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Wednesday, March 19
SPRING CUP soccer!

Starting March 17 and running through the end of April, Spring Cup is open to ages 8 and up,  Monday and Wednesday from 6pm-7:30pm at the Jackson River Sports Complex.  Come out and join Al Mildenberger for skills developement and small-sided games.


 Register online at or with Al at the field.   If you have questions, contact Al at (540) 968-0266

Sunday, September 8
How to read the calendar.

Hey there all!  I know, I know, we all know how to read a calendar but, as the Fall 2013 soccer season is about to be upon us (for some of you, it already is!) and the calendar is getting jammed up pretty quickly.  So, for those that are new to the site or just would like a refresher course, I am typing this up.     First and foremost, all the events that are on the calendar will also be on the main page (at the bottom of what you are reading).  After the event is done, it drops off this page.  But, there is no way to break those thingsup by category and it can get quite confusing as well.   So, for the calendar, I have it broken down into subcategories.  At the bottom of the calendar, you can select which categories you wish to see and it will show you only those.  So, if Little Billy is on a U6 team and you need to see his schedule, you go to the calendar, scroll to the bottom and first, deselect the "All events Categories" then, find where it says "U6 Games" and select that, then press the "Redisplay Events" button.  VIOLA!  You have all the U6 Games and ONLY the U6 games on the calendar.  Unless stated, all the games are played at Jackson River Sports Complex so that is NOT listed on the calendar (takes up too much room) but, to find out what field you are going to be playing on, just go up to the appropriate game and select it and it will show you the field (as well as directions to the JRSC in case you want to invite anyone from out of town.) .  And, that is it.  Nice and simple and the subcategories keep the calendar a little bit cleaner.  Thank you!


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Thursday, September 1
Earn Rebate Toward Your Registration Fee With KROGER CARES!

Click on the Handout Tab on the Left to find out about the Kroger Cares Program.

It's a rewards program that allows you to earn a rebate toward your yearly registration fee for each child that is enrolled with AHYSA!