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Ahavath Torah Softball

Ahavath Torah Softball  
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Ahavath Torah Softball
Craig Cohen
Ahavath Torah Congregation
1179 Central St Stoughton
Stoughton, Massachusetts

Tuesday, March 6
JMSL 2018

I hope you are all getting yourselves back into game condition as we are only 3 short months away from Opening Day! The coaches will be having their annual meeting in a few weeks and then before you know it, it will be time to play.

See you all between the lines!!!


Basic League Rues

Each team we will play 16 games in the regular season assuming all make-ups get taken care of.

All Sunday games are on Field 1, closest to the West School, under the lights. The early game is at 5:00 and the latter game starts at 7:00 OR 30 minutes after the early game has ended.  Please be early!

Monday and Wednesday games are on Fields 2 and 3, away from the West School.  All weekday games begin at 6:30 pm, except for the last part of the regular season (August 1 and later) when games will start at 6:15.

As always, team captains or their designated press secretaries will need to send the game scores after the games so that they can be posted.  

 Finally, please note that teams now have assigned dugouts for every game. By decree, the home team will take the first-base dugout/bench for each game.

League Rules

Slaughter rule: 20 runs after 4 ½ innings; 15 runs after 5 ½ innings

Tiebreakers for playoff seeding:

o   Head-to-head

o   Run differential vs. each other

o   Run differential vs. the whole league

o   Three way tiebreaker: head-to-head, then run differential in games played against each other

"Point of no return” between 3rd base and home plate will be the mid-point between the two bases.  Once the runner passes that line, he is committed to coming home and cannot return to third base.  Although there is a force at home plate, the runner can also be tagged out.

Pitching mound is 50 feet from the back of home plate. Base paths are 60 feet,

If, in the umpire’s opinion, protective equipment is used during a game to gain an unfair advantage (for example, kicking your leg out like a goalie to stop a ground ball) the umpire should rule the ball dead and award 2 bases to the runners. 

Each team is allowed two challenges of umpire calls in the finals when there are two umpires.  You do not lose a challenge if you are successful, and you do lose a challenge if you are not successful.

If the umpire does not show up for a game, and we are not able to get a replacement umpire, we will use the mat behind home plate for balls and strikes.  The hitting team will provide the field umpire (last batted out; second to last batted out can be used if a pinch runner is needed).

Each team can place up to 20 players on its roster.

A team can use up to 2 non-rostered players to play a regular season game only, if they would otherwise forfeit.  All 8 players need to be at the field within 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the game, or the team forfeits.  All players must meet the league age requiremnt of 35 years old.

o   Teams cannot use additional non-rostered players once they are at the minimum of 8 players (e.g. if a team has 7 rostered players who show up, they can use one non-rostered player, but not two.  If a team has 6 rostered players show up, they can use 2 non-rostered players.)

Ahavath Torah Softball
Ahavath Torah Softball
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"My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging." - Hank Aaron
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