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Advertisement when burrs are removed. Burrs are sharp, resulting in a processing or manufacturing operation edges or splinters Alfa shrunken a mostly metal work piece, can pose risks of severe injury. The term advertisement is mainly used in the metalworking industry. In the woodworking industry is referred to as edge breaking, mostly using sandpaper. If during the removal of the burr at the edge of a defined chamfer is formed, it is called the bevel. Burrs are removed by brushing, filing, grinding, milling, grinding, thermal Advertisement (e.g. thermal explosion Machining, TEM), electrochemical Advertisement, Hooch duck waster steal advertisement, pressure flow (DFL), hydro erosive loops (U-turns) or cutting. It is also possible to dip the part in caustic or corrosive fluids, or heat it in order to ease the edges. Small thick work pieces are often trimmed with the drum (machine). Little thinner sheets rather the so-called mass finishing process for larger sheets are continuous machines, through which the sheets under a grinding unit, which abrades the upstanding ridge. Advertisement of plastics is the injection molded plastic parts often have a ridge. They are usually cut with special knives, sometimes abraded. Because plastic parts when they are still slightly warm, noticeably softer than after curing this is usually no problem. For plastics it is also an automated advertisement with hot air