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Wednesday, April 6
2015 All Star Selection Process
Please follow this link for information regarding the 2015 All Star Selection Process.

Monday, March 7
2016 Practice Fields Schedule
Please follow the below link to the Practice Fields Schedule share doc. If you do not have access or cannot edit please contact Paul Skuta @ Access is for managers only. 2016 Practice Fields Schedule

Tuesday, February 25
Manager's Binder and Required Paperwork for All Players and Volunteers


Include the following in your binder. Players may not practice or play without a signed Medical Release and Parent's Code of Conduct.  

Medical Release for 2016. All players must have a signed Medical Release to practice and play. Keep a hard copy in your manager's binder.

Parent's Code of Conduct. All players must have a signed Parent's Code of Conduct to practice and play. Keep a hard copy in your manager's binder.

2016 Local Rules. Keep a hard copy in your binder and give copies to your umpires and parents.

All volunteers (coaches for right now) must submit a Volunteer Application for 2016.

Returning volunteers can use the Returning Volunteer App for 2016 which is new for 2015.

The Volunteer Application can be either given to your team's manager or sent directly to Ron Matthews.

Volunteer Application Instructions: Complete the form and return to Ron Matthews, 2857 Sea View Parkway, Alameda, 94502, or scan and e-mail it to him at Please include a photo copy of a government issued photo ID. 

Banner Application for 2016. These are the banners that hang on the Minor and Major fields home run fences.

Sponsor Form for 2016. Each team must have a sponsor. Sponsor and Manager Appreciation Night is scheduled for Sunday, 3/13/16.

Brick Order Form. These are the laser engraved bricks that are being placed as a front facade on the snack bar.

2016 Publicity Guidelines. Follow these guidelines for submitting games publicity write-ups.

Wednesday, February 10
Little League Bat Resource Page

The above link will take you to the Little League resource page regarding Bat safety. If that link doesn't work, cut and past the following into your browser:

This page will give you up-to-the minute info on which non-wood bats are licensed and permissible for Little League.  All bats that do not appear on the approved list are not allowed in Little League play. Bats must past rigorous testing. The maximum barrel diameter is 2 1/4" and must have a bpf rating of 1.15. If you have any questions please ask a board member. 

Pitching Resources
A special thanks to the Neptune Pearl for the pitching coaching clinics. The below pitching resources are available to managers. The first item is the instruction sheet from the "Pearl". The second item is a log that can be used during games to track pitch counts.  Pearl Coaching Clinic   Pitch Count Log

Tuesday, February 25
Heads Up: CONCUSSION in Youth Sports

To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, CDC developed the Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The Heads Up initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion. Press on the headline above to be taken to the CDC website. 

Click here for the Parent form.

Click here for the Clipboard form

Click here to be taken to the Little League site article about Concussion. You will be taken from this site to the Little League site.

FREE Little League Coach Training

Follow the above link to the Little League International Coach Resource Center. Here you will find FREE content about coaching/managing a Little League team. You can also subscribe to receive notices when new content is added.


Field Procedures

There are always questions about how to prepare the fields. The attached document helps anyone understand basic field procedures. Press here for Field Procedures.  

If you ever have any questions, please contact Ron Matthews at

Handout: Field Procedures

Thursday, March 28
MANAGERS: Important Information Regarding Score Keeping and Pitch Counts

As a result of a recent situation that occurred in an Alameda Little League Major Division game, we have decided to immediately ask all Official Scorekeepers in Major, AAA, and AA Divisions (Home Team Scorekeeper) to:



The Official Scorekeeper must provide the current pitch count for any pitcher when requested by either Manager or any umpire. In the event no announcement is made or heard, the Manager/s remain responsible for the pitch count and the rules that govern them, including limits by age. Please refer to Regulation VI-Pitchers, Page 37-38, Little League 2013 Baseball Official Regulations and Rules.

Click here for Rule 10.01 Score keeping and 10.22 Pitch Count

Click here for Official Scorer Rules from Little League

Thursday, February 25
Changes to 2016 Majors Schedule

Majors Divsion Managers, please note the following umpire changes to your schedule. All changes have been made to the on-line schedules. Be prepared for changes over the next few days as kinks get identified and resolved. Thank you for your patience. 

Two games and two games of umpiring assignments have changed on May 7. The changes are in BOLD face.

Day Date   Time   Home    Visitor Field   Plate   Bases
Sat 7-May  11:30  Royals Angels   Major   Cardinals Padres
Sat 7-May  2:00   Nationals Giants Major   Royals   Angels
Sat 7-May  4:30   Red Sox A's Major   Nationals Giants
Sat 7-May  7:00   Blue Jays Pirates Minor Red Sox   A's

Day Date   Time   Home Visitor Field Plate   Bases
Sat 7-May  11:30  Red Sox A's Major Cardinals Padres
Sat 7-May  2:00   Nationals Giants Major Red Sox   A's
Sat 7-May  4:30   Royals Angels Major Nationals Giants
Sat 7-May  7:00   Blue Jays Pirates Minor Royals    Angels  

Changes to April 9 and April 30 

Day Date   Time   Home Visitor Field Plate   Bases
Sat 9-Apr  9:00   A's Cardinals Major Padres   Nationals
Sat 30-Apr 9:00   Pirates Nationals Major Angels   Red Sox
Sat 30-Apr 11:30  Cardinals Royals Major Pirates   Nationals
Sat 30-Apr 2:00   Giants A's Major Cardinals Royals
Sat 30-Apr 4:30   Red Sox Padres Major Giants   A's 


  • The Nationals vs. Padres game shown originally shown on the schedule as 4/29 will be played on 4/28 from 6:30 to 8:30.

Thursday, February 25
Umpiring Assignment Changes to 2016 AA Schedule

AA Managers, please be advised of the following umpiring change to your schedule:

Day Date Time Home Visitor Field Umpire Assignment
Sat 12-Mar 2:00 Chihuahuas Thunder Kees Rock Hounds
Mon 4-Apr 5:30 Rock Hounds Sea Dogs Kees Riverdogs

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