Advanced Approach Pittsburgh: Club Rules

Conduct yourself in a manner that brings honor to your team

In general, you are expected to conduct yourself in a manner that brings honor to your yourself, your parents, your teammates, the club, and the sport.

Once you are part of the Advanced Approach Volleyball Program, you represent the whole program whether you are on the court or off of it.

We, as a club, must expect nothing but exemplary conduct from all of the members of our program.

Remember, you are representing the entire Advanced Approach Family and all of the communities and school districts that we are from.

Your behavior should never embarass yourself, your parents, your coaches, your teammates, your school district, your community, or the club.

Mustang Theme

Show consideration for others
Treat everyone as well as you would like to be treated.

Solve the motivation issue
Do not put a coach in the awkward position of making you do the things you have already committed to do.

YOUR practice approach determines OUR match results
You must approach practice as a precious opportunity to improve. It is vital that the atmosphere in the gym be one of concentration, intensity, enthusiasm, and attention to the business at hand. Leave your personal life outside the gym. We are in the gym for volleyball. You must mentally prepare yourself for each practice and match. Once you enter the gym, you need to be focused on volleyball.

We must be disciplined when training, competing, and making time management decisions away from the court as we work together towards excellence. When faced with a social decision it is a good idea to think about the team ahead of selfish individual indulgences.

We must all be dedicated and make a commitment to excellence. We must work together as one unit. You must strive to cooperate and work with all team members at all times. Your approach cannot be a selfish "What is best for me?" It must be "What is best for the team?"

We must all have a burning desire to achieve excellence in all that we do individually and as a team. You must give 100% at all times. You must demand that your teammates give 100% at all times. We need you. Regardless of your grade, experience, ability, or position, you can set a great example for others by working as hard as you possibly can at all times.

Never, ever give up
There is no clock ticking down during a volleyball match. After you have played this great sport for a very short amount of time, you will understand why it is important to never, ever give up in volleyball... and in life.