Adrenaline Football Camp: Campers Page

Welcome to the Campers Page
This page is for the Adrenaline Football Camper. Welcome! If this is your first camp or if you have a lot of experience, we are here to help make this an awesome camp.


Attitude Counts!!
Attitude is everything! A positive attitude is contagious. People will want to be around you. As a member of a team, attitude is everything. Be positive, pump up your teammates, rally around a single cause... THE TEAM. Have a "CAN DO!" attitude. Don't take no for an answer, and don't use no as an excuse! "I can't" should not be in your vocabulary! "I can and I will" should!

Football is suppose to be fun. This is not a job, its a sport. More you put into Football at the beginning, more you will get out of it in the end.

Don't forget to pack all your gear!!
Here is the packing list for the 2005 Adrenaline Football Camp.

Football Equipment
___ Helmet and chinstrap
___ Shoulder pads and laces
___ Mouth Piece
___ 2 Football jerseys (one dark color, one light color)
___ Football pants, pads, laces
___ Girdle and hip protectors
___ Football shoes
___ Athletic supporter and cup

___ Blanket, pillow, and pillow case (sleeping bag- state law requires your own sheet under your sleeping bag)
___ Bed sheets
___ Towel
___ Underwear
___ Compression Shorts (made by Under Armor or Starter, stops chaffing!! Even if you wear a girdle.)
___ Socks (at least a couple pair)
___ Pajamas/ sleep wear
___ Jeans
___ Sweat pants (optional)
___ T-shirts
___ Shorts
___ Sneakers
___ Toilet articles
___ Sweater/ sweat shirt
___ Windbreaker (depending on weather)
___ Bathing suit (Campers will have an opportunity to swim on Friday)
____Suitcase or duffle bag
___ Water Bottle with Campers name printed on it
___ Baby Powder (stop chaffing)
___ Lip Balm (camp located on the water with wind in the evening)
___ Coat (camp located on the water with wind in the evening)

We will have very limited football equipment on-site to replace missing items (chin straps, laces, belts, mouth pieces).

Our on-site Camp Store will stock Adrenaline Football Camp Items such as t-shirts, jerseys and hats, and a limited selection of healthy drinks and snacks.


Just want to take a moment and remind the campers that Camp Casey is located right next to Puget Sound. Even thoug the days are full of awesome football weather, the evenings get chilly.

Also, we will be practicing a lot of FOOTBALL. Items like sports cream (Bengay) and mole skin (for blisters) are a good idea.

If you have questions, please fill free to give me a call at 360 939-2194.

Coach Allen

Campers Code of Conduct
We will have 110 campers this year at Adrenaline Football Camp. Our goal is to have a blast while learning the great game of football. To keep the camp fun and safe for everyone, these 10 Codes (rules) have been established for campers.

help us make the 2005 Adrenaline Football Camp the best camp ever by following these Codes.

1) Players will try their very best to support their team.
2) Players will be team players and always put the team first.
3) Players will stay within the team areas of the sidelines during games as well as the camp area.
4) Players will accept their coaching and be ready to learn and have fun.
5) Players will listen to the coaches and follow the rules of AFC and of the sport of football.
6) Players will demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off of the field of play.
7) Players will attend all practices, games, meetings and any other team function on time.
8) Players will show respect towards all coaches, counselors, and staff players at all times.
9) Players will not fight, use foul language or argue with coaches, counselors or fellow campers.
10) Players who break or ignore the rules as outlined in AFC run the risk of expulsion.