Alameda Island Blazers: Welcome

The Alameda Island Blazers' were formed in 2004 to provide a competitive basketball team that is 100% for the players.  We believe that the primary focus should be on the players, not the coach or the parents.  Our players are chosen for their ability to work hard, their strong desire to play and their understanding of teamwork.  We believe our players should come from from a family that supports the goals of the organization.  The Alameda Island Blazers are a non profit 501(c)3.







Friday, September 5
Alameda Island Blazers' in High School.......

In 2004, the Alameda Island Blazers formed a girls 10u/4th grade basketball team.  As of 2008, eight of the original players still remained active "Blazers'" in AAU and NCAA sanctioned tournaments throughout the Western United States.  Players have participated n the End of the Oregon Trail, Arizona Elite - April Viewing Period, Grade Based Nationals and numerous local tournaments.  All players are currently playing for their high school teams:

Lawson, Kenya (2011),  Encinal High School, Alameda

Maritzen, Samantha (2012),  St. Joseph Notre Dame, Alameda

Monasterial, Jenae (2011),  Alameda High School, Alameda

Ratto, Lauren (2011),  Bishop O'Dowd, Oakland

Richard, Jacqueline (2011), Encinal High School, Alameda

Roebuck, Katie (2011), Encinal High School, Alameda

Shenk, Sami (2011), Bishop O'Dowd, Oakland

Tharp, Rebecca (2011), Bishop O'Dowd, Oakland

Wright, Jessica (2012),  Encinal High School, Alameda