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Thursday, January 3
2019 Umpire Training

Our league will conduct umpire training on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at the little league fields from NOON to 3:00pm.  Check-in begins at the snack bar at 11:30!

This clinic is open to all managers, coaches, parent volunteers, youth umpires, and any other interested individuals age 12 or older.  The clinic is free and will cover the mechanics of field and plate umpiring for the AAA and Major divisions, while separately covering the particular aspects of the AA and A divisions.

To register, please click here to be taken to registration site: 2019 Umpiring Clinic.

Our rules training is conducted separately.  Prior to attending the on-field training, please read the presentation:  Alameda Little League Rules Training Presentation.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Quilici, Director of Umpires, at

Please be sure to check back here periodically for any updates!

Thursday, January 3
2019 District 4 Umpire Training

If you are interested in further high-quality training, Alameda LL would be proud to have you represent us at one or more of the clinics conducted by District 4.  They are as follows:

- Junior Umpire (Ages 13-18): February 24th, 8:30am-3:00pm @Martinez Little League

- Big Diamond Umpire Mechanics: March 10th, 9:00am-1:00pm @Mt. Diablo High School, Concord 

To register for any of these district clinics, please click here: District 4 Umpire Clinics 

Please also consider the Little League Umpire Registry.  Membership in the Umpire Registry is free, and includes access to several training publications, reduced price bundle of umpire supplies, and participation in several training webinars.  Members will also receive the regular email newsletter.  In the near future, the Registry will become an online tool that allows the umpire to keep track of their experience and training, and will be the tool used to submit applications for Regional and World Series selection.  Feel free to register here: Umpire Registry 

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Quilici, Director of Umpires, at

Thursday, January 3
2019 Little League and Local Rules Resources

Know the rules. Little League rules are sometimes different than the MLB rules. You can pick up a 2019 Little League Rule Book at the snack bar for a few bucks. 

Also, Alameda Little League has some local rules that the Board of Directors has chosen to implement. Did you know that a pitcher in AA can pitch only 2 innings while a Majors pitcher can pitch an entire game (provide they stay below the daily maximum pitch count for their age)?  Press this link to read the 2019 Local Rules and Pitching Guidelines.

New umpire or seasoned vet? Press here for a quick diagrammed refresher on Basic Umpiring Mechanics.

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