Alameda Little League: Umpiring

2018 Little League and Local Rules

Know the rules. Little League rules are sometimes different than the MLB rules. You can pick up a 2018 Little League Rule Book at the snack for a few bucks. A worthwile investment. Also, Alameda Little League has some local rules that the Board of Directors has chosen to implement. These cover conduct to player health and safety. Did you know that a pitcher in AA can pitch only 2 innings while a Majors pitcher can pitch an entire game (provide they stay below daily max pitchcount for their age) Press this link for 2018 Local Rules and Pitching Guidelines.

Please follow this link for rule changes adopted after the rule book went to print: 2018 Rule Changes Schedule

Our rules training is conducted separately from the umpire clinic that was held on March 3rd.  For a synopsis on key little league rules, please read this updated presentation:  Alameda Little League Rules Training Presentation.

New umpire or seasoned vet? Press here for Basic Umpiring Mechanics

Saturday, April 28

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