EZ Mode

EZ Mode is available for use within the Welcome Message and Article areas (when entering a Welcome Mesg or News item in your web site Admin). Just click the link above the Welcome Message or Article text boxes to switch to EZ Mode.

EZ Mode is a text editor that allows you to use cool text styles, set page placement, and create tables and more without knowing or using any special computer code (HTML). We do the work for you.

Java script may NOT work properly in this mode (depending on your script). So, if you're using Java script, we suggest you erase it or stick to plain HTML mode.

After entering text in EZ Mode, you need to select (highlight) the text and then use the desired tools on the editor to make changes. If you want to create a table, you choose your table size first and then enter text. Click the help icon located on the top right of the editor to see a description of each editor item available to you.

NOTE: EZ Mode works best on Internet Explorer version 6 for Windows based operating systems. It will function on Netscape and Macintosh, but requires more work on your end. EZ Mode is not fully compatible with IE 7. We suggest that you do not use EZ Mode with IE 7.

When using other platforms (Netscape browsers or Macintosh) it is necessary to load a Java applet. This first requires Java to be installed (which is included with most browsers).

Secondly, you must accept a security dialog stating you trust 'ActivSoftware'. A lengthy download will occur and then the applet must load. It may take a long time on a slower machine (dial-up, etc.).

We strongly recommend you use Internet Explorer if you wish to use this feature. It will make things much easier for you.