Touch Football - 4 Man Passing on Sundays: Welcome

The Game of 4-Man Passing Football is a modified form of football designed to keep the "rough" style of play to a minimum. No running plays are allowed. There are 4 players on each team and a maximum roster of 8 players. A touchdown, extra point, or safety scores points. There will be no referees at the games; therefore, the teams are responsible for the officiating of the game (the honor system shall be used). The games will be played on a field with the dimensions of 60-yards by 40-yards. Teams will get 4 downs to try and score, there are no first downs in this game. One hand touch anywhere on the body, and diving touches are allowed.

2010 4-Man Passing Football League & Playoff Champions
Listed below is the 2010 Champions for the 4-Man Passing Football Leagues:

League Champions - The Danks (Playoffs - The Danks)