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Wildcats with Addison Sweethearts
Alex City Wildcats

Welcome to the CAT DEN, Home of the Alex City WILDCATS 12U Travel Team....We are mainly from the Alexander City / Auburn area and really enjoy the game of baseball......We just finsihed our 2008 Spring Season and are now gearing up for Disney World...See you there....HEY, HOW DID ALL THESE PICTURES GET IN HERE ????

Lets Line Dance
Saturday, June 21
WILDCATS start Sports Festival off with a BLAST!!!!!! Now known as the DISCO KIDS !!!!

Cats showing the moves...

The Wildcats started the sports festival off with a GREAT time!!!!!!!!!

Friday night Florida State Head Coach Bobby Bowden spoke with the boys for about 30 minutes....He had lots of great things to say and I really think the boys got something out of it...After Coach Bowden spoke we were off to line up for the "parade of atheletes" at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center...Man was that fun....We came in the building through a wall of fog and were greated by thousands of screaming fans as well as LIVE TV CAMERAS all over the place....It was on NBC, CBS, and other large networks....I think they showed us live for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the network.....

After they concluded the opening ceremonies they had a live band for the atheletes to jam to...Man did the Wildcats cut a rug....They picked out the prettiest group of girls, a high school volleyball team from Addison, and the dance monsters went to town....You should have seen the moves Daniel Whatley, Austin Moncus, Nathan Mitchell, Jon Kelley, Collin Sharpe, and Triston Knight were displaying....LOL....The girls were really good sports and seemed to enjoy a little fun with our team....Look for a group picture of the two teams SOON!!!!!!....It sure was a motivator for the boys!!!!!...LOL.....

Anyway, Check out the pictures below to see the Cats in action at the Friday Night Sports Festival Bash....You will love seeing this....If you want to read a bit about the Dancing Wildcats you can see it in the Birmingham News Sports Page (Saturday June 21st)....It is the first page of the Sports under "Sports Festival".......Everyone could see our guys were having a ball as they took over the dance floor......I hate anyone in the world missed this...

As far as baseball goes...Well, I'll have to say that Jake Weaver's walk off home run was a wonderful site to see.....Because of that, we are 2 - 0 as I write this Saturday evening...We will play in the Championship bracket tomorrow with our first game being at 2:15pm...Hope to see you all there supporting the Alex City Wildcats!!!!!!!

See ya on the field,

Coach Knight

Lead the way Daniel....

Lets go girls
Lets go girls.....
Monday, June 23

What a way to end...See ya next year...Thats all Folk...