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09-20-18 08:21 AM
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Alamo Volleyball Association
Fax: 210-499-4906
(Admin Office) 19208 Reata Trail
San Antonio, Texas

Upcoming Events

Fall Totz League
Sept 17 - Nov 12th Mondays from 6-8pm
For players entering 2nd through 6th grades

Click here for more information and to register

Upcoming Tournaments

2018-19 tournament schedules coming soon.

Check out our sister site for Alamo Hill Country

Alamo Hill Country


 Recruiters  Corner

Alamo's Recruitable Athletes
Please contact Phil Jackson for any information regarding Alamo players at

Graduating Year of Recruitable Alamo Players

Most Recent Commitments
Allie Smylie - UIW
Lext Thomas - UAB
Lauren Briseno - Baylor

Elissa Barbosa - Georgetown University
Julia Deais - St. Mary's University
Mercedes Delgado - UT Tyler
Camryn Ennis - University of Kansas
Kailey Estrada - Texas A&M Kingsville
Allison Fields - Texas A&M
Makenna Hanssen - Angelo State University
Atira Jells - Adams State University
Lauren Kadilis - Eckerd College
Brooke Kanas - Texas Tech
Caitlin Lorenz - Washington University
Hannah Lopez - Rice University
Lydia Niebla - UTSA
Mia Perales - UTSA
Desiray Rodriguez - UIW
Aubrey Sultemeier - Ole Miss
Aspen Thompson - Liberty University
Kyla Waiters - Oregon State
Mia Ybarra - UTSA        

Makayla Miller - SMU
Addison Mulroney - Texas Womens University
Lexy Thomas - UAB
Allie Smylie - UIW
Ava Wampler - Ole Miss
Ellie Wipf - Houston Baptist University
Angel Jones - SMU
Lauren Briseno - Baylor


 Top News

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Fee Schedule for 2018-19 Season now posted under the Info Section.
Supplemental Tryout

Alamo is setting up supplemental tryouts for the follwoing teams and positions. Contact Mike Carter at or 210-573-4827 and register with the following link.

Click here to register for supplemental tryout

Alamo San Antonio needs:

18 Premier National Team - Setter
16 Gold National Team - Outside Hitter of Middle
15 Regional - Setter, Outside Hitter or Middle
14 Regional - Setter, Outside Hitter or Middle
13 National or Regional - Setter, Outside Hitter or Middle
12's - All positions and levels
11's - All positions and levels

Alamo Hill Country needs:
15 National - Outside Hitter or Middle Hitter
13 National - Outside Hitter and Libero
12 Regional - All positions       
For additional info for Alamo Hill Country contact Pat Stangle  or 830-992-7491

Alamo family

Detroit, MI (June 28, 2018)
Congratulations to Alamo 14 Premier for winning the Bronze Bracket in the Open division at the 2018 Girls Junior National Championships.

Alamo family

Detroit, MI (June 29, 2018)
Alamo storms the Motor City and 15 Premier wins Bronze Bracket in the USA division at the 2018 Girls Junior National Championships.

Detroit, MI (June 29, 2018)
Congratulations to Alamo 15 Elite for their 43rd place finish in the American division.

Detroit, MI (June 30, 2018)
Congratulations to Alamo 12 Premier for their 11th place finish in the American division. 

Detroit, MI (July 2, 2018)
Congratulations to Alamo 13 Premier for their 19th place finish in the Open division. 

Detroit, MI (July 4, 2018)
Congratulations to Alamo 16 Premier for their 13th place finish in the National division. 

Best of luck to all our Alamo teams at the 2018 USAV Junior National Championships in Detroit, MI.
Click the links below to follow your favorite teams:
Alamo 12 Premier - 11th Place - 12 American
Alamo 13 Premier - 19th Place - 13 Open
Alamo 14 Premier - 17th Place - 14 Open
Alamo 15 Elite - 43rd Place  - 15 American
Alamo 15 Premier - 17th Place - 15 USA
Alamo 16 Premier - 13th Place  - 16 National

Alamo family

Houston, Tx (April 29, 2018)
Alamo 12 Premier punched its ticket to the 2018 Girls Junior National Championships. The girls qualfied by finishing fourth in the Lone Star Regional Championships. Congratulations to all the girls, coaches and parents!

Anaheim, Ca (April 29, 2018)
Congratulations to Alamo 18 Premier for their 11th place finish in the 2018 USAF Girls's 18s Junior National Championships (National Division). What a great year and all the best for you after graduation.

Alamo family

Atlanta, GA (April 1, 2018)
Alamo 14 Premier punched its ticket to the 14 Open Division of the 2018 Girls Junior National Championships. The girls qualfied by finishing third in the Big South Qualifier in Atlanta, GA. Congratulations to all the girls, coaches and parents!

Alamo family

Atlanta, GA (April 1, 2018)
Congratulations to all the girls coaches, and parents of Alamo 13 Premier for their 3rd place finish in the Open Division at the Big South Qualifier in Atlanta, GA!

Alamo family

San Antonio, TX (Feb. 12, 2018)
Weekend Update February 10th & 11th
Alamo 18 Premier punched its ticket to the 2018 18U Girls Junior National Championships in Anaheim by taking 3rd place in the 2018 Lone Star Regional 18’s Championship in Round Rock, TX over the weekend. 18 Premier went 7-1 to earn an American bid to the event that will take place April 27-29th 2018. Congratulations ladies!

Alamo family

San Antonio, TX (Feb. 5, 2018)
WEEKEND UPDATE FROM: February 3 & 4th
Alamo had 25 teams competing throughout the state of Texas for the weekend of February 3rd and 4th. Teams competed at The Tour of Texas Stop 2 and Texas Fest both in Dallas (exception 12 Premier Tour Stop was in San Antonio), Lone Star Championship series in San Antonio, Central Texas Power League in Austin, and IH35 League in San Antonio. Congratulations to all our teams for a stellar weekend! Due to the variety of tournament formats, below results are either cited as final placing of total participants, win-lose record, or place and pool number. Please note Tour of Texas results are ranked by both the Tour Qualifier and the second tour stop combined results.

Team Event Result Team Event Result
18 Premier TOT2 T13/24 14 Gold LSC2 T11/13
17 Premier TOT2 4-2 14 Silver IH35-2 1/POOL 1
17 Elite TF 2-3 14 Black IH35-2 2/POOL 5
16 Premier TOT2 4-1 13 Premier TOT2 T3/24
16 Elite TF 3-1 13 Elite LSC2 T3/12
16 Gold CTPL2 4/16 13 Gold LSC2 T9/12
16 HC National 1 CTPL2 1/16 13 Black IH35-2 3/POOL 2
15 Premier TOT2 11/24 13 Silver IH35-2 1/POOL 3
15 Elite LSC2 T3/12 13 HC Regional IH35-2 2/POOL 1
15 Gold CTPL2 8/30 12 Premier TOT2 2-3
15 HC National CTPL2 9/30 12 Elite IH35-2 1/POOL 1
14 Premier TOT2 5/24 12 Gold IH35-2 2/POOL 2
14 Elite LSC2 T9/13
Results Guide: T#= Tied #/#= place/total #-#=record wins-loses #/POOL #= Place in Pool #
Event Guide: TOT2 (Tour of Texas 2); TF (Texas Fest); LSC2 (Lone Star Championship Series 2); CTPL2 (Central Texas Power League 2); IH35-2 (IH 35 League Stop 2)

Alamo family

SAN ANTONIO (Jan. 29, 2018)
WEEKEND UPDATE: From January 26-29th, Alamo had 5 teams competing throughout the state of Texas. 18 Premier competed in their first Qualifier of season at the AVC Qualifier in Dallas where they finished 14th out of 24 teams in the Open Division. Alamo also had four teams competing in the FSC #2 in San Antonio. Congratulations to Alamo Hill Country 16 National 1 on coming in 1st place at the FSC #2! Full results and placements below.
Team Place/Total Event
18 Premier, 14/24, AVC Qualifier
16 Elite, 2/9, FSC #2
16 Gold, 4/9, FSC #2
16 HC Nat 16-1, 1/9, FSC #2
16 HC Nat 16-2, 8/9, FSC #2

Alamo family

SAN ANTONIO (Jan. 21, 2018)
Congratulations to Alamo Hill Country 13N for winning the Paw Power tournament.

Alamo family

SAN ANTONIO (Jan. 21, 2018)
Congratulations for Alamo Hill Country 15N for winning the Frostry Blast tournament.

Alamo Teams Finish Strong at Tour of Texas Quailfiers
SAN ANTONIO (Jan. 16, 2018)
Congratulations to all Alamo teams who participated in The Tour of Texas this past weekend. Alamo had 19 teams competing in Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Alamo went into the 2018 season with three teams pre-qualified including 14 Premier, 15 Premier, and 16 Premier. Four more teams earned their qualification over the weekend including 18 Premier, 17 Premier, 13 Premier, and 12 Premier. Overall the club had seven teams finish Top 10, and seven teams will head to Dallas for the second tour stop February 3rd and 4th. In addition to our seven qualified teams, three more teams finished high enough to qualify for the Lone Star Championship series (13 Elite, 15 Elite and 16 Elite).
Final standings are below.

18P: T5th

15P: T7

13P: T9

17P: T9th

15E: T19

13E: T37

17E: T48th

15G: T49

13G: T41

16P: T9th

14P: T5

12P: T5

16E: T25th

14E: T41

12E: T21

HC 16 Nat: T49

14G: T41


16G: T78

HC 14 Nat: T65

*T: Tied for final standings


Alamo family

Alamo Coaches Receive Coach of the Year Honors
Congratulations to Alamo coaches Jeremiah Tiffin for being named AVCA College Coach of the Year and Mike Carter for Texas High School Coach of the Year.

SAN ANTONIO (Nov. 27, 2017) – The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) announced its women's All-Region teams for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) team received four of the five top awards, three All-Region First-Team awards and one Honorable Mention award.
Head Coach Jeremiah Tiffin (also Alamo 13P coach) captured his second South Central Region Coach of the Year award (his first was in 2015). In his three years at OLLU, Tiffin has accumulated a 73-20 record (24-5/2015; 25-7/2016; 24-8/2017). His teams have recorded 4,254 kills on 11,451 total attacks (13.1 kpg, .210 attack percentage), 3,883 assists (16.6 apg), 550 service aces (1.67 sag), 5,381 digs (16.4 dpg) and 553 total blocks. This year's team has the most assists in a season (1,348) and the most digs (1,835). Tiffin also received his third consecutive Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC) Coach of the Year award.
Click here for the complete article from OLLU


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Alamo Teams

2017-18 Schedules now available:
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Alamo Volleyball Practice Facilities
Factory of Champions
S.A. Factory Of Champions (FOC)
8227 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209

George Gervin Center (GGC)
6944 S. Sunbelt Drive
San Antonio, TX

Alamo runs volleyball operations at the Factory Of Champions.  Programs included are Skills/Positions clinics, Strength Training, Private/Group Training, Summer camps, Kid & Adult Leagues, not to mention a pipeline into basketball camps/leagues through the FOC. 

Alamo Volleyball Association

Administrative Office
19208 Reata Trail
San Antonio, TX 78258
Ph:   210 499-5620 
Fax:  210 499-4906

Mike Carter
Club Director - Alamo Director 12s-14s

Phil Jackson
Alamo Director 15s-18s

Mike Carter
Social Media Coordinator - (Facebook and Twitter)  
Send him caption and photos, and the who/what/where atc.
*Please note that not everything sent will be promoted but we will do our best to showcase our athletes and promote our club in the best light possible. 

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