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Wednesday, June 7
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PLAYER RELEASES: This applies to handpicked Coach Pitch, 10U, and 12U teams planning to go to playoffs. Per OKKIDS rules, a team is limited to 3 player releases. A player should play for a team where he attends school, or for a team whose home field is nearest the player’s residence. If a player does not meet either requirement, that player will need a release. Because all league games are played at one site, OKKIDS has determined that teams in the Kiwanis league will use the location of the school’s high school as the home field (the actual high school, not the high school baseball field). To determine what teams must release a player in order for him to be eligible, a line must be drawn from the player’s residence to his proposed team’s home field (the location of the high school). A circle is then drawn around his residence, the radius of which is the distance from his residence to his proposed team’s home field. Every OK Kids teams’ coach, in that age group, that falls within that circle must release the player for the player to be eligible. Only head coaches can sign the release. Coaches are responsible for obtaining their own releases. The SOSA board can help you determine which players need a release and which teams need to sign the releases.  The releases need to be turned in to the SOSA board by May 26 so we can submit them to the OKKIDS office by the June 1 deadline.


For questions about please call/text the following:

Handpicked teams: 

Minors Tball -- Nick Lee 580-320-7991

Majors Tball -- Chad Robertson 405-301-4831

Coach Pitch -- Blake Lawson 580-272-4630

10-Under -- Eric Hardison 580-235-3693

12-Under -- Chad Robertson 405-301-4831


Draft teams 580-341-0847



facebook: Ada Kiwanis-Baseball 

Thursday, April 6
2017 12-Under Pre-Season

Thursday, April 6
2017 10-Under Pre-Season Tournament

Thursday, April 6
2017 TBALL Pre-Season Tournament

Monday, April 10
2017 Coach Pitch Pre-Season Tournament

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