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Monday, July 14
Heat Plays Well But Comes Up Short
Jake Attacks
Jake Attacks The Basket And Draws The Foul

Hey there, Heat fans!

Your young basketballers played a good game and did all that Coach Thomason asked of them, as a team. However, sometimes the ball just doesn't bounce your way. They were able to create good looks at the basket, but were unable to complete their shots.

To validate how well the Heat played together, they lost by only three points off of only 23.6% (9 of 38) shooting from the field and 23% (6 of 26) shooting from the free throw line. Coach was looking to take advantage of the growing aggressiveness and confidence of the team's post players with drawn fouls as their back-up plan. This worked well as the team's post players took 25 of the teams 38 shots and 23 of the team's 26 free throw attempts. Our guards played good defense as the Burners worked to get the ball into the paint. They constantly pressured the ball-handlers, not giving them a chance to set up high percentage shots inside.

Keep an eye on the Heat as they take on a high scoring opponent Friday evening. They will work hard, this week, on increasing physical contact in the paint, quick and aggressive double teams as the ball nears adjoining zones in our defensive sets, and free throws, free throws, free throws

Make sure to give your young basketballer a big pat on the back for the progress that (s)he has made this season.



Monday, July 14
Heat Pulls Out A Close Game
Grace Free Throw
Grace Attempts A Free Throw

The Heat pull out a three point win as they come from ten points down and rely on tough defense in the closing minutes of the 29-26 game win! The point guards were tenacious, on defense, as they racked up nine of the team's twelve steals. Payne and LJ sacrificed their bodies against bigger players while setting good picks for their point guard, on the perimeter. Your post players continuously knocked around the opponent's bigger players, in the paint, denying them easy shots and rebounds.

Offensively, we took lots of shots, but must work on improving our shot selection as the Heat finished the game with 27.5% (11 of 40) shooting from the field and only nine trips to the free throw line for 44.4% (4 fo 9) shooting from the line. Grace saved the game in the last forty five seconds as a larger opponent grabbed a rebound and was wide open for a shot under the basket that would have put our opponents up by one point. She read the play and crossed the key, to the weak side, and met the larger player in the air with a strong foul! He missed his two free throws and Sean sealed the win with a baseline floater at the other end of the court.

Great job, Heat! Keep up the good team play.


Monday, June 16
Heat Come Close In Season Opener
Sean controls The Heat's offense.

Hey there, Heat fans!

The team pulled out a great game in a one point game one loss to a, physically, larger team. Many of our players attended only one team practice; and Payne got to know his team mates for the first time during pre-game warm-ups! With that being said, the team showed good coachability and desire to work well together as Coach Thomason gave play-by-play and team huddle coaching and instruction.

Trevor and Big Jake did a great job of keeping their opponents' big players busy and out of position in the paint, creating rebounding opportunities for their team mates and keeping Team Blue's second-chance scoring opportinities to a minimum. Big Jake and Dylan did a good job of cleaning the glass and keeping our offense going with a combined total of ten rebounds. Jeanine hit a big shot immediately after getting on the floor. Payne joined the team, on the floor, in the second half and hustled down loose balls to keep our offense engaged and showed no fear playing low in the paint against players twice his size. Not a fair assignment in his first game with no practices, but coach wanted to make sure that he was on the court having an impact on the game. Alex worked to find his three-point shot and helped his team by setting picks on the perimeter as Sean ran the point strongly, taking on, first, the double, then triple team defense. Also, Sean led the team with fourteen points and four steals.

Thanks to Sean's mom, Nicole, for tracking team stats; and the Thomason family for bringing snacks and drinks.