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Welcome to Alameda Little League, California District 4!

Alameda Little League is a community organization driven by dedicated volunteers whose primary purpose is to provide an outlet for healthful activity and training under positive leadership. The objective of the League shall be to instill firmly in the children of Alameda the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they can be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens.Our Board of Directors serve as volunteers and receive no compensation for their time.

Saturday, January 19
2019 Make-up Evaluations Schedule - January 26

The 2019 Player Evaluation dates for Baseball Divisions (Majors, AAA, AA, and A) for ages 12-7 are scheduled for January 26. Player Evaluations will be held at the Alameda Little League fields at Grand Street and Otis Drive behind Wood Middle school. Evaluations are required for all baseball divisions. No player may be drafted into Majors without being evaluated. Again, players who are eligible to play in Majors MUST be evaluated. Farm and T-Ball players do not need to evaluate. Players should arrive to sign in and do warm ups at least 30 minutes prior to their group's assigned start time. The sign in table will be in the walk way between the Major and Minor fields. A player's evaluation group is based on age. Below is the schedule based on LEAGUE AGE.

Please use the 2019 AGE CHART to determine age and attend the correct time. 

On-line registration for ages 12-7 Baseball is closed. We will accept Walk-Up registrations. 

Make up dates:

Saturday, January 26
Check In: 8:30
11 and 12 year olds 9am (check-in at 8:30)
9 and 10 year olds 10am (check-in at 9:30)
7 and 8 year olds 11am (check-in at 10:30)

Sunday, January 27
(if January 26 is rained out. Follows January 26 schedule) 

Saturday, January 19
2019 Sponsor and Volunteer Appreciation Night


Thursday, January 3
Operation Dress Up Sports Clothing and Equipment Drive

Students from Operation Dress Up will be having their annual used sports clothing and equipment drive this year during evals on Jan. 12. Please bring your donations to help support this worthy cause!

Thursday, September 6
Registration For the 2019 Season is OPEN!!!

Press HERE to register for the 2019 Season 

We here at Alameda Little League hope that everyone has had a great summer. It's not too early to start planning for the 2019 spring season. This year we are opening our on-line registration earlier for your convenience. This also helps us because late registration makes the process of finding Managers and coaches more difficult for us as administrators. So we encourage you to register now for the 2019 Spring Season. If you would like to Manage a team, please contact Ron Matthews as soon as possible at 

You can find most of the information that you need on our FAQ, or in one of the articles of our news page. If you have a question that is not answered on the website, please feel free to give me a call at 1-510-769-6031 and I will personally answer. Unidentified callers will not be accepted.

Alameda Little League is very popular in our community and boasts a great reputation for a recreational and competitive baseball program. Please register early and get it out of the way, we always offer a money back guarantee if your player decides they don’t want to play before they are assigned to a team in late January. Rates go up January 1st, 2019. Registration closes mid-January.

Wednesday, October 24
Intermediate 50 70 Division 2019 Calendar

The Intermediate 50/70 Division is part of Little League and starts its play earlier than the other divisions. This is becaues its world series is held in July. Intermediate plays its games at Lyedecker Park. This division is primarily for those players who have graduated Majors. Registration closes January 11th at 8:00pm

Below are key dates:

Jan. 11 - Registration  Closes
Jan. 12 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm - Evaluations (Alameda Litle League Fields)
Jan. 2019 - Team Formation
Feb. 2019 - Practices Begin
Late February / Early March 2019 - Games Begin

Sunday, October 21
2019 Alameda Little League Calendar


Player Evaluations
- Jan 12-13 - Player Evaluations; times by age to be posted
- Jan 26 - Player Evaluations Make-Up Date
Baseball Drafts
- Jan 29 - Majors Draft
- Jan 31 - AAA Draft
- Feb 5  - AA Draft
- Feb 7  - A Draft
- Feb 18 - Farm & T-Ball teams formed

- March 1 - Sponsor/Volunteer Recognition Party

- Mar 2 - Umpire Training, 12:00pm - 3:00pm (please refer to the "UMPIRING." page for more information)
- Mar TBD - CPR Training - Location TBD. All managers are required to be certified, parents are also invited. FREE event. Register will open in Feb/Mar
- Mar 09 - Field Prep clinic immediately following Opending Day Festivities. Meet at the main equipment shed

Regular Season:
- Mar 09 - Opening Day Festivities - NOON to 1:30. Teams should arrive at 11:30 to set up for the parade. Ceremonies for the entire League and at least 1 game per baseball divisions A, AA, AAA, Majors
- Mar 09 - Photo Day- teams will be notified of times to report
- Mar 09 - Opening Day Games - 2:00pm on all fields; Majors play at 6:30pm
- Mar 10 - Full slate of games for Majors through A division
- Mar 17 - First games for Farm and T-Ball
- Mar TBD - Home Challenger Games begin (schedule will be posted on the Challenger page)
- Mar 31 - Apr 7 - AUSD Spring Break (no games)
- May TBD - Photo Day Make-Up at the fields
- May TBD - Majors Division Double Elimination Playoff Tournament Begins
- May 10 - A's Fireworks Game
- May 12 - Mother's Day Farm and T-Ball Rose Games
- May TBD - AA and AAA Divisions Single Elimination Playoff Tournaments Begin
- May TBD - A Division Playoff Tournament Begins
- Jun 01 - Championship Games @9:00AM
- Jun 01 - Closing Ceremonies @NOON on the Minors field

Sunday, November 4
MLBPAA Players and Coaches Clinic Great Success

The Major Leage Baseball Players Alumni Association held their free Legends For Youth Clinic and Coaches clinces on Saturday, Nov. 3. Nearly 100 players and coaches attended. Former MLB players clinic coaches: Erik Schullstrom - Twins, Jalal Leach - Giants, Tom Urbani - Cardinals, Mike Felder - Giants, Tim Fortugno - Angels, Rick Rodriguez - A's, Shooty Babitt - A's, Shawon Dunston - Giants, and Noah Lowry - Giants


Shawon Dunston and Noah Lowry

Wednesday, September 12
Change in Volunteer Background Checks

Little League has entered into an agreement with J.D. Palentine (JDP), another vendor for background checks, this time taking the local League out of the information gathering. All volunteers will need to do now is give our President their name and email address and a letter will be sent to them with a link that will allow them to complete the application online in just a few minutes. There are no forms, no emailing confidential information! Once done, volunteers will be on the JDP data base and always be recognized as a volunteer. Please read the link below for more information and FAQ regarding this change.

Wednesday, June 6
Three Alameda Little League Alumni Drafted in 2018 MLB Amatuer Draft


Three former Alameda Little League players were drafted in the 2018 Major League Baseball Amatuer Draft!!!

Congratulations go out to Osiris Johnson, Michael Perri and Kaleo Johnson.

Osiris Johnson, a 2nd round pick and the 53rd overall pick by the Miami Marlins. Osiris just finished his Senior year at Encinal High School.

Michael Perri was a 21st round pick by the St Louis Cardinals. Michael graduated from Bishop O’Dowd High School and graduated this year from the University of San Francisco.

Kaleo Johnson was drafted in the 32nd Round by the Tampa Bay Rays. Kaleo a graduate of Encinal High School just finished his junior year at Montana State University Billings where he became the first player in school history to be named a consensus All-American!

Congratulations again to these former Alameda Little League players and their families on a dream come true!


Sunday, June 3
2018 Closing Ceremonies


Closing Ceremonies were held on a sun drenched Saturday, June 2. This marks the end of the 2018 season. Fans and players enjoyed exciting championship games and $1 hotdogs from the snack bar.

Recognized were the graduating 12 year olds, and the newly crowned champions of each baseball division, as well as the second place teams. In addtion we also recognized the Wootten Award Player winners, Matteucci Award Manager winners and President's Award. T-ball and Farm players receive a participation trophy, and baseball division players receive an Alameda Little League t-shirt. 

This is our way of giving participation trophies as a tradition for our younger players, while still giving the older kids something to remember for the season. Shirt for the graduating 12 year olds will be distributed through the Majors Division managers later this week.

 A special thank you goes out to all of our volunteers, parents and players for making this such a successful season!


Sunday, May 20
Aftermarket Helmet C Flaps Decertified

Please read the below letter. It is late breaking news and needs to be followed. Please do not wait for a game to find out your child cannot use their batting helmet.

Today Little League issues guidance regarding the modification of batters helmets with the addition of a face guard (i.e. C Flap). It includes a discussion of the differences between helmet face guards (i.e flaps) and why they are an alteration, vs. a Face Mask which is a NOCSAE certified addition to the helmet.

You can read the entire piece on this page on the Little League website. Embedded in this is the letter that has been sent to each helmet manufacturer.

The summary of this is that any alteration or modification of a helmet potentially voids the NOCSAE certification of that helmet. Little League has asked the manufacturers and suppliers of helmets to respond and advise if the addition of a C Flap or other Face Guard will void the certification on their helmets. To date, only Boombah has replied that if their supplied Flap is attached to their helmet they will stand by the NOCSAE certification. The manufacturer of Rawlings, DeMariani, Louisville Slugger, and EvoShield has advised that the addition of a face guard will void their certification. No reply has been made by the other manufacturers such as Easton or Adidas.

All league officials are being advised to not allow the use of helmets that do not have the approval letter (so as of now only Boombah complies) in Little League play. Umpires doing equipment inspection should remove those helmets. Managers should be removing them from use on their team unless they meet the guidance. Parents and others should be told to contact the manufacturers for more information and to secure an approval letter on their own behalf if desired. If a manager produces such a letter to the umpires satisfaction, they should allow the modified helmet to be used. However, if the umpire can determine that the helmet has been altered by drilling of holes or other changes the helmet should be deemed not for use.

For more information on protecting our players from damage to the head and facial area, I suggest you review the information on the Center for Disease Control Heads Up website. They have available a great resource you can post on your league website or distribute to your participants on Batter's helmet safety.


Monday, April 16
Pet Rules at the Fields

We love our dogs and a lot of folks like to bring them with them to the games. Just a friendly reminder that dogs are not permitted within the fenced spectator areas of the Majors and Minors fields. Elsewhere dogs are permitted and must be on a leash as per ARPD rules. Thank you for your cooperation.

Monday, April 16
Athletic Shoes ONLY at Estuary Park

Please be advised that only athletic shoes may be used when playing at Estuary Park. Effective immediately all games except Challenger scheduled for Estuary will be moved back to the Little League Fields. Estuary Park will still be used for practices and players and coaches must wear athletic shoes only. Cleats may not be worn.

Monday, April 16
Field Status

April 16 - 2:00pm

Alameda Little League Fields Update: All Little League fields are in playable condition and are OPEN. All games are to be played as scheduled. Players should report to the fields at their manager's requested time.

ARPD Fields Update: All ARPD fields are OPEN unless there is a "Field Closed" sign on the field. Please do not ignore the sign and use a "Closed" field.

ARPD field status line, 510-747-7540, is updated at 2:00pm. If not updated on this website, please call and check. Since Estuary is synthetic it drains well and may remain open. Please do not use Estuary if it is raining.  

During rainy weather, please respect the "Fields Closed" signs on ARPD fields. 

For additional information, please see the "ALL Field Closure Protocol" article in the Managers Info and Forms page.

Tuesday, March 8
Baseball Rules Webinar Recordings

The below recordings are from the 2016 Baseball Rule Webinar.  These can be accessed anytime by clicking on the links. Please review these recordings before attending the 2017 Umpiring Training.  

If this is your first time using Cisco's WebEx you will need to create a FREE account. You will also need to install the WebEx extension into your browser. You do not need to purchase an upgrade. If the meeting will not start, call Cisco WebEx customer support at 1-866-863-3905. This is a toll free call. 

1) Intro, Umpires and Safety
2) Bat Rules
3) Strikes, Strike Zones, Uncaught Third Strike and Balls
4) Ball in Play (Fair/Foul, Catch, Foul Ball)
5) Tag, Batted Ball Out of Play, Thrown or Pitched Ball Out of Play
6) Interference and Obstruction, Sliding to Avoid Interference
7) Infield Fly Rule, Runner Leaving Early, Appeals, Continuous Batting Order
8) Baseball Myths
9) Local Rules

Reference Materials:
Alameda Little League Rules Training Presentation, Updated 2018 (download)
Basic Umpire Mechanics (download)
Top 40 Baseball Rule Myths (download)
Baseball Myths Explained (you will be taken to an external website)

Sunday, January 7
Batting Cage Use


During PRE-SEASON on-field practices, each team gets one cage during practice time. 4 fields, 4 cages, one cage per team.

Single A Field Pre-Season Practice Cage - Major Home - free standing cage in Majors outfield adjacent to equipment shed 
AA Field Pre-Season Cage - Minor Home - free standing cage near snack bar in Minor outfield; 
Majors Field Pre-Season Practice Cage - Major Away - cage furthest away from Major home in the cluster of three cages in the Majors outfield; 
Minors Field Pre-Season Practice Cage - Minor Away - cage in the middle of the cluster of three cages in the Majors outfield. 
T Cage - cage nearest Major Home. That one is first come, first serve. Please leave it open for walk-ups.


Pre-game use: One hour prior to game time on Majors and Minors the teams playing have use of one batting cage.Cage Designation for pre-game warmups:
- The cage closest to the snack bar is for the Minors Home team
- The free standing cage in the Majors outfield is for the Majors Home team
- The cage furthest from the Majors Home cage is the Minors Visitor cage
- The cage adjacent to the Minors Visitor cage is for use by the Majors Visitin team. 
A reservation calendar will be built out on the Fields share by March 10.

Friday, May 12
Alameda Little League Store

Get your official Alameda Little League merchandise here at the ALL On-Line Store or by clicking on the image above while benefiting ALL! Little League International has partnered with PrepSports for this unique opportunity that benefits local leagues. Alameda Little League receives 15% of sales.


2016 Expenses
2016 Budget
Friday, October 7
Where Your Registration Fees Go

Curious as to where your registration fee goes? Alameda Little League prides itself as returning 98% of your registration fees back to the kids and Little League. The pie chart shows how the 2016 budget was allocated. We do our best to assure that dollar for dollar your children get the most out of your registration fee.

Tuesday, March 15
Definition of "CURFEW"

Curfew is referenced in the Local Rules and its definition is given here. Curfew is 9:30 on Tuesday-Thursday and 10:00 Friday & Saturday. At Curfew, the lights are extinguished.

AAA Games: In AAA games preceding a 7:15 night game there will be a "hard" stop at the 2 hour mark. All AAA games before a 7:15 night game will end precisely at 7:00pm regardless of its start time. Please review rule 4.10(d), "regulation" game and rule 4.11(d) Exception for incomplete innings. 

Majors Games:  No time limit may be imposed due to Little League rules, however, the lights must go out at 9:30 PM on games Tuesday through Thursday, and 10 PM on Friday and Saturday. Rule 4.10 applies.

Friday, March 17
Sponsorship Donations

 If you would like to help Alameda Little League serve the community in the form of a donation simply press the button below. 

Sponsorship Donations

By pressing "Donate" you will be taken to a secured PayPal site for the processing of your transaction .




As you may have heard at opening ceremonies, Alameda Little League has a great fundraiser starting up.  You can purchase customized laser engraved bricks that will be installed on or around the snack bar.  These bricks are similar to the custom bricks you may have seen at Disneyland.  You can customize it to say your players name, your family name, your team name - whatever you'd like.  This is your chance to leave a lasting memory at the Little League fields!

The cost is $100 for one brick/$150 for two. This fundraising effort is for the Alameda Little League General Fund only and will not go to any one team. All proceeds are used to keep registration fees as low as possible.

The order form can be found on the little league website,  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (510) 769-6031 or via email at

Thank you for supporting Alameda Little League!

Handout: Brick Order Form

Tuesday, February 12
Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information regarding Alameda Little League, please PRESS HERE!!! or go to the FAQ menu option.

Saturday, June 2

  Thank You Sponsors! The 2014 sponsor list is available in the Sponsors section of this web site.

Wednesday, February 12
Comments or Questions Regarding This Website

If you have any comments, concerns or questions regarding this website, please email

Wednesday, February 12
Advertising On This Website

Did you know that we average 10,000 hits per week on this website during the playing season? This is a great place for local business to advertise while supporting Alameda Little League. The two banner ads on the top of this website are available. All proceeds benefit Alameda Little League. For more information please contact Ron Matthews at

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