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Welcome to Alameda Little League, California District 4!

Saturday, August 8
Intermediate World Series

The Intermediate 50/70 World Series begins August 2 in Livermore. Game 1 is at 9:00AM, Puerto Rico vs. Canada. The tournament is structured with an International Pool consisting of 5 teams and a United States Pool of 6 teams. The Championship game will be played Saturday, August 8 and will be televised on ESPN.  

Intermediate World Series Home Page The site features live feeds and archived feeds of played games. You can also find the tournament brackets. 

Intermediate World Series Live Scoreboard   This site features GameChanger feeds.

Monday, July 27
Lights Installation Updates


July 27: today the construction crew began boring the holes to route the cables to the lights. No trenches will be dug.

Electrical Cable Boring Video

July 24: One day after the Section 1 tournament ends the lights installation at the Minors field begins. Minors will be closed for three weeks while the lights are installed.  We'll keep you posted as the work progresses.

Follow this link to the Lights Project page.

The below image will give you a good idea of what the illuminated field will look like. You can still help by donating to the cause. The button below will take you to PayPal where you can send donations.


Field Lighting Donations

By pressing "Donate" you will be taken to a secured PayPal site for the processing of your transaction .



Thursday, July 23
Northern California Section 1 - Petaluma Valley Champions

Petaluma Valley Section 1 Champions

Petaluma Valley became Section 1 Champions winning a 13-0 game 2 vs Lafayette. Congratulations and best of luck to Petaluma in the Division games in Stockton. 

With a dramatic 6-5 victory Wednesday night over Petaluma Valley, Lafayette advances to Thursday night's Championship game.  The same two teams play each other again at 6pm.  The winner advances to the Nor Cal Division tournament in Stockton.

Alameda Little League is hosting the Northern California Section 1 Tournament games at our fields this year.  Representing District 4, of which Alameda LL is a member, is Lafayette Little League.  Come out and see some good baseball.  How many home runs will be hit over the snack bar?

District 03: Mill Valley
District 04: Lafayette
District 35: Petaluma Valley
District 53: Napa American
Distrcit 64: Dixon 

Northern California Section 1 Schedule 
Date   Day   Time   Game  Level   Result
 18-Jul  Sat   11:00 AM   Opening Round  11-12   Napa American 6, Dixon 1 
 18-Jul   Sat   1:30 PM   Opening Round  11-12   Petaluma Valley 8, Mill Valley 4 
 19-Jul  Sun  11:00 AM   Winner Bracket  11-12   Lafayette 9, Napa American 1 
 19-Jul  Sun   1:30 PM   Elimination Bracket  11-12   Mill Valley 8, Dixon 1 (eliminated)
 20-Jul  Mon   6:00 PM  Winner Bracket  11-12   Petaluma Valley 6, Lafayette 4
 20-Jul  Mon   6:00 PM   Elimination Bracket   11-12   Mill Valley 10, Napa American 0 (eliminated)
 21-Jul  Tue   6:00 PM   Elimination Bracket   11-12   Lafayette 4, Mill Valley 3 (eliminated)  
 22-Jul  Wed   6:00 PM   Championship Round   11-12   Lafayette 6, Petaluma Valley 5
 23-Jul  Thu  6:00 PM   Championship Game  11-12   Lafayette 0 Petaluma Valley 13   


Sunday, June 14
The Road to Williamsport - Little League World Series

Have you ever wondered how does a team get to the Little League World Series?

  1. Be a member of the local league All Star Team. 
  2. Win the District tournament.
    District 4 is comprised of 15 leagues that play baseball. Alamed is part of District 4.   
  3. Win the California Section 1 Tournament.
    Section 1 is comprised of 5 Districts in the Northern California. 
  4. Win the California Division 2 Tournament.
    Division 2 is made up of 7 Sections that comprise the 31 Districts of Northern California. (9-10 and 10-11 play stops at the Division level). 
  5. Win the Western Regional Tournament. The Western Region is comprised of 4 State Champions and both Northern and Southern California. The Little League Western Region is played in San Bernardino, CA. 
  6. Finally, you’ve arrived at the World Series. 

In Baseball the World Series is comprised of the winners of the 8 Regional tournaments throughout the United States. There are also 8 teams that represent Latin America, Asia Pacific, MEA (Middle East and Africa), Caribbean, Japan, Europe, Mexico, and Canada. The Little League World Series is held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The Intermediate 50/70 World Series is held in Livermore, CA.

Sunday, July 19
Alameda 11-12 Year Olds are SBC Champions

11-12 Year Old SBC Team

July 19: Alameda is the SBC Champion in the 11-12 Year Old Bracket. Yesterday's contest was Alameda 13, Martinez 6.

Juyl 16: The 11-12 Year Old All-Star team will play in the Championship Game against Martinez in the Summer Baseball Classic this Saturday. They defeated Lafayette 14-1 tonight. Game time is at noon at the Concord Amercian Galindo Fields.

There are two divisions in the SBC, 11-12 Year Old and 9-10 Year Old. Good Luck Alameda!

SBC 11-12 Year Old Tournament Bracket

Saturday, July 18
Alameda 1 are 9-10 Year Old SBC Champions

9-10 Year Old SBC Red (Photo: Robtography LLC)

July 19:  Alameda 1 (Red) are the SBC champions in the 9-10 yearl old division. Yesterday's final was Alameda (1) 14, Alameda (2) 5.

July 16: In the 9-10 Division, Alameda 1 (Red) will play Alameda 2 (Blue) in the Summer Baseball Classic. Both teams are undefeated. Game time is high noon at Alameda's major field on June 18.  Looks like there's going to be a show-down. 

SBC 9-10 Year Old Tournament Bracket

9-10 Year Old SBC Blue Team

Monday, July 20
Donations to Replace Stolen Gear

One of our League Players, Max Hernandez, had all his gear stolen over the weekend while attending a baseball tournament out of town (gloves, bats, bag, etc.). Nick Griego is collecting donations so that Max can get re-equipped. Please reach out to Nick at and contribute what you can.

Tuesday, June 23
2015 All-Stars Tournament Updates

12 Year Old All-Stars

Thank you All Stars for representing Alameda! 

12 Year Old International All-Stars 
Date   Level   Opponent   Location   Notes/Results 
 6/27 11:00AM  11-12  South Oakland   Alameda   Alameda 1, SOLL 0, Alameda advances 
 6/29 5:30 PM  11-12   Pinole Hercules   Alameda  Alameda 29, Pinole Hercules 0, Alameda Advances
 7/01 5:30 PM  11-12   Lafayette   Alameda   Alameda 4, Lafayette 8; 
 7/07 5:30 PM  11-12   South Oakland  Alameda   Alameda 0, SOLL 4, Alameda eliminated 

11 Year Old Blue 
Date   Level   Opponent   Location   Notes/Results 
 6/26 5:30 PM  10-11  South Oakland 1  Alameda   Alameda 6, SOLL (1) 7 
 7/01 5:30 PM  10-11   Albany   Lafayette   Alameda 21, Albany 2 
 7/02 5:30 PM   10-11   NOLL   Alameda   Alameda 9, North Oakland 4  
 7/06 5:30 PM  10-11   South Oakland 1  Alameda   Alameda 6, SOLL (1) 4 
 7/07 5:30 PM  10-11   Walnut Creek   Alameda   Alameda 12, Walnut Creek 9 
 7/08 5:30 PM  10-11   Continental 1  Continental   Alameda 6, Continental (1) 5  
 7/09 5:30 PM  10-11   Lafayette   Continental  Alameda 3, Lafayette 5

11 Year Old Red
Date   Level   Opponent   Location   Notes/Results 
 6/24 5:30 PM   10-11  South Oakland (1)   Chabot Field   Alameda 11, South Oakland (1) 12 
 7/01 5:30 PM  10-11  North Oakland  Alameda   Alameda 1, North Oakland 2; Alameda Red eliminated 


10 Year Old Blue (Alameda 2)

Date   Level  Opponent    Location    Notes/Results 
 6/25 5:30 PM   9-10  Lafayette (2)   Lafayette   Alameda 5, Lafayette (2) 12 
 6/26 5:30 PM  9-10   Lafayette (1)   Alameda   Alameda 14, Lafayette (1) 0
 6/27 11:00 AM   9-10   SOLL (1)   Alameda   Alameda 11, SOLL(1) 6; Alameda advances
 6/30 5:30 PM  9-10    Alameda (1)  Alameda  Alameda (1) 7, Alameda (2) 2; Alameda (2) eliminated

9-10 Year Old Red (Alameda 1)

Date   Level   Opponent   Location   Notes/Results 
 6/23 5:30 PM  9-10  Lafayette (1)  Alameda   Alameda 21, Lafayette (1) 2; Alameda advances 
 6/25 5:30 PM  9-10  Pinole Hercules   Alameda   Alameda 13, Pinole Hercules 3; Alameda advances 
 6/29 5:30 PM  9-10  South Oakland (2)  Albany  Alameda 1, South Oakland (2) 15
 6/30 5:30 PM  9-10   Alameda (2)   Alameda   Alameda (1) 7, Alameda (2) 2; Alameda (1) advances
 7/02 5:30 PM  9-10   Albany (1)   Lafayette   Alameda (1) 3 Albany (1) 13; Alameda eliminated 














 Summer Baseball Classic - 3 Game Guarantee Tournament
 Date   Level   Opponent   Location   Notes/Results 
 7/11 9:00 AM  Alameda (1) 9-10   Pinole Hercules    Walnut Creek   Alameda (1) 16, Pinole Hercules 2 
 7/15 6:00 PM  Alameda (1) 9-10   Continental   Continental   Alameda (1) 15, Continental 7
 7/11 12:00 PM  Alameda (2) 9-10   Walnut Creek   Walnut Creek   Alameda (2) 12, Walnut Creek 10 
 7/15 6:00 PM  Alameda (2) 9-10   Concord American   Walnut Creek   Alameda (2) 22, Concord American 2 
 7/18 12:00 PM  Alameda (1)   Alameda (2)   Continental   Alameda (1) vs Alameda (2) 
 7/13 6:00 PM  Alameda 11-12   Albany   Concord American   Pool B; game 1 of 2;
Alameda 17, Albany 7
 7/14 6:00 PM  Alameda 11-12   Concord American   Concord American   Pool B; Alameda 10, CALL 0
 7/16 6:00 PM  Alameda 11-12   Lafayette  Concord American  Alameda 14, Lafayette 1 
 7/18 12:00 PM  Alameda 11-12   Martinez  Concord American   Championship










Click HERE to be directed to the Little League District 4 Tournament page. Here you can find the complete scheduless for both T.O.C. (Tournament of Champions) and All-Stars. 

Directions to all District 4 Fields can be found HERE on the D4 Fields page off the District 4 home page.

Go Alameda!!!! 

11 Year Old Blue All-Stars
Friday, July 10

Sunday, July 5
Intermediate All-Stars District 4 Champions - Sectionals Update


7/06: Alameda Intermediate All-Stars lost their 2nd game of the Section 1 tournament 17-1 tonight against Winters. This means that the team has been eliminated. The League is really proud of what the team accomplished in their inaugural season, winning the District 4 Championship and getting to the semi-final game of the Sectionals! 

7/04: Alameda Intermediate All-Stars lost their 1st game of the Section 1 tournament 8-0 against Rincon Valley. They will play D64 Winters on Monday, July 6 at Treasure Island at 5:30 PM.  A win on Monday will send Alameda to the Section 1 championship. Come on out and support the team!

7/02: Alameda Intermediate All-Stars won the first game of the Section 1 tournament defeating the District 53 team from American Canyon 11-4. The next game is on Saturday at 10:00 AM again at Treasure Island where they will play the winner of the D3-D35 game. The field is located at the corner of 9th Street and Avenue H on Treasure Island. 

6/26: Alameda Intermediate All-Stars clinched the District 4 Championship Friday night with a 9-8 decision over Walnut Creek. The Sectionals tournament begins Thursday, July 2. Alameda will play District 53 at Treasure Island hosted by San Francisco Little League.

Click HERE to be taken to the Sectional tournament schedule. Way to go Alameda!

Click HERE to be taken to a google map to the Treasure Island location.

6/25: The Alameda Intermediate All-Stars lost to Walnut Creek tonight 7-2. By winning Walnut Creek has forced a game 2 in the District Championship. The deciding game will be played 6/26 in Walnut Creek at 5:30pm. Good Luck Alameda! 

6/20: Alameda continues its journey in the International Tournament by defeating Walnut Creek 12-9. Their next step is the District Championship Thursday Night 5:30pm at Foothill Middle School 2775 Cedro Lane, Walnut Creek.  

6/19: Alameda defeated Lafayette Friday night, 20-1. They play Walnut Creek on 6/20. 

6/16: The Intermediate 50/70 All-Stars took their first step on their International Tournament journey by beating a good North Oakland team tonight, 10-5. They will play the winner of the 6/17 game of Albany vs. Lafayette. The International Tournament is a double elimination tournament.

 Intermediate 50/70 International Tournament
 Date   Opponent   Location   Result 
 District 4      
6/16 5:30pm  North Oakland    Oakland Bushrod    Alameda 10, NOLL 5, Alameda advances 
6/19 5:30pm  Lafayette  Lafayette   Alameda 20, Lafayette 1, Alameda advances 
6/20 1:30pm  Walnut Creek   Walnut Creek   Alameda 12, Walnut Creek 9, Alameda advances 
6/25 5:30pm  Walnut Creek  Walnut Creek 

District 4 Championship Game 1 - Alameda 2,
Walnut Creek 7

6/26 5:30pm  Walnut Creek  Walnut Creek    District 4 Champions! Alameda 9, Walnut Creek 8
 Section 1      
 7/02 5:30pm  American Canyon  Treasure Island   Alameda 11, American Canyon (District 53) 4
 7/04 10:00am  Rincon Valley  Treasure Island    Alameda 0, Rincon Valley (District 35) 8 
 7/06 5:30pm  Winters   Treasure Island   Alameda 1, Winters (District 64) 17


Good luck to all of you as you embark on this journey together. Click HERE to be taken to the full 2015 All-Stars Schedules.

2015 Alameda Intermediate 50/70 All-Stars

Jackson Ade  Marcus Magallanez  A.J. Ramsey 
Jake Avellar Seamus McGuinness      Jackson Rodriguez
George Chabre
Max Nyrop
Davis Stewart
Ari Chertock
Elexsio Pelayo Darren Taira
Joseph Depinna     K.W. Quilici
Tristan Good





Good Luck & Go Alameda! 

Wednesday, July 1
Alameda Little League Manager Nate Firestone Honored


On June 28, Nate Firestone, long-time Alameda Little League Manager, was awarded the "Uncle Abe" award "For selflessly transferring the love of baseball to the young people in his community." The award was presented at the Public House during Marty Lurie's pre-game radio show on KNBR (AM 680). As part of the award, Alameda Little League will receive $2500 from the Lefty O'Doul's Foundation. There will also be an eternal plaque hung at Lefty O'Doul's in San Francisco. Congratulations Nate!


Tuesday, July 7
Diamond Skills Baseball Summer Camps - Going on NOW

It's still not too late to register for Summer Camps. There is a 10 Week Schedule of Baseball and All-Sports Camps held at Alameda Little League Fields. These camps are a great opportunity for the players of Alameda Little League to continue to work on and improve their skills throughout the summer. Multi-Camp and Sibling Discounts offered! For More information and to register visit

Sunday, June 28
Alameda Attack Returns for 2015 Fall Ball


The Alameda Attack Fall Ball program will return for 2015. Tryouts are Sunday, June 28. Make-ups on Sunday, July 12.

July 12 Schedule:
10:00 AM - Registration Opens
11:00 AM - Tryouts - All Ages 

June 28 Schedule:
11:00AM - Registration Opens
12:00PM - 9U/10U
1:30PM   - 11U/12U

Click here to download a copy of the flyer.

Register Now!!! Press HERE

Friday, June 19
Sports Authority Coupons for July


Happy Independence Day!

These two coupons can be used for the entire month of July at Bay Area Sports Authority Stores:

e-Coupon to Sports Authority $20 OFF -> $20 coupon

e-Coupon to Sports Authority $10 OFF -> $10 coupon

If you still see the previous month's coupon, please press your browser's refresh button.

Sunday, June 14
Alameda Little League Hosting Post Season Tournament Games

Alameda was chosen to host 28 post season games this year. We are also looking for volunteers to help score/announce games and staff the snack bar. Please come out and enjoy some great baseball and also help out the league.

Team names and results will be added as the post season progresses 
Date  Day  Time  Tournament  Level  Notes 
 13-Jun    Sat      11:00     TOC   AA   Alameda 1, North Oakland 10
 13-Jun Sat  11:00  TOC  Major     cancelled, Alameda advances to 15-Jun game
 15-Jun Mon  5:30  TOC  AA   North Oakland 10,  Martinez 0
 15-Jun Mon  5:30  TOC   Major  Alameda 10, Clayton Valley 3
 23-Jun Tue  5:30  All-Star  9-10   Game #1 - Alameda Red -21 vs. Lafayette 1 - 2; Alameda advances 
 24-Jun Wed  5:30  All-Star  10-11   cancelled 
 25-Jun Thu  5:30  All-Star  9-10   Pinole Hercules 3, Alameda Red 13
 25-Jun Thu  5:30  All-Star  9-10   North Oakland (2)-11 vs. South Oakland (1)-3
 26-Jun  Fri 5:30  All-Star  9-10  Lafayette 1 vs. TBD
 26-Jun Fri  5:30  All-Star  10-11   Alameda 1 vs. winner of South Oakland vs. Alameda 2
 27-Jun Sat  11:00  All-Star  9-10   Alameda (2) 11, South Oakland (1) 6
 27-Jun Sat  11:00  All-Star  11-12   Alameda 1, South Oakland 0
 29-Jun Mon  5:30  All-Star  9-10  North Oakland (2) 3, Lafayette (2) 13
 29-Jun Mon  5:30  All-Star  11-12   Pinole Hercules 0, Alameda 29
 30-Jun Tue  5:30  All-Star   9-10  Alameda (1) 7, Alameda (2) 2
 30-Jun Tue  5:30  All-Star  11-12   South Oakland 31, Martinez 9
 1-Jul Wed  5:30  All-Star  10-11   Alameda (2) vs. North Oakland
 1-Jul Wed  5:30  All-Star  11-12   Alameda vs. Lafayette
 2-Jul Thu  5:30  All-Star  10-11   Winners of Alameda (2) vs. NOLL and Albany vs. Alameda (1)
 2-Jul Thu  5:30  All Star  11-12   South Oakland 12,  North Oakland 7
 6-Jul  Mon  5:30 All-Star  10-11   Alameda 6, South Oakland 4
 6-Jul  Mon  5:30 All-Star  11-12   Walnut Creek 3, Lafayette 10
 7-Jul  Tue  5:30 All-Star  10-11   Alameda 12, Walnut Creek 2
 7-Jul  Tue  5:30 All-Star  11-12   Alameda 0, South Oakland 4
 8-Jul  Wed  5:30 All-Star  11-12   South Oakland 1, Clayton Valley 10
 9-Jul  Thu  5:30 All-Star  11-12   Walnut Creek 12, Clayton Valley 2
 10-Jul  Fri  5:30 All-Star  11-12   District 4 Championship: Lafayette vs. Walnut Creek
 11-Jul  Sat  11:00 All Star  11-12   District 4 Championship (if needed)

The winner of the District 4 Tournament advances to the Section 1 Tournament. The winner of the Section 1 Tournament advances to the Division 2 Nothern California State Tournament in Stockton. 

Tuesday, February 25
Little League Approved Bat List

The above link will take you to Little League's bat resource page. There you can read about the Little League moratorium regarding Composite bats.

Press here for the list of 2014 to 2015 Licensed Bats

Press here for the list of 2015 Licensed Composite Bats


Thursday, April 9
Little League Rules and Myths

Follow the link to see an explanation of some of the most confused Little League rules. It's worth the read.

Click here to be directed to the Umpire Resource Center. You will be leaving this website.

Roan Kees' Passing

It is with deep sadness that we now eulogize the passing of Roan Kees, 10 year member of the Alameda Little League Board of Directors, active also in Alameda Water Polo and Encinal HS Baseball and one of the very best volunteers any non-profit youth organization has ever had. Roan was a perennial team mom, Player Agent, Director of Sponsors, Snack Bar volunteer, and a Board Member who wasn't afraid to enforce our Parent Code of Conduct even in the worst of situations.

Roan leaves behind her husband John who coached in Alameda Little League for all of those years, and 4 children. Jordan, age 27 and her only daughter, is engaged to be married this year, and Taylor, age 26 has graduated from college and is working. Aaron, age 17 and Cameron, 15, both attend Encinal High School and will be attending college soon.

In honor of Roan and all of her service to our League, we have set up a college fund for Aaron and Cameron. You may donate to this fund by simply clicking on the button below. The Kees family thanks you for your support.

Kees' College Fund
By pressing "Donate" you will be taken to a secured PayPal site for the processing of your transaction .

Saturday, January 10
2015 Age Chart

Hi Parents, please reference this chart to determine their Little League age when registering your child for the upcoming 2015 season. 2015 Age Chart. Press the back arrow in your browser to return to this page.

Monday, September 15
Demystifying Alameda Little League Player Placement

The following information will help parents and players understand how teams are formed in Alameda Little League. Unlike school, all players will repeat a division (or two) at some point during their Little League career. Movement up through divisions is not and should not be viewed as a competition. Often times parents are disappointed when their player repeats a division. However, they later see that repeating a division was perhaps the best situation for their child as their child becomes a team leader, develops confidence, and increases their playing skills. If a child is moved-up too quickly, he/she may struggle, lose confidence, and no longer enjoy playing baseball and quit.

Alameda Little League's Minor/Majors divisions are: A, AA, AAA, and Majors. The age range for these divisions is 7 to 12 and player placement on a team and in a division is based on a player's performance during evaluations, as well as a coach's familiarity with a player based on the player's previous experience in Little League. T-Ball Division ages are typically 4 to 6 and Farm Division ages are typically 5 to 8. Age ranges for all divisions overlap to account for player experience, ability, maturity, and the number of teams formed based on coach availability.

In our league, we have a T-Ball/Farm Player Agent and a Minor/Majors Player Agent. If you have questions about player placement, the league encourages you to contact the Player Agents. It is his/her job, along with the league's President, to facilitate the right placement for every player. That said, remember that Alameda Little League is a volunteer-run organization and our league has nearly 1,000 players. It takes an enormous amount of work and patience to sort the players into their respective divisions and teams so placement can take some time.

Alameda Little League Player Age
 Your player's Little League age is their exact age as of April 30. For example, if they turn 11 on May 1, they are still considered to be Little League age 10.

T-Ball/Farm Baseball Divisions
These are non-competitive divisions for players to learn the very basic skills and rules of baseball. Above all, it is about learning something new and having fun.

T-Ball is the starting point for all new and young players. Players hit the ball from a stationary tee. Outs and runs are not recorded. Farm is for players who have played at least one year of T-Ball and are at least 5 years of age. In Farm Ball, coaches will soft pitch to batters and outs are recorded, but score is not kept.

Major/Minor Baseball Divisions
The formation of these divisions is driven by the number of players in any age group and starts with the Majors division. All 12 year olds (12s) must be evaluated and play in the Majors Division. Each Major team has a roster of 12 players and can have no more than eight 12s. So, the number of 12s in the program drives the number of Majors teams. For example, if there are 64 -12s, then there are 8 teams, 80 - 12s, then there are 10 teams, etc. The remaining roster spots are filled by 11-year-old players. All 11s not drafted into Majors must play in AAA Division. All 10s not drafted into the AAA Division must play in the AA Division. All 9s not drafted into the AA Division must play in the A Division. There are exceptions, such as when a 12 year old who has never played baseball before can seek an exemption to play in the AAA Division.

Age and Division Guidelines

12 (Majors or exemption to AAA)
If your player has played in the lower divisions (and particularly AAA), he/she should play Majors. However, if the player fails to register on time and/or misses the evaluations, they may end up playing in the AAA Division or be placed on a waiting list. It is extremely important for 12 year olds to be registered prior to the deadline and, by rule, evaluated. If your 12 has never played baseball, has any limitations, or you feel there is a safety issue, then contact the Player Agent and seek an exemption for them to play in the AAA Division. 12s in AAA are not allowed to pitch.

11 (Majors or AAA)
If your player played AAA as a 10 year old, then as an 11 year old, he/she could be drafted into the Majors Division. As noted above, there will be limited spots for 11s in Majors.

10 (AAA or AA)
10s are not eligible for Majors. If your player played AA as a 9 year old, then as a 10 year old, they could be drafted into AAA. If your player played in the A Division as a 9 year old, there is a remote chance that they may be drafted to AAA as a 10. Our experience is that players who skip a division often have significant struggles adjusting to increased demands. Skipping divisions is not advisable. Again, it is very common to repeat a division. If you have a concern about either possibility, speak to the Player Agent before the draft.

9 (AAA, AA or A)
If your player played AA as an 8 year old, then as a 9 year old, there is a possibility they could be drafted into AAA. If your player played in the A Division as an 8, then as a 9, they could be drafted into AA.

8 (AA, A or Farm)
If your player played in the A Division as a 7 year old, then as an 8, they could be drafted into AA. If not, they repeat A. If your player played Farm as a 7 year old, then as an 8, they could be drafted into A. If not, they repeat Farm. If you have an 8 who has never played baseball before, they may be more comfortable learning the game in the Farm Division, however, they should still be evaluated and considered for the A draft (or possibly AA draft).

7 (A or Farm)
If your player was in Farm as a 6, then as a 7, they could possibly be drafted into A. In order for this to occur, your 7 year old must be evaluated. If the player is not evaluated, they will repeat the Farm Division. If you plan on playing Farm only, then there is no need to have your player evaluated for the A draft.

6 (Farm/T-Ball)
6 year olds should generally play in Farm. They are not eligible to be drafted into the A division. If they never played baseball, you could consider the T-Ball division, however they are not precluded from starting in Farm at age 6.

5 (Farm/T-Ball)
A 5 year old who played T-Ball at 4 years of age can either play T-Ball or Farm. If they did not previously play T-Ball, then a 5 must play T-Ball.

4 (T-Ball)
T-Ball only. No exceptions.

4 - 18 (Challenger Division)
A player with mental or physical challenges may participate in the league's Challenger Division. All ages may play. 



As you may have heard at opening ceremonies, Alameda Little League has a great fundraiser starting up.  You can purchase customized laser engraved bricks that will be installed on or around the snack bar.  These bricks are similar to the custom bricks you may have seen at Disneyland.  You can customize it to say your players name, your family name, your team name - whatever you'd like.  This is your chance to leave a lasting memory at the Little League fields!

The cost is $100 for one brick/$150 for two. This fundraising effort is for the Alameda Little League General Fund only and will not go to any one team. All proceeds are used to keep registration fees as low as possible.

The order form can be found on the little league website,  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (510) 769-6031 or via email at

Thank you for supporting Alameda Little League!

Handout: Brick Order Form

Tuesday, February 12
Frequently Asked Questions

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Wednesday, March 5

  Thank You Sponsors! The 2014 sponsor list is available in the Sponsors section of this web site.

Saturday, April 4
The Alameda Little League 2015 Board of Directors


Wednesday, February 12
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Wednesday, February 12
Advertising On This Website

Did you know that we average 10,000 hits per week on this website during the playing season? This is a great place for local business to advertise while supporting Alameda Little League. The two banner ads on the top of this website are available. All proceeds benefit Alameda Little League. For more information please contact Ron Matthews at

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