points

J. Hobbs, 5 points

Jay Mehta, 3 points

Connor Deitz, 2 points

Players to watch win or lose: Calvin Hoffman, Lions, Lions/ACS, 45 points, Awarded the “Coaches Choice, Leagues Best Point Guard” - Joe Riley, Lions/ACS, 27 points - James Lorec, 39 points - Dante Williams, 35 points, 6 three’s

FRT PG 5-8

Date: 5-8-10 – Saturday

Time: 3:20pm

Game: Mountaineers Vs Alaska Stars 

Division: Breakin Ankles

MAGIC VS BIRD, BOSTON VS LA, how about Isa VS Ihro? No I’m not joking. I know it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but if you’re a fan of Anchorage’s up and coming players then you’ve most likely heard of or seen these two kids play. Ihro Raguindin of the Stars and Isa Wilson of the Mountaineers are two outstanding eighth graders soon to be freshmen in the fall. As expected by anyone who’s seen these two teams play before, the game was intense from the start with players on the floor for loose balls, tight man defense, hard fouls, swinging elbows and parents coaching from all sides. After three quarters and several lead changes later it was foul trouble that eventually cost the Stars the game. Late in the fourth with the game tied, Ihro Raguindin and Dondres McMorris fouled out making it tough for the Stars to replace their production. Isa Wilson took over, driving and hitting key shots to put his team up by 7 points with 3 minutes left in the game. Key fouls by the Stars and foul shot conversions by the Mountaineers made it difficult for the Stars to make a run. The final score doesn’t reflect how good a game this really was. It was clear, the winner of this game would have bragging rights above all else, or at least until their next contest.   Final Alaska Stars 60, Mountaineers 70

Mountaineers Highlights: Isa Wilson, 20 points - James Nisbett, 17 points - Kenny Peques, 11 points

Alaska Stars Highlights: Ihro Raguindin, 26 points- Curtis Sicks, 11 points

Players to watch win or lose: Ihro Raguindin, 26 points - Isa Wilson, 20 points


Date: 4-24-10 – Saturday

Time: 8:40pm

Game: 2010 Ballers vs Sunrise Q II

Division: Above the Rim

Another Blowout game for the 2010 Ballers! As they roll over Sunrise Q II and the crew late Saturday night at the pavilion. Dunks, Blocks and lots of play time for the Anchorage All Star crew as they dropped 18 three pointers from no mans land. Sunrise Q II, played tough and never gave up. Led by Devante Pounds and Zion Bowser they never mentally seemed out of the game. Despite being younger, smaller and less experienced they played hard and tough as if it was a close game. The score may have reflected a blow out but the kids made it interesting and entertaining to watch. No parent wants to see their kid get blown out by a 100 points but when he’s standing back up after getting knocked down again and again without hesitation, it shows just how resilient and tough those boys are. Tough as nails, Sunrise Q II expects to win every game regardless of who they play even if it’s the 2010 Ballers. Good game Ballers, great effort Sunrise Q II. Final 2010 Ballers 158, Sunrise Q II 52.

2010 Ballers Highlights:

Ben Tornga, 31 points, 7 three’s from downtown

Diamier Morse, 30 points, 4 three’s

Nate Klie, 28 points

Spencer McClain, 28 points

Jeremiah Ridgeway, 21 points, 4 three’s

AJ Banks, 16 points

Sunrise Q II Highlights:

Zion Bowser, 13 points

Devante Pounds, 11 points

AKBDL SPRING 2010 news2-4-24.jpg

Date: 4-24-10 – Saturday

Time: 7:20pm

Game: Wolverines vs Wolfpack

Division: Above the Rim

Bench Play and Tough Defense.   Was the tale of the tape, as the Wolverines took on the Wolfpack Saturday afternoon at the O’Malley Center. Both teams played physical and tough on defense as the refs let them play. A deeper bench and every player on the board won the game for Coach Kueter. Tommy Hobbs, TJ McKinney and Logan McGinnis led the Wolverines in scoring but it was the defensive effort that kept them in control of the game. The Wolverines were up by five early and kept the lead the entire game. The Wolfpack made a run late in the fourth to bring it within reach but it just wasn’t enough. Dom Young and Tommy Hobbs led all scorers with 18 points.  Final Wolverines 65, Wolfpack 58. 

Wolverines Highlights:

Tommy Hobbs, 18 points

TJ Mckinney, 13 points

Logan McGinnis, 13 points

Wolfpack Highlights:

Dom Young, 18 points

Branden Viotto, 17 points

Kyle Taylor, 14 points

Players to watch win or lose: TJ Mckinney, 13 points, Wolverines - Dom Young, 18 points, Wolfpack


Date: 4-24-10 – Saturday

Time: 7:20pm

Game: Wolverines vs Eagle River Lycaon’s

Division: Breakin Ankles

Bigger, Stronger, Faster. The Wolverines took care of business early in the first quarter Saturday as they jumped out to an 18 point lead after one. David Alston, Jay Mehta and Grant Marciniak were just too much for the young Lycaons as they struggled to get open looks throughout the game. The Wolverines size and physicality posed a serious problem for Eagle River as they were unable to get more than a handful of second chance points all game. Perimeter shooting was OK for the Wolverines as most their points came from transition and second chance opportunities. Coach Viotto’s kids played hard and they never gave up. Eagle Rivers Mike Mothersell had 10 points and James Pollard had 7 points to finish the game.  Final Wolverines 76, Eagle River Lycaon’s 33

Wolverines Highlights:

David Alston, 17 points

Jay Mehta, 15 points

Grant Marciniak, 12 points

Dante Williams, 10 points

Eagle River Lycaons Highlights:

Mike Mothersell, 10 points

Players to watch win or lose: David Alston, 17 points, Wolverines


Date: 4-24-10 – Saturday

Time: 2:00pm

Game: Colony Vs Alaska Lady Hoops

Division: Alaska Cavaliers

Today's stars vs tomorrows future standouts! Dajonee Hale and the Alaska Lady Hoops came out early in the first quarter outscoring Colony 16 – 4, making everyone think it may be blow-out time again at the O’Malley. The Lady Hoops were bigger, stronger and brought more experience as they played well as a team, led by Dajonee Hales and Alex Brewster who combined scored more than half of their teams 47 points. Colony had no answer for the speedy guard D. Hales, as she penetrated well and pushed the ball in transition keeping the pressure on Colony to get back on defense. Brewster was a presence on the boards as she quietly racked up 14 points and number of rebounds. Colony outscored the Lady Hoops in the second and third quarter keeping it close but they just couldn’t make up what they lost in the first quarter. Jerica Nelson, an eighth grader was impressive as she showed she can play up with the best in the state. The gritty little point guard can go left, right and passes the ball well in transition. A definite “player to watch” she can see the floor and doesn’t fold under defensive pressure. In the end the Lady Hoops team out played Colony to collect the win. Final Alaska Lady Hoops 47, Colony 38.

Alaska Lady Hoops Highlights:

Dajonee Hale, 14 points

Alex Brewster, 14 points

Colony Highlights:

Kate Klapperich, 14 points

Mary Klapperich, 11 points

Players to watch win or lose: Elite Stars Dajonee Hale, 14 points - Colony Kate Klapperich, 14 points - Colony Mary Klapperich, 11 points - Colony PG Jerica Nelson, 6 points

Date: 4-24-10 – Saturday

Time: 10:00am

Game: Alaska Prep Bruins vs Lions

Division: Breakin Ankles

Good in the Paint, even better from three-point land. Coach Hoffman’s Lions came in strong against the Alaska Prep Bruins knocking down 7 three’s from behind the arch. Five Lions players let it rain from deep, making it hard for the Bruins to guard the perimeter. Calvin Hoffman, the Lions guard moved the ball well and made it tough for Coach Allen’s transition defense to get back and pick up. AKP’s big men, Ted Sturgurlewski and Felipe Godoi buttoned up the low post making it tough for the Lions to get points in the paint but that didn’t matter as the Lions were hot from outside. The first and second quarters were close as the Lions closed the half up by twelve. In the third and fourth quarters the Lions pulled away to stretch the lead out to 23 at one point. Despite Big Ted Sturgurleski’s 18 second half points, the Lions were just to good from outside as they muzzle the Bruins guards and contain their bigs to take the win. Final Lions 77, AKP Bruins 68.

Lions Highlights:

Calvin Hoffman, 17 points

Wesley Arnes, 17 points

Chris Voss, 14 points

Austin Monzon, 10 points

Alaska Prep Bruins Highlights:

Ted Sturgurlewski, 29 points

Felipe Godoi, 19 points

Players to watch win or lose: Ted Sturgurlewski, #32, AKP Bruins, 29 points - Felipe Godoi, #21 AKP Bruins, 19 points - Calvin Hoffman #3, Lions 17 points

AKBDL SPRING 2010news4-17

4-17-10 – Saturday

Above the Rim Action

The Mountaineers vs The Wolverines

Alaska in drought?   TJ McKinney thought so as he let it rain on court three this Saturday leading all scorers with 30 points and five 3’s from behind the arch. You couldn’t tell it was a spring season ball game down at the O’Malley Center Saturday morning as Coach Henderson’s Mountaineers took on TJ McKinney and the Wolverines. Six lead changes and an overtime period later, it could have been anyone’s game. It was just a matter of who made the most mistakes down the stretch. Handles, both teams struggled with turnovers throughout the game as the defensive pressure was unrelenting by both teams. Offensively, the Mountaineers played well converting transition and points in the paint opportunities. Shooting from the perimeter doesn’t seem to be their MO as they look to get easy points off transition and in the paint off good post play or missed shots. The Wolverines were able to get some occasional open looks at the hoop but they didn’t come often. Transition buckets and TJ McKinney’s long range scoring gave them the lead for two quarters and a chance to steel the game. Defense, defense, defense was the key for the Mountaineers. The Mountaineers Jal Deng, a sophomore out of East this year, led the way in sealing up the paint making it tough for any Wolverine to get easy inside points. Coach Henderson’s team is long and athletic and they like to work on both ends of the court. Down by two points with seconds to go, a drive to the basket by TJ McKinney tied the game at 58. In over time, the Mountaineers played the better defense holding the Wolverines to just one field goal and two free throws. The Mountaineers Jal Rial converted 4 free throws and a bucket for the win as Coach Henderson’s Mountaineers win their first game of the season. Final: Mountaineers 65, Wolverines 62.  

Mountaineers Highlights:

Jal Deng, 15 points

Jal Rial 15 points

Wolverine Highlights:

TJ McKinney 30 points, five 3’s

Players to watch win or lose:

TJ McKinney #3, Wolverines  -  Jal Deng #2, Mountaineers

AKBDL SPRING 2010gzvsgld news4-17

4-17-10 – Saturday

Above the Rim Action

The Grizzlies vs Team Gold

Tough, aggressive basketball, on both ends of the court on Saturday as the Grizzlies went up against Team Gold in Above the Rim action. Full court press, man-to-man defense and hard work said it all for both teams as they quickly got down to work in the first half. Low post play and good ball movement were the two biggies for Team Gold. They rebounded the ball well and were able to convert transition and second-chance points. The Grizzlies Zack Vandervalk and Andrew Bouman led all scorers, each had 18 to finish the game. Team Golds Drazen Hill, AJ Collins and Nik Butler led the way as four players had double digits to finish the game. All but two players got on the board for Team Gold as they pick up there second win to go (2-0) this season. Final: Team Gold (2-0) 64, Grizzlies (0-1) 58.

Team Gold Highlights:

Drazen Hill, 16 points

AJ Collins, 12 points

Nik Butler, 11 points

Tyler Talmadge, 10 points

Grizzlies Highlights:

Andrew Bouman, 18 points

Zack Vandervalk, 18 points, five 3’s

Players to watch win or lose: Zack Vandervalk, 18 points, five 3’s, Grizzlies

Andrew Bouman, 18 points, Grizzlies  -  Drazen Hill, 16 points, Team Gold

Saturday, April 10

Saturday April 10th  Lions Vs Mountaineers  Division: Breakin Ankles

Missed free throw’s? For Friday nights game at the O’Malley Pavilion there were plenty of assists and missed free throws to go around. The Lions Hoffman had an armload of assists and twenty-two points to lead all scorers as the Lions took on the Mountaineers. It was a physical game down low as the refs let the two teams battle it out for rebounds. With a deep bench and a tall line up the Lions were able to stay in control of the game down the stretch. The Mountaineers kept it close until the third quarter. Down by twelve with less than a minute to go in the half, the Mountaineers pulled within six. M. Oldenkamp rebounded well to help his team close. But in the third quarter, it was missed free throws and a scoring drought that cost the Mountaineers as the Lions held on for the win.

Game Highlights:


C. Hoffman: 22 pts

T. Sulivan, 13 pts

C. Voss, 10 pts

Team:  Free throws 6 of 7 – 86%


A. Voliva, 8 pts

Team: Free throws 7 of 22 for 32%

Final: Lions 65 - Mountaineers 41

Sunday, April 11

Above the Rim Action

The Wolfpack Vs AKP Bruins

Wolfpack Domination! Eagle Rivers Nate Yaw, Kyle Taylor and Dom Young took over early Saturday as they took on Chris Edwards and the Alaska Prep Bruins. Coach Taylors team played well, converting transition points from Bruin turnovers that never seemed to stop. The Bruins couldn’t get into their offensive sets while struggling to put any pressure on the opposition. Over 85% of the Wolfpacks points were in the paint as Kyle Taylor hit Tony Parker teardrops all night long. The Pack converted well and played tough defense throughout the game never allowing Coach Allens Bruins to get going on the offensive end. Taylor, Young and Yaw combined for 62 of  the Wolfpacks 92 points. The Wolfpack 92, AKP Bruins 78.

Wolfpack Highlights:

Nate Yaw 25 points

Kyle Taylor 19 points

Dom Young 18 points

AKP Bruins Highlights:

Chris Edwards 39 points

Ben Perell 12 points

Ted Sturgurlewski 11 points

Wednesday, April 7

Division: Breakin Ankles Action   AKP Bruins Vs The Grizzlies

Too Big, Too Strong!
You can teach fundamentals, leadership skills and hard work but you can't teach size. That, was pretty much the difference maker in Tuesday nights season opener. Big Ted Sturgurlewski and the Bruins established themselves early in the first quarter and never looked back. Pat Moran, the Bruins gritty little point guard pushed the ball well and had little trouble seeing the floor, finished the game with 4 points, 8 assists. Felipe Gadoi, 12 points, 3 blocks, posed the biggest problem for the Grizzlies as they just couldn’t get a clean look at the basket.  Final: AK Grizzlies 51  AKP Bruins  76.

AKP Bruins Highlights:

Ted Sturgurlewski 16 points, 4 blocks

Hugh Sturgurlewski, 12 points

Pat Moran 2 points, 8 assists

Eli Portell, 10 points, 4 assists

Grizzly Highlights:

* No stats were able to be kept as players had no numbers on most of their jersey’s.

Wednesday, April 7

Tuesday April 6th   - Game of the Night

Most came to play but some came to work! The 2010 Baller’s walked on the court and it was all business. Coach Klie’s all-start lineup of seniors let everyone know early, just because its off-season basketball doesn’t mean its time to relax. Coach Rick Henderson’s Mountaineers broke open the season going up against Coach Ross Klie’s 2010 Baller’s Tuesday night at the O’Malley Pavilion in Anchorage. Both teams let it be known early why their divisions called “Above the Rim”.   The Baller’s #22 AJ Banks hit key buckets early in the first half with fellow teammate Ben Tornga hitting 3 of 4 from behind the arch. In the paint, Nate Klie was just too big in the post, dominating the boards and being active off the ball was key for the Ballers big man. Jeremiah Rigeway and Banks at times at times took over the show with some high flying dunks off transition. The Mountaineers played tough with #5 Jal Rial and #13 Wesley Arnes both making key buckets down the stretch keeping the Mountaineers in the game. It was a tight game until late in the 4th when the Ballers made some key stops on the defensive end, holding the Mountaineers at bay for the win.

Final Score: 2010 Ballers 89, Mountaineers 83

Monday, May 23