Alaska District 1 Little League: Additional Information: LITTLE LEAGUE FACEBOOK & TWITTER LINKS


In 2009, Little League International entered the world of "social media" with the creation of Twitter and Facebook pages. To read the latest on Little League happenings through Twitter, log on to: If you want to be a "fan" of Little League through Facebook, log on to the Facebook home page, at: and enter: Little League Baseball & Softball

Recently specialty Facebook and Twitter pages were created for Little League Softball, the Little League Urban Initiative, the Challenger Division, the Teenage baseball divisions, and the Peter J. McGovern Little league Museum. All the Facebook pages are completely interactive and each page welcomes fan comments, suggestions, and discussions.

The pages are accessible at the following links:

Little League Softball-Facebook:
Little League Softball-Twitter:

Little League Teenage Baseball-Facebook:
Little League Teenage-Twitter

Little League Urban Initiative-Facebook
Little League Urbanm Initiative-Twitter

Little League Challenger-Facebook
Little League Challenger-Twitter

Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum-Facebook:
Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum-Twitter:

Please keep in mind that in order to access these pages, you must have a personal Facebook and Twitter account. To create an account at either one of these sites, please visit or

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