Advanced Approach Pittsburgh: Past News: Inclement Weather Alert

Inclement Weather Alert

Decisions to drive to a practice in questionable weather conditions are the responsibility of the parents. We will cancel practice if the weather makes it too dangerous to travel or if the facility we are using shuts down due to severe winter weather.  Please make smart, safe choices.

With the chance of inclement weather this month, it is important to always check the website for updates just before leaving your house.

We do not recommend printing a schedule and using it to refer to, because of the possible changes that could take place this month.

Keep in mind it may be snowing where you live and not snowing at the facility and vice versa. Again, it is always a good move to check the site as late as possible before your practice session for last minute revisions to the schedule.

Also. please respect the facilities.  Players and coaches should have "court" shoes used only on the gym floor and "outside" shoes for wear to and from practice.  Parents, players, and coaches must be careful not to track snow, slush, mud, and water into the facility.  We have nice facilities and equipment.  We must all work hard to take care of what we have.