AGX Travel Baseball: Welcome

AGX Travel Baseball Newsletter for the Spring of 2016 Season 

Baseball has been a national pastime for over 100 years bringing children together as they play on their field of dreams in small towns around the country. This year we are thrilled to have 12 of our own local kids playing on their field of dreams. This team is made up of boys from Essex, Morris and Sussex Counties NJ. Many of these boys have been playing together since they were 6 years old in T-Ball! They are a very dedicated and talented group of twelve year-olds who have come together as one tight “family unit.” They practice hard, play hard, and they have a lot of heart and drive. This is an exciting season for the kids, as they will be competing in many tournaments in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, as well as participating in the nationally recognized Cal Ripken Tournament in Aberdeen, Maryland.

The highlight of our season comes in August 2016 when our team will be taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Cooperstown, New York to play in a baseball tournament at the Cooperstown All-Star Village. Experiencing a week of baseball with your teammates and coaches in Cooperstown is every ballplayer’s dream come true. We will be facing 48 teams from around the country, trading pins, and visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame. The week will wrap up with our team being inducted into the Youth Baseball Hall of Fame and each player receiving a Youth Baseball Hall of Fame ring.

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