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Welcome to Alameda Little League, California District 4!

Alameda Little League is a community organization driven by dedicated volunteers whose primary purpose is to provide an outlet for healthful activity and training under positive leadership. The objective of the League shall be to instill firmly in the children of Alameda the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they can be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens. Our Board of Directors serve as volunteers and receive no compensation for their time.

Saturday, March 25
ALL Little League Fields STATUS

 Little League fields: Majors, Minors, Kees (Lippert) and Anderson (Rittler).

Majors: Playable. All games to be played as scheduled.
Minors: Playable. All games to be played as scheduled.
Kees: Playable. All games to be played as scheduled.
Anderson: 9:00AM game cancelled, managers need to reschedule. 11:30 and later games to be played as scheduled.


Batting cages are open if conditions make them usable. Use of those cages one hour before game time goes to the teams playing on Majors and Minors. Managers may use the fields share document to reserve other times.

Pre-game use: One hour prior to game time on Majors and Minors the teams playing have use of one batting cage.

Cage Designation for pre-game warmups:
- The cage closest to the snack bar is for the Minors Home team
- The free standing cage in the Majors outfield is for the Majors Home team
- The cage furthest from the Majors Home cage is the Minors Visitor cage
- The cage adjacent to the Minors Visitor cage is for use by the Majors Visitin team.

On-field Practices: During on-field practices, each team gets one cage during practice time. 4 fields, 4 cages, one tee cage per team.

Cage Designation for practices:
- The cage closest to the snack bar will be the AA cage.
- The cage adjacent to the equipment shed will be the Single A cage.
- The AAA or major teams practicing on Minor or Major get the other 2 with the tee cage.  

Friday, March 24

All ARPD fields (Bayport East, Bayport West, Franklin, Leyedecker, Lincoln, LittleJohn, Woodstock) are CLOSED

For future practices to see if the fields are open and playable, you can call the ARPD weather hotline at 510-747-7540. One of the problems is that ARPD does not update the hotline on Friday and on the weekends. If you get to a field and there is a closed sign, do not use it.  

Sunday, March 12
2017 Snack Bar Supervisors Needed

Alameda Little League urgently needs Snack Bar Supervisors! We have made the job much easier, and have made team responsibilities easier too! Any team who brings us a Supervisor will only have to bring ONE volunteer to the Snack Bar for their shift instead of THREE for all other teams.

A Supervisor is a trainer of the operations and tasks for a shift. They do not have to stay the entire shift, they must open the Snack Bar, train the volunteers, and then they may leave. Board Members will now be closing so that it makes it easier for Supervisors. This job is clearly for those who have operated the Snack Bar several times and know how to teach it to others. Please call Ron Matthews at 510-915-6031, or Snack Bar Coordinator Lian Adams at 510-227-4438 if you are interested!

Press this link to be taken to the 2017 Snack Bar Schedule. Just a reminder that the snack bar is a major source of revenue for Alameda Little League which helps us keep your registration fees the lowest in District 4.

Saturday, February 25
Diamond Skills Spring Break Baseball Camp


Join fellow Alameda Little League players and teammante and have a full fun week of baseball at the Diamond Skills Spring Break Baseball Camp APRIL 3RD - 7TH at the Alameda Little League Fields. Coached by NEPTUNE BEACH COACHES, the spring break camp is a great opportunity for players to expand their skills in a competitive and fun learning environment. Registration is open at:

Sunday, March 19
Alameda Hosts Albany in Today's Challenger Game

Alameda hosted the Albany Mets in today's Challenger game held here in Alameda. The Major's A's acted as buddies to the players on both teams. The Challenger players had a great time playing baseball. The day started with the Majors A's leading the Challenger players through warm-ups followed by the game. The Albany parents thanked the Majors A's and complimented them on being the most supportive and involved team their Challenger players have encountered. Do try and make it to a Challenger game. The schedule is posted on the Challenger page on our website.

The Alameda Challenger team is proudly sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans Chapter 400, and scholarship donations by Remax Real Estate and Judges Northridge & McGuines.

Wednesday, March 15
Baseball Schedules

Please note the following information regarding the baseball schedules:

  • All weekday games between now and through the end of March that started at 5:30pm have been moved to a 5:00pm start time. This is for Majors, AAA, AA and A divisions.
  • The website is considered the source of truth for all schedules and umpiring assignments. We will not redistribute spreadsheets if schedule changes are made. Please refer to the website.
  • On the "Baseball Schedules" page, if you scroll to the bottom you will see links for each team in the Majors, AAA, AA and A divisions. Visiting that page is an easy way to see your team's schedule.

2017 Opening Day National Anthem
Saturday, March 11
Opening Ceremonies Schedule

Note: Team and Event Photos can be found on the 2017 Opening Day & Team Photos, Farm & T Ball and Challenger Division Pages.
Challenger plays its first game on 3/12 at 2:00pm on Kees Field.

Noon: Ceremonies/Parade begins, Challenger through Majors, All Stars last
12:35 PM: Recognition of All Star Teams 2016
12:40 PM: National Anthem and Little League Pledge
12:45 PM: Introductions of guests
              (Rob Bonta, Jim Oddie, Malia Vella, Amy Woolridge, Judges McGuiness & Northridge, Joe LoParo)
1:00 PM: Introduction of the Board of Directors
1:05 PM: Announcement of scholarships for all Challenger players (Remax Realtors, Judges McGuiness & Northridge)
1:15 PM: Presentation of Alameda Little League Donation to the City of Alameda for Estuary Park Challenger Field
              Recognition of Amy Woolridge as Guest of Honor
1:20 PM: Parade Award Winners
1:30 PM: Conclusion

Wednesday, March 8
Challenger Program Announcement


It is with great pride that I announce the scholarship donations of $500 each from Remax Real Estate and Judges Northridge & McGuiness that will enable our Challenger participants to play for FREE! Remax Real Estate is owned by Joe Loparo who was on our Board from 1995 to 2000 and helped us become the League we are today. Likewise, Alameda Superior Court Judge Robert McGuiness, who was on our Board during the same period, and his wife Alameda Superior Court Judge Yolanda Northridge have helped Alameda Little League become what it is today.

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 400 remains as the Challenger team sponsor, and on Saturday at Opening Day Ceremonies we will be recognizing the imminent opening of the City of Alameda Challenger Field at Estuary Park. Alameda Little League has contributed $50,000 toward the building of that field, an investment that will be a great benefit to our program and the community. We will be honoring Amy Woolridge of Alameda Recreation and Parks Department who fought the very difficult fundraising battle to build that wonderful facility for our youth.

I look forward to honoring these donors, sponsors, and true leaders of our community!

Ron Matthews
President, Alameda Little League

Challenger Field Dedication

Tuesday, February 28
Pre-Order Photo Day at Shooting Stars

You can pre-order your 2017 photos at Included in your order is the team Image Mate photo and Photo Magnet. Use te pre-order Access Code AL2217
Access code AL221
choose "Order Before Photo Day"

Be sure to finalize the transaction, print off your receipt and bring it with you to photo day. Photos will be taken on opening day.

Wednesday, March 1
2017 Season Calendar Updated

Season Prep and Training:
Mar 05 - ALL Umpire Training - mandatory for all teams, register on-line below; check-in at NOON at the Snack Bar
Available on-line - ALL Umpire Rules Clinic Webinar
Mar 07, 6:00pm - CPR Training - Wood Middle School Multi-Purpose Room. all managers are required to be certified, parents are also invited. FREE event. Register on-line below

Regular Season:
Mar 11- Opening Day Festivities - Noon to 1:30. Ceremonies for the entire League and at least 1 game per baseball divisions A, AA, AAA, Majors
Mar 11 - Photo Day
Mar 11 - Field Prep clinic immediately following Opending Day Festivities. Meet at the main equipment shed
Mar 11 - Opening Day Games - 2:00pm on all fields 
Mar 12 - All remaing teams in Majors through A division play
Mar 12 - Challenger Games begin TBD - Score Keeping Clinic, at the picnic tables at Lum School playground area

Mar 19 - First games for Farm and T-Ball
Jun 03 - Championship Games and Closing Ceremonies

Tuesday, March 8
Baseball Rules Webinar Recordings

The below recordings are from the 2016 Baseball Rule Webinar.  These can be accessed anytime by clicking on the links. Please review these recordings before attending the 2017 Umpiring Training.  

If this is your first time using Cisco's WebEx you will need to create a FREE account. You will also need to install the WebEx extension into your browser. You do not need to purchase an upgrade. If the meeting will not start, call Cisco WebEx customer support at 1-866-863-3905. This is a toll free call. 

1) Intro, Umpires and Safety
2) Bat Rules
3) Strikes, Strike Zones, Uncaught Third Strike and Balls
4) Ball in Play (Fair/Foul, Catch, Foul Ball)
5) Tag, Batted Ball Out of Play, Thrown or Pitched Ball Out of Play
6) Interference and Obstruction, Sliding to Avoid Interference
7) Infield Fly Rule, Runner Leaving Early, Appeals, Continuous Batting Order
8) Baseball Myths
9) Local Rules

Reference Materials:
2016 Little League Rules Training Presentation (download)
Basic Umpire Mechanics (download)
Top 40 Baseball Rule Myths (download)
Baseball Myths Explained (you will be taken to an external website)

Sunday, February 26
2017 Local Rules Adopted

2017 Local Rules. Keep a hard copy in your binder and give copies to your umpires and parents.

Wednesday, February 8
ALL Field Closure Protocol

There are two sets of fields that Alameda Little League uses, Little League Fields and ARPD fields. The Little League Fields of Anderson (formerly Rittler), Kees (formerly Lippert), Majors, and Minor and are under Alameda Little League control. The ARPD fields of Bayport, Littlejohn, Leydecker, Tillman, etc are managed by Alameda Recreation and Parks are under ARPD control. We have to call this out because ALL fields may be open while ARPD fields may be closed.

Little League Fields : The league controls whether or not the fields are open. Check the Little League website the day of an event (practice or games) to see if your team's field is open. We will do our best to update the status by 2:00pm. If you have a game or practice scheduled and there is no information on this website with respect to closure assume that the practice or game will go on as scheduled and arrive at the scheduled time.

If there are adverse weather conditions during the day any decision to suspend a game is a game-time decision and will not be reported on this website. Please plan on all games starting on-time and arriving at the time your team's manager has specified. 

ARPD Fields: Alameda Recreation and Parks Department manage the ARPD Fields. They have full control deciding that a field is either open or closed.The ARPD maintains a weather hotline Monday through Friday at 510-747-7540. The hotline is updated by 2:00pm. If a field has a "Field Closed" sign the field is closed, please respect it and do not use the field. It is very easy to damage a wet field. Play fields in Alameda are a scarce resource and must be treated as such.

Saturday, November 12
Little League Bat Resource Page

The holidays are approaching quickly. If you plan on a new bat for your player please visit the Little League International website regarding Bat safety. You can find a list of approved bats there.

If that link doesn't work, cut and past the following into your browser:

This page will give you up-to-the minute info on which non-wood bats are licensed and permissible for Little League.  All bats that do not appear on the approved list are not allowed in Little League play. Bats must past rigorous testing. The maximum barrel diameter is 2 1/4" and must have a bpf rating of 1.15. If you have any questions please ask a board member. 

Saturday, November 12
2017 Age Chart

2017 Age Chart

2016 Expenses
2016 Budget
Friday, October 7
Where Your Registration Fees Go

Curious as to where your registration fee goes? Alameda Little League prides itself as returning 98% of your registration fees back to the kids and Little League. The pie chart shows how the 2016 budget was allocated. We do our best to assure that dollar for dollar your children get the most out of your registration fee.

Tuesday, March 15
Definition of "CURFEW"

Curfew is referenced in the Local Rules and its definition is given here. Curfew is 9:30 on Tuesday-Thursday and 10:00 Friday & Saturday. At Curfew, the lights are extinguished.

AAA Games: In AAA games preceding a 7:15 night game there will be a "hard" stop at the 2 hour mark. All AAA games before a 7:15 night game will end precisely at 7:00pm regardless of its start time. Please review rule 4.10(d), "regulation" game and rule 4.11(d) Exception for incomplete innings. 

Majors Games:  No time limit may be imposed due to Little League rules, however, the lights must go out at 9:30 PM on games Tuesday through Thursday, and 10 PM on Friday and Saturday. Rule 4.10 applies.

Friday, March 17
Sponsorship Donations

 If you would like to help Alameda Little League serve the community in the form of a donation simply press the button below. 

Sponsorship Donations

By pressing "Donate" you will be taken to a secured PayPal site for the processing of your transaction .




As you may have heard at opening ceremonies, Alameda Little League has a great fundraiser starting up.  You can purchase customized laser engraved bricks that will be installed on or around the snack bar.  These bricks are similar to the custom bricks you may have seen at Disneyland.  You can customize it to say your players name, your family name, your team name - whatever you'd like.  This is your chance to leave a lasting memory at the Little League fields!

The cost is $100 for one brick/$150 for two. This fundraising effort is for the Alameda Little League General Fund only and will not go to any one team. All proceeds are used to keep registration fees as low as possible.

The order form can be found on the little league website,  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (510) 769-6031 or via email at

Thank you for supporting Alameda Little League!

Handout: Brick Order Form

Tuesday, February 12
Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information regarding Alameda Little League, please PRESS HERE!!! or go to the FAQ menu option.

Wednesday, March 5

  Thank You Sponsors! The 2014 sponsor list is available in the Sponsors section of this web site.

Wednesday, February 12
Comments or Questions Regarding This Website

If you have any comments, concerns or questions regarding this website, please email

Wednesday, February 12
Advertising On This Website

Did you know that we average 10,000 hits per week on this website during the playing season? This is a great place for local business to advertise while supporting Alameda Little League. The two banner ads on the top of this website are available. All proceeds benefit Alameda Little League. For more information please contact Ron Matthews at

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