Adrenaline Football Camp: Coach/ Administrator Page

Friday, June 10
2005 AFC Coaches Meeting
There will be a pre-camp meeting on Wednesday June 15th 7:00pm at the Shoreline Community Center.


The Shoreline Conference Center is located in Shoreline WA, about a 20 minute drive north of Downtown Seattle and 30 minutes South of Everett. The street address for the Shoreline Conference Center is:

18560 1st Ave. NE
Shoreline, WA 98155-2148

Interstate 5 North to NE 175th St. (exit #176 for Shoreline).
Turn left onto NE 175th St. and go to Meridian Ave. N.
Turn right onto Meridian Ave. N and go to N. 185th St.
Turn right on N. 185th and go to 1st Ave. NE.
Turn left on 1st Ave. NE The Shoreline Center is on your right. (You are at the South end of the center).

Interstate 5 South to NE 205th St. Lake Forest Park (exit #177). Exit Westbound (right).
Turn right on to NE 205th and go to 1st Ave. NE.
Turn left on 1st Ave. NE and continue South for .5 mile.
The Shoreline Center will be on your left. (You are at the North end of the center).

All AFC Coaches are requested to attend. Information about curriculum, and position/division assignments will take place.

Questions? Contract Allen Scott at or 360 939-2194

Welcome to all those Coaches and Program Directors
This page is set up to provide information as well as answer FAQ's for all those Football Coaches and Program Directors out there. Fill free to contact us at


Why Reveille?
Very Simple, this camp will benefit your ballplayers as well as your team! We want you to realize that.

First things first- THIS IS NOT A TEAM CAMP!

Adrenaline Football Camp instructs fundemental football and then wraps all the individual skills into a team environment. We are not here to teach a specific team offense or defense. We are here to make the individual football player better.

Our Coaching staff fosters teamwork, self confidence and full realization of each player’s potential, in a safe environment. Adrenaline Football Camp is an educational program at many levels. We help mold young football players by stressing brotherhood and sportsmanship while fostering a high level of respect.

Adrenaline Football Camp is a 5 day/ 4 night full contact football camp committed to providing quality football instruction in a safe and sane environment. The camp fosters responsibility, respect and hard work that leads to self-confidence. We use the 3 C’s of football:

Coaching– Our coaches are selected for not only their knowledge of football but also their ability to deliver instruction to younger ballplayers.

Curriculum– Who better knows what to teach youth football players than the people that provide youth football. The curriculum places emphasis on individual technique and safe football.

Contact– Step by step instruction starting with fundamental football. We teach progressive football which gives the camper the opportunity to practice what you have been taught.

Why allow campers from your organization use your gear?
Adrenaline Football camp is a full contact camp. Each camper either provides his own gear (from their organization) or rents gear from us. Why allow your ballplayers to wear your gear to camp? Simple, it helps them, it helps you and it helps us.

It helps them by #1) Saves them money. #2) Allows the ballplayer to break in their equipment for the season. #3) It instills pride in their team.

It helps you by #1) Breaks up your equipment issue dates, #2) You receive a ballplayer that is use to his gear (mailny helmet)for the first practice of the season and #3) It's great advertising for YOUR PROGRAM. there is nothing better then to see a sea of different helmets from all the programs on the practice field.

It help us by #1) Cuts down on the logistics, #2) Cuts down on the paperwork #3) Makes the camper a happy camper!

So, if a parent or camper contacts you about borrowing gear for Adrenaline Football Camp. Help them out.

Interetsed in coaching?
Interested in possibly coaching? Adrenaline Football Camp is looking for GOOD coaches. What do we mean by good. People that are motivated, have a sense of humor and love coaching kids. You don't need to have the most experience, just good common sense and the ability to work as part of a team.

If you are interested in coaching, please contact Allen Scott at 360 939-2194 or We perform a full background check as well as a reference check to ensure we have quality coaches.

If you are interested, please get your paperwork in as soon as possible. Coaches meet at Camp Casey on Monday night (July 11th) for a staff/coach/counselor meeting. We also have a coaches meeting in June.

Handout: Coaching Application

What do we teach?
Adrenaline Football Camp teaches fundemental football. The camp is set up to provide quality football instruction to better individual campers.

The curriculum is set up for both novice to advanced ballplayers. We place emphasis on individual techniques and safe football.

Adrenaline Football camp teaches two offensive formations and 2 defensive formations. The goal is to teach football to the camper and not just one coaches beliefs or jargon.

If you have questions about the curriculum we use, please fill free to contact us.