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Tuesday, August 18
U12 Information.
Welcome to Fall Soccer for 2015.

The Opening Day for the U12 teams will be Thursday August 20 from 5:30 until 7:00 PM. The first practice will be a group session with Mike Jones the coach from UK International.

We will accept new registrations and payments at the field.  Sign in at the picnic shelter next to the amphitheater.

This year the U12 teams will be coed and we will play a small sided game (8 v 8).  We plan to schedule games with Bath County, Craig County and one or two others.  We will not be participating in the Botetourt County rec league this year.

As a reminder, U12 players use a size 4 ball, and shin guards are required.

Thank you and we look forward to a new season.

If you have any questions please call Scott Peterson at this number 540-958-0449 (cell).

Wednesday, July 29
Opening Day info for U6, U8 and U10


     When you arrive, check in at the Registration Table.

     For ALL groups:   Wear shin guards and soccer cleats.  Bring PLENTY OF WATER!   If you bring your own ball, make sure your name is on it.   

     U10 -- Aug. 25. 

     U8 --- Aug. 26.   

     U6 ----Aug. 27 

  There will be 4 stations. The players will be evaluated and placed on teams that evening. Anyone interested in coaching, please let one of the board members know or email the AHYSA address at

SEASON starts on Sept. 12 for Travel team and Sept 19 for Recreational Teams.

Wednesday, July 29
COACHES needed!
Coaches are needed for U12, U10, U8 and U6 co-ed teams.

Friday, June 12
Fall soccer registration!
The soccer program is for ages 4-18 as of July 31, 2014.
The registration fee is $35 (goes up to $45 on July 1) for recreation players and $90 (goes up to $100 on July 1) for the travel players.
The recreational program is available for players ages 4-13.
The travel program is available for ages 10-18, if there is sufficient interest.
Practices for the travel teams U12-U19 begin in early August. Games for travel start after Labor Day 
Practices for U6-U10 (Rec.) begin after school starts.  Games for Rec.league begin the weekend of September 19.
Email if you would like to volunteer as a coach.
If you have any questions call any board member:  Al Mildenberger (968-0266), Scott Peterson (958-0449), Jon Lanford (969-6774), Bob Donnan (336-407-0788), Sabrena Stickle (691-8232), Heather Baker (958-1962), Charlie Rusmisel (969-9552) or Jennifer Seckner (968-3235)
Hope to see you and your children at the fields this Fall!!
The link to register is on the main page at 

Thursday, July 9
VYSA Concussion Management Policy

The Virginia Youth Soccer Association has approved the following policy to use as a guide to prevent and properyly ...

Monday, January 26
ACL Stretches
The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of a pair of ligaments in the knee and tearing them is one of the most common knee injury that happens in ANY sport, but especially Soccer and Football where you plant your foot and pivot with your knee.  The ACL is crucial for stabilizing the knee when turning or planting the leg.   An ACL injury can not alwas be prevented but your chances of one can be lessened if you stretch well before and after practices and games.    There is a new Handout (found in the Handouts section) from, Brett Siebenkittel, lead physical therapist at Allgehany Regional in Low Moor of warm-up and cool down exercises that can easily be done to help prevent ACL injury.

Sunday, September 8
How to read the calendar.
12/19/2014:  Therea re no tabes currently on the calendar.  Tabs will be resurrected once there is a need for them.

 Hey there all!  I know, I know, we all know how to read a calendar but, as the Fall soccer season is about to be upon us (for some of you, it already is!) and the calendar is getting jammed up pretty quickly.  So, for those that are new to the site or just would like a refresher course, I am typing this up.     For the calendar, I have it broken down into subcategories.  At the bottom of the calendar, you can select which categories you wish to see and it will show you only those.  So, if Little Billy is on a U6 team and you need to see his schedule, you go to the calendar, scroll to the bottom and first, deselect the "All events Categories" then, find where it says "U6 Games" and select that, then press the "Redisplay Events" button.  VIOLA!  You have all the U6 Games and ONLY the U6 games on the calendar.  Unless stated, all the games are played at Jackson River Sports Complex so that is NOT listed on the calendar (takes up too much room) but, to find out what field you are going to be playing on, just go up to the appropriate game and select it and it will show you the field (as well as directions to the JRSC in case you want to invite anyone from out of town.) .  And, that is it.  Nice and simple and the subcategories keep the calendar a little bit cleaner.  Thank you!


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Thursday, September 1
Earn Rebate Toward Your Registration Fee With KROGER CARES!

Click on the Handout Tab on the Left to find out about the Kroger Cares Program.

It's a rewards program that allows you to earn a rebate toward your yearly registration fee for each child that is enrolled with AHYSA!