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Player registration for 2016 Alameda Attack is Open.

Welcome to Alameda Little League, California District 4!

Alameda Little League is a community organization driven by dedicated volunteers whose primary purpose is to provide an outlet for healthful activity and training under positive leadership. The objective of the League shall be to instill firmly in the children of Alameda the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they can be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens. Our Board of Directors serve as volunteers and receive no compensation for their time.

D4 Champs
Monday, July 11
Alameda 12's Take District 4 Title!

Hot off the press, the 12 year old  International Tournament team was down 9-6 and scored 7 runs in the top of the 6th  to defeat Lafayette 13 to 9, taking the District 4 Title for the 14th time in 21 years.

Monday, July 18

July 18: The Alameda 12 Year Olds were eliminated from the Section tournament with their second loss on Sunday. The boys made an impressive post-season run. The league is proud of what you accomplished. Congratulations on your season.

July 11: The Alameda 12 Year Old International All Stars won the District 4 Championship on Monday, July 11. They were defeated on Saturday by Lafayette. But, since this was a double elimination tournament, Lafayette needed to beat them twice. This would not be the case as Alameda came from behind to win 13-9. Congratulations boys!

Next up for Alameda is the Section Tournament which runs Saturday, July 16 through Thursday, July 21. Section Tournament games are hosted by Rincon Valley LL, 1365 Baird Rd Santa Rosa, 95409. Saturday's game is at 11:00AM vs. Napa National, the winner of District 53.  

District 4 Tournament
6/28: Alameda - 12 vs. Pinole Hercules - 2
6/30: Alameda - 17 vs. SOLL - 2
7/05: Alameda - 15 vs. Lafayette - 8
7/07: Alameda - 19 vs. Antioch - 2 (Alameda advances to Championship game)
7/09: Alameda -  3 vs. Lafayette -13 (1st Championship Game due to Alameda's first loss)
7/11: Alameda -  13 vs. Lafayette - 9 (Alameda District 4 Champions!)

2016 All Stars Schedule

Section Tournament - all games hosted Hosted by Rincon Valley LL, 1365 Baird Rd Santa Rosa, 95409
7/16: Alameda 10 vs. Napa National 13 - (Winner of District 53) 11:00AM. Alameda to elimination bracket
7/17: Alameda 7 vs. Tiburon Peninsula 11 (Alameda Eliminated)

Monday, June 20
Alameda Attack Fall Ball Tryouts Sunday, July 17


Alameda Attack make-up tryouts are Sunday, July 17.

Please arrive one hour before your scheduled evaluation time to register and warm-up.  

Evaluation Schedule (July 17).
Registration will open one hour before evaluations:
9U/10U: 12:00
11U/12U: 1:00

The Attack is looking to field teams in the 9U, 10U, 11U and 12U age groups. Practices are held here in Alameda. Games may be played locally and potentially in tournaments. 

Costs (not collected when registering - only once they are on a team):
$150 (9U)
$200 (10U)
$200-$300 (11U, 12U) depending on how many tournaments they play

Thursday, May 19
Diamond Skills Summer Camps

Diamond Skills is once again offering a full summer of camps at the Alameda Little League Fields. Registration can be done at These are the only baseball camps in town endorsed by and who give back to Alameda Little League. If signing up for a camp chose Diamond Skills.


Thursday, July 7

Section 1 Champs

NOR CAL DIVISION GAMES: Alameda was eliminated from the Division tournament after their second loss on 7/7 against Evergreen. Alameda played a great post season advancing all the way to the State Tournament. Congratulations on your season. You made the league proud. In just their 2nd season, the Intermediate Division advanced to Section last year and Division this year.

SECTION 1 CHAMPIONSHIP: Congratulations to the 50/70 Intermediate team on WINNING the SECTION 1 CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Alameda won the continuation game 9-7 in 10 innings. They followed up that victory with a 24-8 win over Vacaville National! Nor Cal Division play begins Saturday.

SECTION 1 CHAMPIONSHIP UPDATE: Alameda's 50/70 game tonight was suspended after 8 innings tied 5-5. They will resume tomorrow night at 5:00 PM.

SECTION 1 CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES: The Alameda Intermediate 50/70 All Stars are headed to the Section 1 Championship where they will face Vacaville National. This is a double elimination tournament. Alameda will need to win two games like they did in Districts.

DISTRICT 4 CHAMPIONS: The Alameda Intermediate 50/70 All Stars defeated North/South Oakland (NOLL/SOLL) 18-2 to become District 4 Champions. The team progresses to the California Section 1 tournament which begins on 6/24 at Foothill Middle School, 2775 Cedro Lane, Walnut Creek at 6:00pm. They will play the winner of Distrct 53. Five California Districts have Intermediate teams in Section 1. This is the 2nd consecutive year that Alameda has made it to Sectionals.

Alameda Intermediate 50/70 All Stars

6/15: Alameda - 7 vs. Walnut Creek - 2
6/18: Alameda vs. NOLL/SOLL (Alameda defeated - moves to elimination bracket)
6/20: Alameda - 5 vs. Walnut Creek - 0 (Alameda moves to Championship)
6/21: Alameda - 16 vs. NOLL/SOLL - 5 (Alameda must win twice over undefeated NOLL/SOLL to clinch)
6/22: Alameda - 18 vs. NOLL/SOLL - 2 at Oakland Bushrod Park (2nd Campionship Game because of double elimination tournament)

6/24: Alameda - 4 vs. American Canyon - 5
6/26: Alameda - 21 vs. Petaluma - 8 (elimination game)
6/27: Alameda - 17 vs. American Canyon - 7 (elimination game)
6/28: Alameda - 14 vs. Tiberon Peninsula - 10
6/29: Alameda -  9 vs. Vacaville National - 7 in 10 innings (Section Championship 1 - Suspended after 8 innings on 6/29 in a 5-5 tie.)
6/30: Alameda - 24 vs. Vacaville National - 8 (Section Championship 2 - played if Alameda wins continuation game)

NOR CAL DIVISION 2 GAMES - Bernal Sports Park,Pleasanton
7/02: Alameda - 3 vs. Chowchilla - 8 (Section 7 winner)
7/05: Alameda - 24 vs. Salida - 1
7/06: Alameda vs. Chowchilla (Alameda wins)
7/07: Alameda 5 vs. Evergreen 6 (Alameda eliminated)


Alameda 12 Year Old International All Stars will begin tournament play on 6/28 in Alameda vs. Pinole Hercules. 

6/28: Alameda - 12 vs. Pinole Hercules - 2
6/30: Alameda - 17 vs. SOLL - 2
7/05: Alameda - 15 vs. Lafayette - 8
7/07: Alameda - 19 vs. Antioch - 2 (Alameda advances to Championship game)


Alameda #1 11 Year Old Blue will play their first game on 6/24 here in Alameda againt the winner of Alameda #2 and Albany.

6/24: Alameda #1 - 14, Alameda #2 - 4 in Alameda
7/01: Alameda #1 - 4, Lafayette -15 in Albany
7/05: Alameda #1 - 6, NOLL 8 in Albany (Alameda eliminated)


Alameda #2 11 Year Old Red will play their first game on 6/22 in Albany.

6/22: Alameda #2 - 5 vs. Albany - 3in Albany
6/24: Alameda #1 - 14, Alameda #2 - 4 in Alameda
6/29: Alameda #2 - 0, SOLL 10 (Alameda eliminated)


Alameda #1 10 Year Old Blue team rolled to victory in their first game today defeating South Oakland (SOLL) 15-3 in four innings. The next game is 6/25 against Albany in Alameda.

6/21: Alameda #1 - 15, SOLL - 3
6/23: Alameda #1 -7, Albany #1 - 0
6/27: Alameda #1 - 10, SOLL #2 - 8
6/29: Alameda #1 -3, NOLL #2 - 7
7/01: Alameda #1 - 1, SOLL #2 - 5 (Alameda eliminated)


Alameda #2 10 Year Old Red played its first game at Chabot against NOLL.

6/21: Alameda #2 - 2 vs NOLL #2 - 23 at Chabot (moves to elimination bracket)
6/25: Alameda #2 - 1 vs. Albany #2 - 13 (Alameda eliminated)

District 4 Champs

Tuesday, June 21
USS Hornet Museum 4th of July Celebration

The USS Hornet Museum invites any interested Little League players and their families to join them in the Alameda 4th of July parade. You may walk or ride your bike. Please wear your Little League team jersey and hat (if walking), bike helmet (if riding). Contact Kimberlee MacVicker at if you are interested.

The Hornet is having a huge 4th of July celebration on the ship, which runs from 1 - 10 pm after the parade. We created a promo code for the little league team families to save $2/person. Promo code is "slugger" and you can use it through our ticket option on EventBrite at

Wednesday, June 22
Alameda 12 Year Olds Sweep


In preparation for the upcoming All Stars Tournment, the 12 Year Old team played in the All World Sports Baseball Father's Day Classic in Rancho Cordova sweeping all four games. Way to go Alameda! Good luck in All Stars!

Alameda 5, Delta Dawgs 3
Alameda 10, Golden Gate Sliders 2
Alameda 8, Golden Gate Sliders 0
Championship Alameda 9, Sacramento Capitals 1

Sunday, June 5
All Star Players Announcement

All Star Players have been announced. Congratulations players! Best of luck to you in the upcoming tournaments.

 Mgr. Steve Spaulding  Mgr. Nate Firestone
 Mgr. Mark Fournier
 Mgr. Randy Marmor  Mgr. Dan Hilsabeck


Monday, June 6
Intermediate All Stars

13 Year Old International All Stars

Nathan Dudley, Malachi Francois, Aaron Garcia, Joey Green, Zachary Hester,
Sebastian Hurtubise, Scott Kelly, Lukas Mann, Tanner Roizen, Michael Shih,
Nicolas Stermer, David Thomas, Shamil Youngblood, Phillip Woodworth

2016 12 Year Old Gradulates
Wednesday, June 8
12 Year Old Graduates

Congratulations 12 Year Old Graduates on your Little League career. Alameda Little League hopes you enjoyed your years with us and hope to see you return next year in the Intermediate 50/70 Division.

Pitcures from Closing Ceremonies of the Division Champions and Runners-Up, Wootten Award winners and others may be found on the 2016 Champions and Awards page.

Sunday, June 5
Challenger Division Donation from Brayden Brown

Through the charity foundation, Kids Can Give Too, Brayden Brown donated $272.50. Money that he received at his recent birthday party. Brayden requests this money go to help with funding needs of the Challenger Divsion. Alameda Little League thanks Brayden for his generosity. Click the link to find out more about

Tuesday, May 31
Closing Ceremonies, Saturday, June 4

Closing Ceremonies will take place this Saturday, June 4 from noon to 1:00pm.
  • 12 year old graduation Awards
  • Tball and Farm Awards
  • Baseball Awards
  • Matteucci Awards for Managers
  • Wootten Award for Player Sportsmanship
  • Alameda Little League Beanies for all baseball division players (A through Majors)
  • President’s Award for Volunteer of the Year

Players should be in jerseys and hats. Baseball division championship games begin at 9:00am. Please come out early for what is sure to be some exciting baseball and cheer on the teams!

Monday, May 30
2016 All Star Selection Process

The 2016 All Star selection process has begun. The following are the managers for the 2016 All Star teams:

12 y/o International: Steve Spaulding
11 Blue: Nate Firestone
11 Red: Marc Fournier
10 Blue: Randy Marmor
10 Red: Dan Hilsabeck.

Please follow this link for information regarding the player selection process. Blue teams are selected before Red teams. Teams will be announced the evening of June 5 on this website.

2016 All Star Selection Process.

All Star play is a big commitment. Teams practice daily. Tournament play begins on June 21. These are double elimination tournaments and are played at the Alameda Little League fields and fields within District 4.

2016 District 4 All Stars Schedule

Monday, May 23
Saturday, May 21st Clean-up Day!


Great Job Teams! The fields look great! Thank you for the cleanup work this weekend. Here's the Majors Padres disposing of THREE big bags of trash!.

Folks, please dispose of your trash and recycling properly. Alameda Little League is a volunteer organization and we count on your help.

Board of Directors

Friday, May 20
Headfirst Slides Illegal in Little League Play

As a manager, I'm often asked by the players if they can slide into base head first. The simple answer is "No". Headfirst slides are not allowed in Little League. The player is to be called out. Thursday's injury to Oakland A's player, Josh Reddick, underscores the inherent danger in this play. Here's a description of the injury, "Upon reaching base on a single in the seventh, Reddick successfully stole second, but in doing so his left thumb clipped second baseman Starlin Castro's cleat." The full article can be read here at the Oakland A's web site: Reddick fractures left thumb on headfirst slide. Reddick is now on the disabled list and is expected to miss at least four weeks.

Tuesday, March 8
2016 Baseball Rules Webinar Recordings

The below recordings are from the 2016 Baseball Rule Webinar.  These can be accessed anytime by clicking on the link. 

1) Intro, Umpires and Safety
2) Bat Rules
3) Strikes, Strike Zones, Uncaught Third Strike and Balls
4) Ball in Play (Fair/Foul, Catch, Foul Ball)
5) Tag, Batted Ball Out of Play, Thrown or Pitched Ball Out of Play
6) Interference and Obstruction, Sliding to Avoid Interference
7) Infield Fly Rule, Runner Leaving Early, Appeals, Continuous Batting Order
8) Baseball Myths
9) Local Rules

If this is your first time using Cisco's WebEx you will need to create a FREE account. You do not need to purchase an upgrade. If the meeting will not start, call Cisco WebEx customer support at 1-866-863-3905. This is a toll free call.

2016 Little League Rules Training Presentation (download)
Basic Umpire Mechanics (download)
Top 40 Baseball Rule Myths (download)
Baseball Myths Explained (you will be taken to an external website)

Wednesday, May 18
AAA Threshers Celebrate the End of the Regular Season

The AAA Threshers took some time to celebrate the end of the regular season with a trip to the snack bar for a team meal and slushies as they took in the Knights v. Rubberducks AAA contest. Way to go Threshers and good luck in the playoffs!

Sunday, May 15
Padres Throwback Day

Today was Padres throwback day at the Little League fields. The Padres played the Blue Jays in a rain-out make-up game wearing their throwback jerseys. Team Manager, Cloud Schnoebelen, had reached out to the Padres for some swag to give the players. To his suprise the Padres sent the team a set of jerseys and hats. Awesome look team!


Saturday, May 7
Clementine Has Landed!

Clementine's First Customers

The USS Hornet Museum will have Clementine at the Little League fields on Saturday, May 7 from the opening pitch of the first games until 6:30pm. What is Clementine? Clementine is a restored, non-operable, F-8U Crusader cockpit for the kids to touch and pretend they are pilots. They will be able to climb up into the seat for a photo-op. The control stick moves and it has a full instrument panel. Clementine went into service in 1963 and was retired in 1968. The aircraft was dismantled and the cockpit section was used as a pilot ground familiarization trainer. Her home is now the USS Hornet Museum.

Docents from the Hornet are on-hand to answer questions and also help out. Along with Clementine there are also STEM activities for the kids. Clementine and the STEM activities are FREE courtesy of the USS Hornet Museum.

The USS Hornet Museum is a museum ship in Alameda, California, USA. It is composed of the USS Hornet (CV-12) aircraft carrier, exhibits from the NASA Apollo moon exploration missions, and several retired aircraft from the Second World War and the transonic and early supersonic jet propulsion period. The flight deck, hangar deck, and first deck below are open for self-guided tours. Docent-led tours of the ship's interior are also available. This ship embodies Alameda's rich naval history and helps bridge the past to the present. The USS Hornet Museum is located at Alameda Point and is open daily from 10:00-5:00.

Alameda Little League is extremely pleased to have the USS Hornet as a sponsor, and even more pleased that we can partner in this event for the kids. This is what it’s all about.

Tuesday, May 3
Mid Season Umpiring and Rules Clinic

The Mid-Season Umpiring and Rules Clinic was held Monday night. Unfortunately we were not able to record the session. Click here for the presentation.

Tuesday, May 3
Team Photos on ALL Website

Shooting Stars Photography has furnished us with digital images of the team photos. Divisions Majors through Single A photos may be found on the "2016 Opening Day & Team Photos" page. Farm and T-Ball team photos may be found on the "Farm & T-Ball" page. Thanks Shooting Stars!

Monday, April 18
Alameda Little League Sponsor Night Great Success

Thank you to all who attended the ALL Sponsor Night Event held at the Alameda Island Brewing Company Tasting Room on Sunday, April 17. Folks enjoyed the AIBC craft beer, food from Scolari's and a night of music by "The Utility Players". Specail thanks to AIBC for donating the venue! Photos from the event will be posted soon.

Monday, April 11

It has come to our attention through complaints from Lum School staff that some Little League parents/spectators are ignoring posted signs in the Lum School Parking Lot, and treating staff rudely when they ask for cooperation in their parking lot. We remind everyone, this is NOT an Alameda Little League Parking Lot and can be totally closed or otherwise restricted in the event that the school district determines that there is a problem. We are trying to be good neighbors and respect everyone around our venue, and some members' behavior could lead to ruining a good situation for the remainder of us. We will also remind everyone that specific incidents that are determined to violate our Parent Code of Conduct will result in suspension and/or removal from our own premises. Please honor and respect all others, especially our neighbors who are entitled to such respect.

1st Night Game, March 16, 2016
Saturday, March 19
1st Night Game Played in Alameda Little League

The first regular season night game in the history of Alameda Little League was played on March 16 in the AAA division. The Lola's Chicken Shack Iron Pigs hosted the Bridge Bank Hooks. In the photo above Hooks player Daniel Hernandez is called out at home as Iron Pigs catcher Max Cohen executes a successful force out at home.

Tuesday, March 15
Definition of "CURFEW"

Curfew is referenced in the Local Rules and its definition is given here. Curfew is 9:30 on Tuesday-Thursday and 10:00 Friday & Saturday. At Curfew, the lights are extinguished.

AAA Games: In AAA games preceding a 7:15 night game there will be a "hard" stop at the 2 hour mark. All AAA games before a 7:15 night game will end precisely at 7:00pm regardless of its start time. Please review rule 4.10(d), "regulation" game and rule 4.11(d) Exception for incomplete innings. 

Majors Games:  No time limit may be imposed due to Little League rules, however, the lights must go out at 9:30 PM on games Tuesday through Thursday, and 10 PM on Friday and Saturday. Rule 4.10 applies.

Saturday, March 12
Roan Kees and Ben Anderson Fields Dedicated March 12, 2016


On March 12, 2016 at opening ceremonies, the diamonds used by Single A and AA divisions were dedicated to Roan Kees and Ben Anderson. Both Roan and Ben passed away last year. Each of them were long time board members. Roan was very active in youth sports programs. Ben was an inspirational coach. Surviving family members were on-hand for the dedication. 

The field adjacent to Grand St. is now Roan Kees Field. The field adjacent to Lum elementary is now Ben Anderson Field. Two plaques will hang at the snack bar in their honor. League President, Ron Matthews, also presented the Kees family with a scholarship check for $8,000 which was donated to the family by members of the Alameda Little League community.


Tuesday, March 15
Opening Day photos are in the 2016 Opening Day page.

Thursday, February 25
2016 Local Rules

The Local Rules for 2016 are published and are available here and in the "Managers and Forms" page.

2016 Local Rules. Keep a hard copy in your binder and give copies to your umpires and parents.

Thursday, February 25
2016 Schedule for Baseball Majors/Minors Divisions

Below is the 2016 calendar. All dates tagged with (*) are tentative. Please make a note of the following dates:

Nov 1 - Registration opens for all divisions
Jan 1 - Registration fees increase

Jan 23-24 - Player evaluations
Jan 30 - Player evaluations (rain make-up day)
Feb 2 - Majors player drafts - players to be notified by managers within 24 to 48 hours
Feb 3 - AAA player drafts - players to be notified by managers within 24 to 48 hours
Feb 6* - Practices for Majors and AAA divisions begin (depends on permits and notifications)

Feb 9 - AA player drafts - players to be notified by managers within 24 to 48 hours
Feb 10 - A player drafts -  players to be notified by managers within 24 to 48 hours 

Feb 11 - Practices for AA and A divisions can begin. Managers must have player's medical releases signed and in hand
Feb 14 - Registration for T-Ball and Farm closes
Feb 24 – T-Ball and Farm Rosters are released to managers (moved from Feb 19)
Feb 24 – Manager meeting for Farm/Tball (Harbor Bay Club Grill 7-9 PM)

Feb 29 - Practice begins Farm/TBall
Mar 05 - ALL Umpire Training - mandatory for all teams, check-in at 8:30 AM at the Snack Bar 
Mar 07
 - CPR Training in the Multi-Purpose room at Lumm Elementary, 6:00 PM - all managers are required to be certified, parents are also invited. FREE event.

Mar 08 - ALL Umpire Rules Clinic Webinar - 6:45 PM. Please contact your manager to R.S.V.P.
Mar 12 - Opening Day Festivities - Ceremonies for the entire League and at least 1 game per baseball divisions A, AA, AAA, Majors
Mar 12 - Photo Day
Mar 12 - Field Prep clinic immediately following Opending Day Festivities. Meet at the main equipment shed.  

Mar 12 - Opening Day NIGHT Game
Mar 13
 - All remaining teams in A, AA, AAA and Majors play

Mar 19 - Score Keeping Clinic, 8:00am, at the picnic tables at Lum School playground area
Mar 20 - First games for Farm and T-Ball
Apr 17 - Sponsor Appreciation Night
- Alameda Island Brewing Company Tasting Room - will be rescheduled
May 27 - Alameda Little League night at Oakland A's
Jun 04 - Closing Ceremonies
Jun 06+ TOC Tournaments - Winners of Majors, AAA and AA advance to District 4 Tournament of Champions
Jun 06+ All Stars - All Star teams from Majors and AAA will play in LL All Star Tournaments after TOC concludes. 

All dates tagged with (*) are tentative.  

Monday, March 14
Tools of the Trade: How Baseball Equipment is Made

Ever wonder how your Baseball Equipment is made? Click on the links below to see the amazing production videos of making baseballs, aluminum bats and baseball gloves. All links are working now. Enjoy!

Baseballs:  Click here to see how Baseballs are made. This is a clip from the Discovery Channel's "How It's Made" television series.

Aluminum Bats: Click here to see how Aluminum Bats are made. This is a clip from the History Channel's "Modern Marvels" show.

Baseball Gloves: Click here to see how Baseball Gloves are made. This is a clip from the Discovery Channel's "How It's Made" television series.

Tuesday, November 24
Where Do Your Registration Fees Go?

Curious as to where your registration fee goes? Alameda Little League prides itself as returning 95% of your registration fees back to the kids and Little League. We do our best to assure that dollar for dollar your children get the most out of your registration fee.

Sunday, September 13

Little League Baseball has changed the age determination date from December 31 to August 31. There was a lot of concern voiced by parents and the local leagues. The new date determination goes into effect for the 2016 season. The emphasis is to make Little League Baseball a 12 and under program. Below is the rationale from LLB:

Why the change?
 In 2011, Little League conducted very detailed participation research. As a result of that research, we learned that parents, players, and volunteers wanted to see Little League become, as a whole, a younger program, and give children an easier way to play Little League with their classmates. Since the research concluded, Little League revamped its Tee Ball program, established a Coach Pitch Program, and changed its residency requirements to allow children to play in the league where their school is located. Adjusting the Age Determination Date will help us achieve the goal of making Little League younger. And, making the date August 31, the same that many schools in many states use for student registration, allows Little Leaguers to play with their classmates.

This change will make the Little League Baseball Division, also known as the Major Division, truly a 12 and under program – ensuring that no child playing in the Little League/Major Division will turn 13 years old at any point during their final season in that division. The same will be true with the upper age limit at all teenage divisions of Little League Baseball. 

Click HERE to read more about the changes and view the 2016-2019 age charts along with the explanation on why age determination is changing.

Monday, October 26
Sponsorship Donations

 If you would like to help Alameda Little League serve the community in the form of a donation simply press the button below. 

Sponsorship Donations

By pressing "Donate" you will be taken to a secured PayPal site for the processing of your transaction .


Sunday, November 1
Demystifying Alameda Little League Player Placement

The following information will help parents and players understand how teams are formed in Alameda Little League. Unlike school, all players will repeat a division (or two) at some point during their Little League career. Movement up through divisions is not and should not be viewed as a competition. Often times parents are disappointed when their player repeats a division. However, they later see that repeating a division was perhaps the best situation for their child as their child becomes a team leader, develops confidence, and increases their playing skills. If a child is moved-up too quickly, he/she may struggle, lose confidence, and no longer enjoy playing baseball and quit.

Alameda Little League's Minor/Majors divisions are: A, AA, AAA, and Majors. The age range for these divisions is 7 to 12 and player placement on a team and in a division is based on a player's performance during evaluations, as well as a coach's familiarity with a player based on the player's previous experience in Little League. T-Ball Division ages are typically 4 to 6 and Farm Division ages are typically 5 to 8. Age ranges for all divisions overlap to account for player experience, ability, maturity, and the number of teams formed based on coach availability.

In addition to Minor/Majors Alalmeda Little League has established its Intermediate Division for 13 year old players. We also have the Challenger Division for players with disabilities. 

In our league, we have a T-Ball/Farm Player Agent and a Minor/Majors Player Agent. If you have questions about player placement, the league encourages you to contact the Player Agents. It is his/her job, along with the league's President, to facilitate the right placement for every player. That said, remember that Alameda Little League is a volunteer-run organization and our league has nearly 1,000 players. It takes an enormous amount of work and patience to sort the players into their respective divisions and teams so placement can take some time.

Alameda Little League Player Age
Your player's Little League age is their exact age as of August 31 of the coming year which is the end of the Little League World Series. For example, if they turn 11 on September 1, they are still considered to be Little League age 10 as they will be 10 throughout the season.

T-Ball/Farm Baseball Divisions
These are non-competitive divisions for players to learn the very basic skills and rules of baseball. Above all, it is about learning something new and having fun.

T-Ball is the starting point for all new and young players. Players hit the ball from a stationary tee. Outs and runs are not recorded. Farm is for players who have played at least one year of T-Ball and are at least 5 years of age. In Farm Ball, coaches will soft pitch to batters and outs are recorded, but score is not kept.

Major/Minor Baseball Divisions
The formation of these divisions is driven by the number of players in any age group and starts with the Majors division. All 12 year olds (12s) must be evaluated and play in the Majors Division. Each Major team has a roster of 12 players and can have no more than eight 12s. So, the number of 12s in the program drives the number of Majors teams. For example, if there are 64 -12s, then there are 8 teams, 80 - 12s, then there are 10 teams, etc. The remaining roster spots are filled by 11-year-old players. All 11s not drafted into Majors must play in AAA Division. All 10s not drafted into the AAA Division must play in the AA Division. All 9s not drafted into the AA Division must play in the A Division. There are exceptions, such as when a 12 year old who has never played baseball before can seek an exemption to play in the AAA Division.

Age and Division Guidelines

12 (Majors or exemption to AAA)
If your player has played in the lower divisions (and particularly AAA), he/she should play Majors. However, if the player fails to register on time and/or misses the evaluations, they may end up playing in the AAA Division or be placed on a waiting list. It is extremely important for 12 year olds to be registered prior to the deadline and, by rule, evaluated. If your 12 has never played baseball, has any limitations, or you feel there is a safety issue, then contact the Player Agent and seek an exemption for them to play in the AAA Division. 12s in AAA are not allowed to pitch.

11 (Majors or AAA)
If your player played AAA as a 10 year old, then as an 11 year old, he/she could be drafted into the Majors Division. As noted above, there will be limited spots for 11s in Majors.

10 (AAA or AA)
10s are not eligible for Majors. If your player played AA as a 9 year old, then as a 10 year old, they could be drafted into AAA. If your player played in the A Division as a 9 year old, there is a remote chance that they may be drafted to AAA as a 10. Our experience is that players who skip a division often have significant struggles adjusting to increased demands. Skipping divisions is not advisable. Again, it is very common to repeat a division. If you have a concern about either possibility, speak to the Player Agent before the draft.

9 (AAA, AA or A)
If your player played AA as an 8 year old, then as a 9 year old, there is a possibility they could be drafted into AAA. If your player played in the A Division as an 8, then as a 9, they could be drafted into AA.

8 (AA, A or Farm)
If your player played in the A Division as a 7 year old, then as an 8, they could be drafted into AA. If not, they repeat A. If your player played Farm as a 7 year old, then as an 8, they could be drafted into A. If not, they repeat Farm. If you have an 8 who has never played baseball before, they may be more comfortable learning the game in the Farm Division, however, they should still be evaluated and considered for the A draft (or possibly AA draft).

7 (A or Farm)
If your player was in Farm as a 6, then as a 7, they could possibly be drafted into A. In order for this to occur, your 7 year old must be evaluated. If the player is not evaluated, they will repeat the Farm Division. If you plan on playing Farm only, then there is no need to have your player evaluated for the A draft.

6 (Farm/T-Ball)
6 year olds should generally play in Farm. They are not eligible to be drafted into the A division. If they never played baseball, you could consider the T-Ball division, however they are not precluded from starting in Farm at age 6.

5 (Farm/T-Ball)
A 5 year old who played T-Ball at 4 years of age can either play T-Ball or Farm. If they did not previously play T-Ball, then a 5 must play T-Ball.

4 (T-Ball)
T-Ball only. No exceptions.

4 - 18 (Challenger Division)
A player with mental or physical challenges may participate in the league's Challenger Division. All ages may play. 

Tuesday, February 25
Little League Approved Bat List

The above link will take you to Little League's bat resource page. There you can read about the Little League moratorium regarding Composite bats.

Press here for the list of 2014 to 2015 Licensed Bats

Press here for the list of 2015 Licensed Composite Bats




As you may have heard at opening ceremonies, Alameda Little League has a great fundraiser starting up.  You can purchase customized laser engraved bricks that will be installed on or around the snack bar.  These bricks are similar to the custom bricks you may have seen at Disneyland.  You can customize it to say your players name, your family name, your team name - whatever you'd like.  This is your chance to leave a lasting memory at the Little League fields!

The cost is $100 for one brick/$150 for two. This fundraising effort is for the Alameda Little League General Fund only and will not go to any one team. All proceeds are used to keep registration fees as low as possible.

The order form can be found on the little league website,  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (510) 769-6031 or via email at

Thank you for supporting Alameda Little League!

Handout: Brick Order Form

Tuesday, February 12
Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information regarding Alameda Little League, please PRESS HERE!!! or go to the FAQ menu option.

Wednesday, March 5

  Thank You Sponsors! The 2014 sponsor list is available in the Sponsors section of this web site.

Wednesday, February 12
Comments or Questions Regarding This Website

If you have any comments, concerns or questions regarding this website, please email

Wednesday, February 12
Advertising On This Website

Did you know that we average 10,000 hits per week on this website during the playing season? This is a great place for local business to advertise while supporting Alameda Little League. The two banner ads on the top of this website are available. All proceeds benefit Alameda Little League. For more information please contact Ron Matthews at

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