Thursday, June 9
College & Recruiting Night

On July 18th, Ajax will be hosting a party to recognize the achievements of our players that signed to play college soccer this upcoming year and this will also double as a recruiting info session.  I will let you know more information as we go but please reserve the evening for this.


Thursday, May 12
Summer Residential Camps

Pepperdine Jun 21-24 $550 http://www.malibusocceracademy.com/ 

Stanford Jun 21-24 $685 http://stanfordsoccer.com/girls-camp.html 

UCLA Jun 26-29 $550 http://www.uclabruins.com/camps/2011-camps-wsoccer.html 

University of San Diego Jun 26-30 $600 http://www.usdcamps.com/Camps/Soccer_-_Girls/Camps___Clinics_for_ages_14-18.htm 

Chico State Jun 27-30 $400 http://www.chicowildcats.com/documents/2011/3/24/2011_WSOC_youth_soccer_brochure.pdf?id=1082 

UC Santa Cruz Jun 27-30 $495 http://www.goslugs.com/teams/soccer/women/wsocidcamp.html

CSU Long Beach Jun 27-30 $450 http://www.longbeachstate.com/camps/soccercamp.html

University of San Diego Jul 3-7 $600 http://www.usdcamps.com/Camps/Soccer_-_Girls/Camps___Clinics_for_ages_14-18.htm 

UC Santa Barbara Jul 5-8 $595 http://ucsbgauchos.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/ucsb/sports/w-soccer/auto_pdf/2011PSSA 

Santa Clara Jul 6-9 $625 http://www.santaclarabroncos.com/camps/082101aaf.html

UC San Diego Jul 6-9 $595 http://www.ucsandiegosoccercamps.com/girls-summer-camp.cfm 

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Jul 10-13 $695 http://www.gopoly.com/index.php?p=athletic_camps

Cal Poly Pomona Jul 10-13 $500 http://www.broncoathletics.com/sports/2010/3/19/MSOC_0319103026.aspx?tab=camps

UC Davis Jul 11-13 $499 https://ucdavissportscamps.com/womenssoccer/

UC Berkeley Jul 10-14 $650 http://www.calbears.com/camps/womens-soccer.html

UC Santa Barbara Jul 11-14 $595 http://ucsbgauchos.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/ucsb/sports/w-soccer/auto_pdf/2011PSSA 

UC Irvine  Jul 18-20 $395 http://www.ucirvinesports.com/camps/ucir-camps-soccer.html#girls

St. Mary's Jul 18-21 $495 http://www.smcgaels.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=595755&SPID=13097&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=21400&ATCLID=1483349

Santa Clara Jul 23-26 $625 http://www.santaclarabroncos.com/camps/082101aaf.html

Cal Poly Pomona Jul 24-27 $500 http://www.broncoathletics.com/sports/2010/3/19/MSOC_0319103026.aspx?tab=camps

Sonoma State University Jul 25-28 $495 http://sonomaseawolves.com/sports/2011/1/20/WSOC_0120110915.aspx 

UC Santa Cruz Aug 7-10 $495 http://www.goslugs.com/teams/soccer/women/wsocidcamp.html

Thursday, May 12
Summer Id Camps

CSU Bakersfield Jun 18 $90 (see attached handout) 

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Jun 25-26 $200 http://www.gopoly.com/index.php?p=athletic_camps

Loyola Marymount University Jun 25-26 $110/$200 http://www.lmusocceracademy.com/june-clinic.cfm

CSU Northridge Jun 30-Jul 1 $125 www.northridgesocceracademy.com

CSU San Bernardino Jun 30-Jul 1 $90/$120 http://csusbathletics.com/custompages/Soccer%20(W)/2010/2011%20Summer%20ID%20Camp%20Web.pdf

CSU Fullerton Jul 9-10 $150 http://www.eteamz.com/FullertonFutbolAcademy/news/index.cfm?cat=386214

UC Riverside Jul 11-13 $165 http://gohighlanders.com/sports/2009/1/20/MSOC_0120095552.aspx?path=wsoc

CSU Stanislaus Jul 11-14 $200 http://www.warriorathleticscamps.com/girlssoccer/girls-elite-id-soccer-camp.cfm

Sacramento State Jul 16 $60 http://www.hornetsports.com/assets/sports/wsoccer/2011%20WSOC%20July%20ID%20Camp.pdf 

Loyola Marymount University Jul 17 $110 http://www.lmusocceracademy.com/june-clinic.cfm

University of San Francisco Jul 18-19 $150 http://collegesportscamp.com/calendar.cfm?Sport=Women%27s%20Soccer&School=USF

Cal State Monterey Bay Jul 18-22 $250 Night camp 5-8pm each night http://www.otterathletics.com/sports/2011/3/17/WSOC_0317113758.aspx?path=wsoc

University of San Francisco GK Id Camp Jul 20-21 $150 http://collegesportscamp.com/calendar.cfm?Sport=Women%27s%20Soccer&School=USF

Humboldt State Aug 5-6 $100 http://hsujacks.com/documents/2011/3/25/2011_Summer_ID_Camp_Flyer_2_.pdf?id=554

Chico State Aug 13 $110 http://www.chicowildcats.com/documents/2011/6/10/2011_WSC_HS_ID_Camp.pdf?id=1194



Handout: CSU Bakersfield Id Camp

Tuesday, May 10
Successful try-outs completed and a promising year coming up!

With try-outs complete we will be starting pretty quickly into the new year.  Please find your way to the calendar where our schedule is posted.  Also, note that below this is a list of college Id camps offered in California.  If you are interested in any particular schools that have a camp listed I strongly urge you to attend that camp.  Even if it is a conflict with an event we have scheduled you should make the effort to go to the Id camp.  Hope you find the website helpful and don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions or concerns.

Mark V

Monday, March 7
Spring Id Camps

Humboldt State Mar 25-26 $100  http://hsujacks.com/documents/2010/12/9/2011_ID_Camp_Flyer.pdf?id=532

San Diego State University Mar 26-27 $175 www.goaztecs.com

Cal State Bakersfield  Apr 2 $90 http://www.gorunners.com/fls/13300/Camps/id%20camp.pdf?DB_OEM_ID=13300

Cal State LA Apr 2 $45 http://www.csulaathletics.com/documents/2010/11/30/ID_Camp_Flyer_W.pdf

Loyola Marymont University Apr 10 $130 http://www.lmusocceracademy.com/train-like-a-lion-clinics.cfm 

Sonoma State University Apr 10 $50 http://sonomaseawolves.com/sports/2007/1/29/day%20camp.aspx

Fresno State Apr 16 $50 http://www.gobulldogs.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/fres/sports/w-soccer/auto_pdf/springidcamp 

Cal State East Bay Apr 16 $40 http://www.eastbaypioneers.com/sports/2011/1/14/WSOC_0114111119.aspx?path=wsoc 

UC Santa Cruz May 14-15 $75/$95 http://www.goslugs.com/teams/soccer/women/wsocidcamp.html 

UC Davis May 21 $125 http://www.ucdavisaggies.com/sports/w-soccer/spec-rel/030911aab.html 

Sacramento State May 21 $60 http://www.hornetsports.com/assets/sports/wsoccer/2011%20WSOC%20May%20ID%20Camp.pdf

San Francisco State May 28 $50 http://www.sfstategators.com/news/2010/11/30/WSOC_1130104223.aspx?path=wsoc 

Monday, March 7
Winter ID Camps
St. Marys College  Dec. 18 and/or 19  $50/$100   http://www.smcgaels.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=21400&ATCLID=1483349

 UC Santa Barabara Dec 18-19  $200 http://ucsbgauchos.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/ucsb/sports/w-soccer/auto_pdf/pssawinter

Fresno State   Dec. 20  $50  http://www.gobulldogs.com/sports/w-soccer/spec-rel/120810aab.html

UC San Diego Dec 27-29 $200  http://www.ucsandiegosoccercamps.com/winter-camp.cfm

Sac State Jan 22 $60  http://www.hornetsports.com/assets/sports/wsoccer/2011%20ID%20Camp%20Brochure.pdf 

University of the Pacific Feb 13 $50 http://pacifictigers.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/paci/sports/w-soccer/auto_pdf/11CampBrochure

Humboldt State Feb 25-26 $100  http://hsujacks.com/documents/2010/12/9/2011_ID_Camp_Flyer.pdf?id=532 

Chico State  Feb 26 $105  http://www.chicowildcats.com/documents/2010/11/30/2011_WSC_HS_ID_Camp.pdf?id=968

 Cal State Monterey Bay Mar 5 $75  http://www.otterathletics.com/sports/2007/8/3/soccercamps.aspx?path=wsoc

Thursday, July 8
Youth Soccer Camp Fundraiser
It is official. We will be hosting a soccer camp for kids age 4-12 at Beyer High School July 19-22 from 9am to noon. Practice will then be after the camp. Please make arrangements to attend everyday and notify Gabe & myself if you are unable to attend. This should be an excellent fundraiser for our team.

Thursday, July 8
Current Payment Schedule
2010-2011            Payment Due Dates: Total Amount
21-May $250
1-Jun $150
1-Jul $125
1-Aug $125
1-Sep $125
1-Oct $125
1-Nov $125
1-Dec $125
1-Jan $125
1-Feb $125
1-Mar $125
Total $1,525

Thursday, July 1
Tournament Schedule

Please check out the calendar for tournament schedules.  We will be attending Davis College Showcase July 9-11, taking the following weekend off, then attending Pleasanton College Showcase July 24th weekend.  I will keep everyone updated on any other changes.

Mark V

Thursday, June 3
Referee Course
Hello everyone,
Modesto Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) is offering a referee course this summer.  I urge all the players to sign-up for this because it is one of the few ways to actually make some money while still being able to play competitive soccer.  There will be plenty of games to ref during the late summer, fall & beyond.  The cost of the course is subsidized by MYSA so you will not find a better price for doing the course.  I will make sure our practice schedule accommodates the schedule.  There will be a conflict on the Saturday of the course; however, the instructor is aware that the girls will not be able to attend and I can host a session to help them on the stuff they will be missing.  Please register ASAP, no later than Monday, as spots are going fast.  This is not mandatory but I strongly urge you to get enrolled.  See details of the course below.  Contact Lynette at MYSA for further questions (email below).
Mark V
2010 Referee Course
Modesto Youth Soccer will be offering one (1) referee course this year. The course is limited to 50 students, so register quickly to reserve your spot.

Dates & Times: Monday, July 5th - Thursday, July 8th from 6 pm - 9 pm.
Saturday, July 10th from 9 am - 3:30 pm.
TEST on Monday, July 12th beginning at 6 pm.

Location: MYSA office located at 4459 Spyres Way, Ste. A.

Cost: A $20 CASH deposit is due the first day of the course. This amount is non-refundable. Anyone taking the course from out of town will be responsible for the balance of $25 for their referee license on Monday 7/12 when they pass the test. The total cost for the license is $45. If you are an Ajax Coach or Modesto referee, MYSA will pay the balance of $25 upon successful completion of the test on Monday.

Registration: To register for the course, send an email to mysad8@sbcglobal.net. For the subject line, type in "REFEREE COURSE REGISTRATION". Please include the following information in the email:

Primary phone #:
Alternate phone #:

Tuesday, May 11
Congratulations on making the Modesto Ajax U17 Elite 94 team!

Please check this website at least weekly to keep up-to-date on events, practices, games, & other news.  Also, general Ajax announcements and information can be found at the club website:  www. ajaxunited.org


Monday, March 22
Congratulations on reaching final 8 of CYSA state cup

What a great game vs. Santa Clara.  Losing 1-2 to a team of that caliber is something to be proud about.  They went on to make it to the finals before losing to Danville Mustangs.  Finishing the season in that style was certainly a positive!

Monday, February 1
Links to College websites
I have put a considerable amount of time in collecting all the websites for all the schools of all the divisions (D1, D2, D3, & NAIA) more or less west of the rocky mountains.  I have posted the links to the websites in the Handouts tab of our website.  This should enable you to easily find all the schools that could be of interest to you and navigate to their website.
I recommend you visit some of the schools you are most interested in and fill out one of their prospective student-athlete questionnaires.  This gets you in their database to begin sending you information about their college.
Mark V

Friday, January 15
College Id Camps

I will be posting upcoming College Id camps which are mini camps giving the college coaches an opportunity to have the recruits come to them and see the quality of the recruits as they play against each other.  These tend to be just few hours, one day only and fairly affordable.  If you are serious about attending a particular school and there is a conflict with our schedule, don't hesitate to talk to me about which you should attend.  

Jan 23--Cal State East Bay 10am to 1pm $40 http://edschool.csueastbay.edu/departments/kpe/i.c.sports/soccerwomen/CSUEB-ID%20camp.pdf

Jan 31 & Feb 7--UC Irvine 9am to 12pm $50 http://www.ucirvinesports.com/camps/ucir-camps-girls-soccer.html 

Feb 21--Cal State Los Angeles $40 http://www.csulaathletics.com/documents/2010/1/7/Winfo.pdf?id=439

Feb 21--Humboldt State University $30 http://hsujacks.com/documents/2010/2/3/College_ID_Camp_Flyer.doc?path=msoc

March 6--Cal State Los Angeles $40 http://www.csulaathletics.com/documents/2010/1/7/Winfo.pdf?id=439

March 6-7--Cal State Long Beach $225 http://www.longbeachstate.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/lbst/sports/w-soccer/auto_pdf/LBSUSoccerAcademy

March 7--Cal State Monterey Bay  10:30am to 5pm $75 https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dGRRYk9zUk1JMlZnWFlUZ29uYWZ2WlE6MA

March 7--Oregon State 11am to 5pm $150  http://www.osuwomenssoccercamps.com/spring-college-id-camp.cfm

March 7--Humboldt State University $30 http://hsujacks.com/documents/2010/2/3/College_ID_Camp_Flyer.doc?path=msoc

March 27-28--Cal Poly San Luis Obispo  $200 http://www.gopoly.com/index.php?p=athletic_camps

March 28-University of the Pacific $70 http://pacifictigers.cstv.com/camps/camps-soccer.html

March 29-31--Fresno State $80 http://www.gobulldogs.com/sports/w-soccer/spec-rel/021810aaa.html

April 3-4--UC Santa Barbara $225  http://ucsbgauchos.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/ucsb/sports/w-soccer/auto_pdf/pssa2010

April 10--Cal State Northridge $60 http://www.northridgesocceracademy.com/ 

April 11--CSU Chico  $80  http://www.chicowildcats.com/documents/2010/1/22/WSC_HS_ID_Camp.pdf?id=699

April 11-University of the Pacific $70 http://pacifictigers.cstv.com/camps/camps-soccer.html

April 18-UC Santa Cruz, $95 http://www.goslugs.com/teams/soccer/women/wsocidcamp.html

May 8-University of the Pacific $70 http://pacifictigers.cstv.com/camps/camps-soccer.html

May 22--UC Davis $110 http://www.ucdavisaggies.com/sports/w-soccer/ucda-w-soccer-body.html

May 23-UC Santa Cruz, $95 http://www.goslugs.com/teams/soccer/women/wsocidcamp.html

June 13-University of the Pacific $70 http://pacifictigers.cstv.com/camps/camps-soccer.html

June 26-Cal State Bakersfield  Details TBD



Friday, January 15
Summer Soccer Camps

Please use the links I have provided to look into which, if any, summer camps you would like to attend.  Almost every college hosts a camp during the summer, so rather than find and list every single one, just go to the college links you are interested in and check the camp dates.  I am available if you have any questions.

Sunday, January 3
Monthly Payments

Hello all,

Due to the fact that we are considerably behind on monthly payments I have to begin enforcing some new rules come January. I have whole-heartedly tried to avoid this type of policy but feel I have been left with few options. Starting January, your regular monthly payment is due the first of the month (like normal); however, if the monthly payment has not been received by the 15th of that month then your child will be allowed to practice but won't be allowed to suit up for games until payment is made. If no payment has been made by the end of the month then your child will be asked not to attend practice and won't be allowed to suit up for games. This policy is in place regardless of the timing of fundraisers. Additionally, overdue balances as of January 1 need to begin being paid down. The minimum requirement to pay down per month is 10% of your overdue amount. Same rules apply as listed above regarding timing of make-up payments. I feel that while this may take a little while to get everyone caught up, at least it is a step in the right direction. It is with a heavy heart that I feel I have to enforce this policy as my past leniency has led us down the wrong path. Feel free to give payments to Catherine if you don't see Janet.

Mark Vallee

Friday, May 25
Ajax United Web Site
Ajax has a website. Take a look when you get a chance.