Alaska District 1 Little League: Additional Information: CHILD ABUSE REPORTING REQUIREMENTS


Little League Baseball, Incorporated (LLB) has always been at the forefront in protecting children from abuse, exploitation, and harm.

As a part of this initiative, LLB introduced its Child Protection Program in the mid-1990s, which was developed in partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. These materials are available in the Little League Operating Manual and on the Little League website. Chartered leagues are encouraged to review this information annually.

All states have child abuse reporting statutes. In continuing with its tradition of providing information and materials to constituent leagues to aid in protecting children, LLB's Child Protection Program has compiled a resource guide which references the child abuse reporting requirements of each of the 50 states and the Federal government.

Summary of Alaska child abuse reporting statutes and links to the actual statutes may be found here.

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