Advanced Approach Pittsburgh: Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Thank you for showing an interest in a great option for serious volleyball players in the area. Advanced Approach is bringing together very serious coaches, athletes, and teams at all age groups (10-18).

We are a teaching and training volleyball club with NO POLITICS. The majority of people involved with our club are not affiliated with any high school volleyball program or school district. We are able to separate the high school volleyball season from the club season.

Advanced Approach is a very serious volleyball club with a clear vision, purpose, and a well defined philosophy.  Our organization is based on Christian principals.  We are a teaching club.  We are a learning club.  We are a nurturing club.  We are a demanding club.  We are a family.  We belive the statement, "The more you teach, the more you learn".

We accept athletes for membership who have a strong desire to learn and have a willingness to commit themselves wholeheartedly to our program. In order for us to achieve success as teams and as individuals, we must demand attendance, attentiveness, and athletic ability from all of our athletes.

We believe that the number one reason a family chooses a volleyball club is for individual player development.  In other words, when you sign your daughter up for a club at Thanksgiving time, you expect that by the time Memorial Day rolls around, she should be a better volleyball player, athlete, and person.

Our coaching pyramid (master coach concept) allows all players to receive sound technical advice, advanced individual instruction, and a great amount of attention.  We commit a true lead coach to the entire club.

So to all the players out there... 

*if you REALLY want to learn,

*if you are willing to change to become better,

*if you know that the best way to learn is to teach and can accept the fact that you will be expected to teach throughout the season.  (At practices throughout the winter and spring our 18's will teach 15's, 17's will teach 14's, 16's will teach 13's, 15's, 14's, 13's, and 12's will help teach other 9-14 year old beginners at our youth volleyball clinics at some point throughout the season).

*if you understand that to become better, sometimes you must leave your comfort zone,

*if you are an exceptional athlete spiritually (we need players who put their heart into their team),

*if you are an exceptional athlete mentally (we need intelligent players),

*if you are an exceptional athlete physically (we need strong, quick, coordinated athletic players),

*if you have an unbelievable work ethic (we need players who know the importance of hard work),

*if you accept that you may need to take one step back on order to take two steps forward,

*if you embrace the thought of working hard to EARN your spot in the club, your spot on a team, and a starting spot and/or playing time,

*if you love volleyball,

*if you are in great shape or are willing to work hard to get into great shape (our athletes are be expected to be lean and fit),

*if you can put team goals ahead of your own individual goals,

*if you have the ability to trust the people around you in the club including the coaches, the administaration, and your teammates,

*and if your parents can also do all of those things, then we want you with us.

The above list asks for a lot.  WE WILL DEMAND A LOT OUT OF YOU.  You will be rewarded and satisfied if you have those attributes.  Are you those things?

A commitment to teamwork and the quality of selflessness will be expected from all members of our organization (coaches, players, and parents).  We are here to build successful teams and to better individuals.  We will make decisions based on the best interests of the club first.  We will not make decisions based on political reasons.  All decisions are made in the best interests of the club first.


We plan to place the best of the best from the area together on top level, national teams to see how we fare against the best of the best from other parts of the country. We also plan to field regional teams to help good athletes develop into good volleyball players.

If this is something that you may be interested in, please preregister for our tryouts today.  Information is available on the front page and tryout pages of this website.

If you would like more information, contact us at or at 724-242-0440.