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Thursday, February 27
Baseball Division Schedules with Umpiring Assignments
Baseball Division (A, AA, AAA, Majors) schedules with umpiring assignments may be found on the "Handouts" page of this website. Follow the link below to the handouts.
Handout: Baseball Division Schedules with Umpiring Assignments

Saturday, February 27
Umpire Clinic Documents

The attached documents are for umpires who are interested in learning the basics of umpiring in Alameda Little League.

If you have any questions, please call Randy Marmor at 418-7451 or Ron Matthews at 769-6031.

Handout: Umpire Clinic Documents

Sunday, February 24
Umpire Clinic Little League Presentation

This is the presentation used during the Umpiring Clinic on Feb 23. It is good review in addition to studying the LL Rule Books.  Press Here for the 2013 Little League Rules Training Presentation.

Monday, February 25
Little League Bat Resource Page

The above link will take you to the Little League resource page regarding Bat safety. If that link doesn't work, cut and past the following into your browser:

This page will give you up-to-the minute info on which non-wood bats are licensed and permissible for Little League.  All bats that do not appear on the approved list are not allowed in Little League play. Bats must past rigorous testing. The maximum barrel diameter is 2 1/4" and must have a bpf rating of 1.15. If you have any questions please ask a board member. 

Saturday, February 22
2014 Umpiring Clinic a Great Success
2014 Umpiring Clinic

Over 100 volunteers attended the 2014 Umpiring Clinic on Feb. 22. The league is quite impressed with the turnout. We are looking forward to a great 2014 season.  

Umpiring Clinic: Our umpiring clinic will be held at the minor field on Saturday, February 22 from 9am - 1pm. Please arrive as early as 8:30 in order to sign in, drink your coffee, etc. and be on the field by 9am. Training is mandatory for all managers, coaches, parents, and teenagers who wish to umpire games at any level in our league this year. The agenda is tailored to meet the needs of umpires in the various divisions, as opposed to spending time having A managers learn plate umpire mechanics and majors managers learn to operate the pitching machine, for example. There will be a rules session for the entire group. I cannot stress how important it is for you to attend the clinic and bring as many assistant coaches, parent volunteers, and junior umpire candidates (as young as 12) as you can; the quality of our games really does depend on it.

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