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We are a Select Softball Team that has been created in order to provide the absolute best opportunity for girls who wish to prepare themselves to be extremely competitive up to and including high school and college. We have been privileged to be a part of the American Freedom family, and our hope is to continue to grow upon the great competitive and winning tradition the name brings with it.

It is the goal of this team to create an environment that will allow its members to realize their capabilities as softball players; to develop confidence, self-esteem and poise as athletes; to understand that their achievements are a direct result of their efforts; to cultivate lifelong friends among their teammates; to support each other in all situations; and to understand that sportsmanship, not showmanship, is the major ingredient in playing with class.
Young ladies are selected to the team based upon playing skills, leadership qualities and strength of character. We not only want great players with great skills, but we also want great kids with great attitudes. We teach positive TEAM skills in a tough but fair environment. The girls respond well to this approach and the result is a competitive group with mutual support and good team chemistry.

The true purpose of our team is to provide a supportive and competitive environment so that the players can improve as athletes on the field and young ladies of good character off the field.

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